My Senior Brother is Too Steady

Chapter 752 - The Dao of Equalization Arrives Again!

Chapter 752: The Dao of Equalization Arrives Again!

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“Li Changshou is back…”

“He did not leave. He never left. He used the Dao of the Heavenly Fiend to hang in the dark corner of the human heart. He has been watching us, the Dao Ancestor.”

“The Heavenly Fiend Supremacy’s Spirit Core was buried before the God-Conferment Tribulation. He was prepared, Dao Ancestor.”

“You’re wrong about this living being, Dao Ancestor.”

“He did not escape. He did not even think of searching for his hometown, the Dao Ancestor.”

“He tricked you and me, Dao Ancestor.”

“The variables have never dissipated. There have always been variables in the world. The one that escaped has already become a climate. This is an ominous sign, Dao Ancestor.”

“You’ve already lost, Hong Jun.”

“Fellow Daoist, I’m confused.”

In the Purple Cloud Palace’s Purple Bamboo Forest.

The Dao Ancestor stood in front of the chessboard with a gloomy expression. In front of him, there was a glowing Creation Jade Disc. There were gray-robed old Daoists standing around him.

The gray-robed old Daoists kept talking.

Ridicule, sarcasm, treacherousness, cold laughter, disappointment, despair, and sorrow. The expressions on each face were different, like an exhibition and assembly of the selfish desires of the world.

The Dao Ancestor’s burly figure kept trembling. His usually calm face was actually a little distorted.

“Find it. Find the corner of his Dao heart!”

The gray-robed old Daoists spoke in unison and said the same words in a gentle tone, “As you wish, the owner of the world.”

At that moment, their expressions were surprisingly identical.

It was a faint mockery.

The gray-robed old Daoist priest transformed into streams of light and dissipated. Only the Dao Ancestor’s figure remained in the purple bamboo forest.

Hong Jun stood in front of the Creation Jade Disc with a gloomy expression. He seemed to have forgotten why he did not show his emotions and revealed his anger without any scruples.

How many years had it been since he had controlled the Primordial World? He had never suffered such humiliation!

Li Changshou actually fooled me!

What is watching me from outside the world? What is the Great Dao of Equalization escaping from the Primordial World!?!

It was all a huge show!

What did Li Changshou do in my world?

Hong Jun carefully sensed the Creation Jade Disc in front of him and the three thousand Great Dao of the Primordial World. His gaze quickly swept across every corner of the Three Realms. The huge amount of information did not burden him at all.

This kid must have done something.

Li Changshou never took risks. He took the initiative to give up the opportunity to fight the Heavenly Dao in the Great God-Conferment Tribulation. He was indifferent to the Grandmaster of Heaven being sealed. He could tolerate the Grand Pure One being sealed. He must have a way to deal with the Heavenly Dao.

Let the Heavenly Fiends enter the Dao hearts of living beings and let countless living beings and experts rebel together?

Or could it be that he had buried countless paper effigies everywhere and wanted to blow up the Primordial World and use the Chaos Bell to take away the fire seed of living beings and reestablish a world?

What did he do?

What did he do?

Hong Jun squinted slightly and his eyes were filled with ferocity. He subconsciously looked up, as if there was a sharp sword hanging above his head.

However, there was nothing above his head.

The Dao Ancestor suddenly chuckled and sat down slowly. He raised his hand and swept the dust on his robe. There was a hint of playfulness in his eyes. Suddenly, he laughed.

His laughter was filled with pleasure, comfort, and self-deprecation.

Very good, you are worthy to be my opponent.

There are too many living beings in the Primordial World. They are from the same hometown as that fellow. They have unexpected schemes. That is the living being that I’m afraid of.

However, Changshou.

I have been in this world for so long. Even the Grand Pure One can’t do anything about it. What else can you do?

Do you want to play a game of cat and mouse with me?

The corners of Hong Jun’s mouth twitched slightly. He slowly pressed his palm against the Creation Jade Disc. His powerful voice echoed in the world.

“My orders are to control all living beings.”

In the world, wisps of golden light scattered from the sky and landed everywhere in the five continents of the Primordial World. At an angle where living beings could not see, they entered their necks.

Trees, flowers, insects, and birds.

Mortals, immortals, demons, and ghosts.

Without the protection of a perfected Dao realm and the protection of a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, living beings would be pierced by the golden light at the back of their necks, but they would not know.

