My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 576 - Extort

Chapter 576: Extort

This respectable old man devoted his entire life to the country.

As he grew old, his two sons died noble deaths one after the other. In the end, even his only grandson went away and died while trying to rescue her.

She did not know how much pain the old master had as he spoke those words to Chi Yang before he left. However, it was because of those words that she, Zhong Nuannuan, had decided to swear by this person as her grandfather for the rest of her life.

Not only was the old master saved by his granddaughter-in-law, but he was also cared for by such a beautiful granddaughter-in-law. His wrinkled face looked like it was about to bloom into a flower.

Zhong Nuannuan did not care about the woman who had been sent flying by her kick. After all, this was a residential road. There were many pedestrians on the road, as well as many elderly and children.

Who would care about the cars on the road in their haste sometimes, especially those children? They would run if they were happy. She was so fast on the scooter that even if nothing happened today, an accident was bound to happen one day. Therefore, she felt that it was good enough that she did not scold the woman for riding her electric-powered scooter so fast.

However, the old master thought differently. After all, the older he was, the more tolerant he became. After speaking to Nuannuan, he immediately turned to the middle-aged woman and asked concernedly, “Lady, are you alright?”

The woman finally snapped out of her daze. She looked at the broken parts of the electric-powered scooter scattered all over the ground. Then, she shifted her gaze to take in the plain cotton jacket that the old man was wearing, the plain cotton shoes, and his dark skin. Thinking that he was definitely not a family member of some senior officer, she glared at him and snapped, “Alright? How could I be alright? Look at my scooter! Which eye of yours saw that I’m alright?”

The old master did not expect this woman to be so unreasonable. He reached into his bag and prepared to take out the money to compensate.

“Indeed, I was careless. How much is your electric-powered scooter? I’ll compensate you.”

When she heard that the old man wanted to pay for her scooter, the woman immediately demanded an exorbitant price. “3500.”

The old master only had a little more than a thousand worth of cash and a card with him. The rest was with the bodyguards, but it was not convenient for him to ask his guards to come out. He could only say, “I don’t have that much money with me now. How about this? Write down your bank card number. When I’m free, I’ll ask my grandson to transfer the money to you.”

“Heh—” The woman laughed coldly. “If you don’t have money and don’t want to pay me back, just say it. You don’t have to beat around the bush.”

“Eh? This lady! How can you say that about me, this old man? I really want to compensate you.” The old man was saddened by this woman’s words and did not know what else to say.

“Tsk! If you really want to compensate me, bring me to your house right now! You don’t have money, but your family must have money, right? Tell me, where do you live? Which building and unit do you live in? I don’t need you to bring me there, I can go up and get money from them myself.”

The corners of the old master’s mouth twitched.

He could not expose his identity!

He wanted to use his hidden identity to talk to his granddaughter-in-law and find out more about her.

Just as he was thinking about whether he should pretend to make a phone call to his bodyguards and ask them to pay, Zhong Nuannuan, who watched the woman bully her grandfather, started acting up.

“That’s right! You’re right, he just doesn’t want to pay! Why should he pay you? His eyes aren’t grown on his back, so who would know that you were going to bump into him? It’s already a blessing that he didn’t ask you to pay for the mental trauma, but he still wants to pay for your electric scooter after you almost knocked into someone! This thing of yours looks like it’s been around for a few years. Are you sure anyone would want it even if you’re reselling it at 500 bucks?”

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