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Chapter 542 - Chapter 542: Hong Tian Moves, New Development (2)

Chapter 542: Hong Tian Moves, New Development (2)

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At this moment, the undyings had already charged out from the wormhole to attack the members of the Chaotic Court.

Judging from the situation at the scene, the members of the Chaotic Court could not hold on any longer.

However, just as the undying was getting more and more arrogant, a fierce flame suddenly descended from the sky.

This flame was extremely fierce, the moment it appeared, it landed within a large group of undyings.


With a loud bang, a large number of undying beings turned into ashes and disappeared into the chaos.

The sudden turn of events shocked both sides at the scene.

Neither side knew what was going on, so they immediately pulled some distance away. The originally intense battle had also eased up a lot at this moment.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the spot where the flame had appeared. At this moment, a figure appeared in front of everyone. When they saw this person, the Chaos cultivators heaved a sigh of relief. Since the other party was in human form, it was probably their Chaos cultivators. Moreover, this person had directly killed most of the undying beings without attacking them.

Even though they didn’t know who the person was, they could roughly conclude that the person was definitely from their side.

Compared to the relaxed state of the Chaos cultivators, the undying beings were more serious. After all, this person had killed at least one-tenth of their people the moment he appeared.

Hong Tian looked at the situation and scratched his head. He seemed to have gone a little overboard.

However, he didn’t expect these undying beings to be so weak. In fact, he didn’t use much of his power. Didn’t the sect master say that these undying beings could also split the laws and grasp a certain level of strength?

Hong Tian felt that it was strange. However, after he glanced at these undyings, he realized the problem. Even though some of them did have the ability to split the laws, the number of laws they could split was limited. Compared to him, it was like the difference between stars and a single star.

After understanding the problem, Hong Tian decided to restrain his strength. He could not show too much of himself. It would not be good if the sect master blamed him.

However, he couldn’t allow too many Chaos cultivators to die. Thus, Hong Tian still displayed a bit of his strength and quickly sent these Undying Beings flying.

The entire process was witnessed by the Chaos cultivators. They did not know where Hong Tian had come from, but some of them seemed to understand something after seeing the picture on Hong Tian’s back.

After Hong Tian dealt with the rampaging Undying Beings, he left immediately to look for the Sect Master. After Hong Tian left, the Chaos cultivators present finally began to discuss.

“Did you see the pattern on the back of his clothes? That seems to be the pattern on the back of Fellow Daoist Su’s clothes, right?”

“That’s right, that’s the pattern on Fellow Daoist Su’s back. This person must be related to Fellow Daoist Su. No wonder Fellow Daoist Su hasn’t come yet.”

“It seems that this is the case. However, why isn’t Fellow Daoist Su coming over?”

“Aren’t you talking nonsense? Fellow Daoist Su had casually sent someone over to resolve the matter, so why was he still here? Isn’t it a waste of talent?”

“That’s true…”

This battle ended amidst the discussions and did not have much of an impact. Even the immortal life forms who had temporarily retreated were only temporarily evacuated and did not suffer much losses. However, Su Yang’s reputation was slightly better.

Su Yang did not care about this. After sending Hong Tian, who had perfectly completed his arrangements, back to his internal universe, Su Yang’s gaze fell on the Origin World again.

After a period of time, the Origin World welcomed new developments.

First of all, there were 20 small-sized Origin Stone veins, five medium-sized Origin Stone veins, and three large-sized Origin Stone veins in Resource Area 77.

This number was already a little more than that of the Giant Turtle Island.

Moreover, there was still room for development in Resource Area No. 77.

Besides, the Origin Sea didn’t have much development at the moment. Ye Jiang and his people were still on the way to the Demon Sea.

The Demon Sea was a long distance away from the Giant Turtle Island, and it would take some time to reach there.

However, other than these two strongholds, another stronghold had also developed. There was a new situation in the Heaven Fey Kingdom.

After discovering that the territory he first entered belonged to the Heaven Demon Kingdom, Su Yang asked his disciples to choose to evacuate and investigate the surroundings to see if there were any places suitable for development. After a period of migration, there were indeed new discoveries.

The Great Xia immortal sect disciple leading the Heaven Fey Kingdom was Liu Yurou. After a period of travel, they had also discovered a brand new place that was more suitable for development.

However, there was a special requirement.

This brand new place was called the Barren Lands.

Only demon beasts could appear in this Desolate Land. If human cultivators appeared, they would be surrounded by all the demon beasts. Moreover, this Desolate Land actually belonged to a faction under the Heaven Demon Kingdom. It was just that it was some distance away from the Heaven Demon Kingdom, so the Heaven Demon Kingdom didn’t care much.

As long as the demon beasts that established a tribe in the Desolate Land handed over a certain amount of resources, it would be fine.

In other words, they needed to pay tribute.

There were also all kinds of cultivation resources in the Desolate Land. If these cultivation resources could be occupied, they could form a tribe. For any demon beast race, it could obtain a great development.

Right now, Liu Yurou was leading the team to establish a tribe in the Desolate Land and then develop. They would not interfere in this development process. Only the star beasts would attack the territory, and they would provide some help.

However, Liu Yurou sent a message asking Su Yang if he could change the array formation to an amplification type. It could also increase the strength of the star beasts in all aspects, or it could be modified into an array formation that was more suitable for demon beasts. There would be no traces of humans. Only then could they develop in the Barbarian Land safely.

Regarding Liu Yurou’s message, Su Yang gave a positive reply after trying it out for a while. He would study a new array on his side, but he would need to wait for a while.

After replying to Liu Yurou, Su Yang began to study it. Cultivating the 3,000 Laws was naturally not difficult for him. Soon, he changed a new array called Beast Shadow Descent.

The method of activating this array was to drip the blood of the demon beast. Then, the array would expand the power contained in this drop of blood infinitely, changing all the power into the appearance of the demon beast’s bloodline. Then, it would descend to assist in the battle and form a power phantom. This power phantom was actually the sword intent, but it had changed its shape.

This way, he could meet Liu Yurou’s requirements and also satisfy her power. Actually, it was just a matter of changing the concept. It wasn’t difficult at all.

Of course, this was only for Su Yang. No one else could have done this.

Not everyone cultivated the 3,000 nomological laws.

After handing over this brand new array formation to Liu Yurou, Liu Yurou brought the star beasts and began to occupy the territory.

In fact, the other directions used the same method to occupy territory. However, this time, Liu Yurou hid even deeper and had no intention of showing herself. These star beasts had cultivated to this level, so they naturally had their own intelligence. However, their highest order was to be loyal to Su Yang.

This was the subconscious that had been integrated into their blood and genes. This was the law that had been engraved because they belonged to the life forms born from Su Yang’s internal universe and were more loyal than the disciples of the Great Xia immortal sect.

In this way, these star beasts began to expand their territory in the Desolate Land and began to occupy more territory for Su Yang. As a result, all three directions were developed, but there was still one stronghold that did not move, and that was the Dark Region.

The situation in the dark region was rather special, and it was impossible to attack it at the moment. After all, the lowest level of danger there was at the Chaotic Realm. It was better not to think about it in the short term.

Just like that, three months passed in a flash. During these three months, the Great Xia immortal sect expanded in three directions at the same time and collected a large amount of resources. Su Yang’s realm breakthrough was about to happen!

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