In the Purple Cloud Palace, Hong Jun slowly raised his palm. The jade disc rotated slightly and suddenly shattered, turning into cubes that floated in front of the Dao Ancestor.

At the same time, a huge cauldron floated behind Dao Ancestor Hong Jun. The shadows of four divine beasts surrounded the huge cauldron.

An indescribable Dao rune spread out from the huge cauldron. The Purple Cloud Palace merged with the countless rays of light.

So what if it is the Dao of the otherworldly demons?

What can you do by secretly returning to the Primordial World?

Changshou, what are you hoping for?

That’s right. The only chance to cause the Heavenly Dao to be slightly unstable is in the Western Sect. Sun Wukong wreaks havoc in the Heavenly Courts, the final resistance of living beings, and the last yearning of living beings for freedom…

However, even if you secretly participate, what can you do?

Sun Wukong can’t help you.



He is timid by nature. He is just a treasure-seeking rat. He is already useless. On account of our friendship back then, I gave him the position of Buddha. Now, he is just a deity.

What are you plotting?

Hong Jun squinted and the smile on his lips gradually turned cold.

Then, let me show you what this monkey can do.

“Fellow Daoist.”

Another gray-robed old Daoist priest appeared behind him.

“In the name of the damaged Book of Life and Death of Huaguo Mountain, I destroyed the monkey race of Huaguo Mountain and shattered my remnant soul. I did not enter reincarnation.

Observe those monkey living beings and see if there are any abnormal Dao hearts.”


The gray-robed old Daoist priest turned into a stream of light and dissipated.

Hong Jun slowly closed his eyes. His mind, which had been slightly unstable previously, was now calm.

After spending such a long time and experiencing so many opponents, as the final winner, which situation had he not encountered?

He had indeed not encountered any enemies this time.

Why is my Dao heart unbalanced?

It was very simple. The Heavenly Fiend Supremacy’s spiritual core only proved one thing.

Li Changshou had made all the preparations a long time ago.

Li Changshou had long tacitly agreed that the Dao Ancestor would win the Great God-Conferment Tribulation. As the escapee, he would definitely escape from the world. The Heavenly Dao would evolve to the extent that it enveloped the Primordial World.

Under those premises, Li Changshou still had the confidence to balance the Heavenly Dao and turn the tide.

What is your trump card? Summon living beings to pray together?

Don’t joke like that.

Living beings are just nourishment for the Primordial World.

It began.

Beside the lotus pond on the spiritual mountain, Li Changshou sat quietly with the Void Bodhi’s fake body.

Buddha Duobao had already left and rushed to the main hall. He gathered the experts in the spiritual mountain and sensed the abnormality of the Heavenly Dao.

It was random.

Li Changshou’s immortal senses swept across a radius of thousands of kilometers around the spiritual mountain. He could see golden light shining in the sky everywhere. Wisps of threads entered the necks of living beings.

From the spiritual deer jumping in the mountains to the living beings below the Zenith Heaven realm in the spiritual mountain…

The fresh fish wandering around the river bank, the woodcutter in the distant forest, and the Golden Cicada sleeping in the spiritual pool in front of him.

As long as one’s Dao was not perfect, all living beings would be pierced by the golden thread.

The living beings did not know.

There was no need to look for it.

At that moment, the mortal world of the South Continent, the poisonous miasma of the North Continent, the vast immortal mountains of the East Continent, the continuous mountains of the Aparagodānīya Continent, and the magnificent Immortal World of the Middle Continent were all like that.

The Heavenly Dao absorbed the power of living beings.

The Heavenly Dao controlled the life of living beings.

At that moment, the Heavenly Dao was monitoring the Dao hearts of the living beings in the world and searching for his traces.

What made Li Changshou feel ridiculous was that the Dao Ancestor did not suspect the Void Bodhi.

That was also the difference between him and the Dao Ancestor.

According to his way of thinking, since the “variables” of the world were on Sun Wukong, he would first investigate the living beings related to Sun Wukong.

His teacher had the deepest influence on Sun Wukong. He was also the mighty figure who had interacted with Sun Wukong the longest. He should be the greatest suspect.

In fact, Li Changshou would even kill the Void Bodhi if he were in its place.

However, the Dao Ancestor would not.

The Dao Ancestor was actually quite conceited deep down. The Void Bodhi was the “Master of Monkey Breeding” that the Dao Ancestor had personally chosen. It had undergone the Dao Ancestor’s test.

