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Chapter 891 - Supernatural Ability

Chapter 891: Supernatural Ability

Also, that Huang Yuhan from the Huang family was simply an uncultured shrew!

Seeing how Huang Yuhan and Zhong Qianqian kept causing trouble at the auction, Duke Eton finally arrived and released a video that challenged the public’s common sense. If the shock that struck the Nangong family could be quantified, they would have gotten fried to a crisp.

Zhong Qianqian murdered someone, and her younger sister stepped out to save her. Not only was she not grateful, but she even played the blame game and ruined her younger sister’s reputation to everyone they knew.

After marrying into a third-tier wealthy family, she should have, logically, kept a low profile. However, she still wanted to ruin her younger sister’s reputation at the auction.

What… what the hell!

“No wonder Grandpa treated her so coldly earlier.”

“If I’d known about this video earlier, I’d have kicked her out.”

“This Zhong Qianqian is too disgusting, isn’t she? Even if she’s my sister, I can’t make myself like her!”

The few young masters of the Nangong family criticized Zhong Qianqian one after another. Little did they know that in the previous lifetime, they thought that Zhong Qianqian was the little princess of the Nangong family. Other than the eldest son and his family, the rest of them might not have spoiled Zhong Qianqian to the skies, but they were not far off from doing so. They caused Zhong Nuannuan so much trouble along the way.

Therefore, the reason Zhong Nuannuan refused to return to the Nangong family up until now was exactly because of these brothers who were all talk and no action.

“Dad, but… you don’t even believe in a blood test. Based on looks…”

Nangong Qin still felt that it was a little presumptuous of the old master to be so certain that Zhong Nuannuan was the little princess of the Nangong family simply based on her looks.

The men from the Nangong family fell silent again.

Indeed, Zhong Nuannuan was much more pleasing to the eye than Zhong Qianqian.

Or rather, they were on completely different levels.

However, the report on Zhong Qianqian’s blood test was right there, there was nothing to refute this truth.

However, Old Master Nangong harrumphed. “Do you think I’m so scatterbrained? How can I be so certain just based on her looks? Of course, I have the reasons that gave me such certainty. A certainty that’s more accurate than a blood test. That’s why I’m so certain that Nuannuan is a member of our Nangong family, and Zhong Qianqian simply possesses our Nangong family’s blood for some reason.”

“X-ray vision!”

Almost as soon as the old master finished speaking, Nangong Shu, Nangong Qin, and Nangong Zhao’s eyes widened and shouted in unison.

This was something only the Nangong family knew.

Furthermore, this inheritance was passed down to Nangong Yu by Old Madam Nangong. Their mother and sister both had the supernatural x-ray vision. This was something that the previous generation of the Nangong family knew very well and was often amazed by.

The reason why the Nangong family was able to stand tall in Camino and maintain its position as the number one wealthy family was largely due to Old Madam Nangong’s X-ray vision. Although it was not powerful, it allowed the Nangong family to rapidly expand their family business in that era.

After that, none of the boys that Old Madam Nangong gave birth to inherited the supernatural ability. However, their daughter, Nangong Yu, inherited the power.

Furthermore, her supernatural ability was stronger than Old Madam Nangong’s.

With the increasing strength of her supernatural abilities, Nangong Yu’s memory could be said to have surpassed that of ordinary people. Meanwhile, as her memory improved, she memorized more and more things. Subsequently, her X-ray vision became more in-depth. Not only that, Nangong Yu might not have possessed any skills in martial arts, but as her X-ray vision grew stronger, her speed kept increasing.

Therefore, to prevent people from using her and capturing her for human experiments, the Nangong family protected Nangong Yu very well.

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