If the Dao Ancestor suspected the Void Bodhi, it would be a form of self-reflection.

This was very difficult for the Dao Ancestor, who was used to controlling everything.

As long as you maintain the way of thinking of living beings, you will have flaws in your personality. That is the basic definition of living beings.

Li Changshou sat quietly beside the lotus pond. At that moment, he looked calm. In fact, his mind was completely tense. He calculated every node that was suitable for him to attack.

He had to use the next opportunity to attack and dig out more benefits for himself in the hands of the Dao Ancestor.

He had already reached the end of her journey. If he walked forward, it would be a natural chasm.

At this stage, he could not retreat.

Li Changshou controlled the Void Bodhi to close his eyes. He shifted his attention away from No. 2’s fake body and looked at Huaguo Mountain, which was currently filled with demonic sounds.

The fake body of No. 3 was prepared to self-destruct at any time to divert the Dao Ancestor’s attention and buy a chance for him to attack next.

He could vaguely sense…

In the Chaos Sea, Kun Peng was flying at full speed towards the Primordial World.

The experts of Ren School, such as the Great Daoist Master Xuan Du, Kong Xuan, and Daoist Wen Jing, led more than ten Jie School immortals who had passed the assessment and confirmed that there were no problems. They were their stable backup.

In the Fire Cloud Cave, a few human emperors stood in front of the lake that Suiren had once been recuperating in. They stared at the lake that kept bubbling.

Behind them, the war chariots were already enveloped by the sanguine light. The human heroic spirits remained silent.

In Anshui City of the South Continent.

Threads pierced through the world. The people there calmly paid their respects to the Dragon King in the Sea God Temple. They lived a peaceful life and calmly waited for their future path.

The world was silent.

At the border of the five continents, demons with negative karma carried threads on their backs. Their eyes were listless as they entered the earth meridians and headed towards Huaguo Mountain of the East Continent.

That was one of the Dao Ancestor’s trump cards. It was also the real world that the Dao Ancestor had revealed to him after tearing off the hypocrisy.

It was like a cage.

Li Changshou could roughly deduce the Dao Ancestor’s plan. If the other party could not find his figure, he would naturally force him to appear.

As for the second fake body, the negative karma demon, and the third fake body, the Heaven Immortal realm Qi Refinement cultivator, they could not escape the fate of being monitored by the Heavenly Dao. Their minds were affected by the Heavenly Dao.

Li Changshou was multitasking. He tried his best to maintain the three fake bodies so that they would not be exposed.

At that moment, the Dao Ancestor was warning Li Changshou.

No matter what Li Changshou wanted to do, if he angered the Heavenly Dao, the Heavenly Dao could kill all living beings below the Zenith Heaven realm at any time.

At that time, all living beings would die. The so-called position of living beings would become empty words.

If it was anyone else, they would probably be helpless against such a situation. The Dao Ancestor’s control of the world had reached an extremely terrifying level. It was the simplest and most direct way to threaten all living beings.

It was a terrifying story of the Primordial World.

How many trump cards does the Dao Ancestor have?

There should be many more, but that was not important.

Li Changshou sighed softly in his heart. Wisps of fog appeared around him, and the Dao runes of the Void Cleansing Great Dao surrounded him. His face revealed some vigilance, confusion, nervousness, and confusion.

A perfect fan-shaped image was completed.

At that moment, the conflict between the world was in Huaguo Mountain.

The demons were just a foil. The Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals were already on the way.

Previously, he had relied on Senior Brother Duobao’s “small television” to see that the Jade Emperor had already given the order to suppress the demons of Huaguo Mountain but spare the monkey demons.

However, at that moment, the Dao Ancestor was controlling many demons to rush to Huaguo Mountain. His goal was to make sure that there were no casualties on Huaguo Mountain. If necessary, he would even send the Heavenly Punishment.

Based on his understanding of the Dao Ancestor, the Dao Ancestor already had the intention to kill the “useless monkey”, Sun Wukong.

Kill the monkey to warn others.

The lives of those monkeys had become the center of the vortex. It was really ironic.

However, there was no choice. What Sun Wukong cared about the most, apart from his master and the senior brothers and sisters that he could not find, were the monkeys that had given him a sense of belonging.

Apart from that, the Dao Ancestor also had the cards to threaten him.

Youqin Xuanya, the junior sister who wanted to pursue justice and her own value in this world.

However, Xuanya should be quite safe now.

This safety was not because she was protected by Brother Zhao and Sister-in-law Jin Ling. It was purely because the Dao Ancestor knew how much he valued the word ‘family’. When the Dao Ancestor was not sure what his trump card was, he would not easily touch Xuanya.

Li Changshou felt that there was a high chance that in the Dao Ancestor’s current understanding, the key to the game was still Sun Wukong.

However, in fact, Li Changshou was not thinking about the game of Sun Wukong. He was thinking about how to protect Sun Wukong.

Heavenly Courts, the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal’s Residence.

Sun Wukong was lying on the railing in front of the main hall. His entire body was covered in monkey fur, and he emitted the aura of fine wine. There were also eight or ten fifth-rank little gods who had been put down.

Sun Wukong squinted his eyes and enjoyed his current leisure. He did not seem to sense the changes in the world or the abnormalities in the world at all.

Actually, he sensed it.

He felt that the sky seemed to be lower. It was a little stuffy and boring.

The Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal…

“Hehe.” Sun Wukong grinned, but he sighed halfway.

I wonder how the monkeys are doing.

Are the Bull Demon King and the others still in Huaguo Mountain?

They should be there. After all, it looked like the old demons’ plan was to develop Huaguo Mountain into a holy land of the demons and become a springboard for the demons to enter the Heavenly Courts.

He, the Beautiful Monkey King that was accepted by the Heavenly Courts, was the future beacon of the demons.

A lamp? More like a guiding lamp.

Sun Wukong summoned a pot of wine not far away and poured it into his mouth.

How could he not sense that the Heavenly Courts looked down on the demons? Most of the righteous gods in the Heavenly Courts were hostile to the demons. Moreover, they were purely hostile.

That was because most of the righteous gods of the Heavenly Courts were not Connate lifeforms. They were all humans.

That was the human Heavenly Courts.

He had naturally heard his brothers mention the grudges between the demons and the human race. The Bull Demon King, in particular, had told him a lot and enlightened him.

Previously, when Huaguo Mountain fell into a desperate situation, the only thing he wanted was to fight the Heavenly Courts and die in front of his monkey grandson.

His master named him Sun Wukong and asked him to comprehend all the principles of loneliness. However, as Sun Wukong comprehended, he realized that he could not understand his own problems.

Where did he come from and why?

What’s the point of him existing in the world?

The world had created him. Was it to give him a mission or was it just a coincidence?

Later on, Sun Wukong realized that he could not understand these things.

However, he remembered that rainy night when he broke out of the rock and curled up in the crack of the rock. His heart was empty without any ripples. When he woke up and opened his eyes, he saw a group of monkeys that looked similar to him.


He decided that he was not a Connate Stone Embryo but a monkey of Huaguo Mountain!

“Why are you suddenly angry?”

Sun Wukong smiled awkwardly and burped as he sat there. He imagined his mansion being planted with peach trees and filled with monkeys and grandchildren.

That would be great.

That’s a huge motivation for me to work hard in the future.

“Great Sage ~ Great Sage ~”


Suddenly, he heard a voice calling out to him. Sun Wukong trembled and looked up at the source of the voice.

It was in the pavilion in the courtyard. A boy was standing in the fog, holding a bell and shaking it gently.

Sun Wukong tilted his head and stood up for no reason. He stumbled towards the pavilion. In just a few steps, he appeared in the pavilion and was engulfed by the fog.

The boy’s voice sounded again.

“Great Sage, there are treasures inside.”

Sun Wukong looked forward in a daze and saw the ajar door. He slowly shifted his gaze up and woke up.

Tushita Palace.

Isn’t this Grand Supreme Elder’s residence?

Although Sun Wukong had not been in the Heavenly Courts for long, he naturally knew who Grand Supreme Elder was. He had heard this name more than once from the Bull Demon King.

The pillar of the Heavenly Courts and the great experts of Ren School were existences that could not be provoked in the Heavenly Courts.

Why am I in a daze in the Tushita Palace? I have an urge to walk forward.

At that moment, Sun Wukong could not see that there was a golden thread trembling gently behind him. It drove him into the Tushita Palace one step at a time.

Purple Cloud Palace, Purple Bamboo Forest.

The Dao Ancestor observed the situation and kept fiddling with the golden thread in his hand.

An old Daoist priest in a gray robe appeared at the side. When he saw that, he asked, “Fellow Daoist, why do you still increase Sun Wukong’s Dharma powers?”

“Lure the snake out of its hole,” the Dao Ancestor said calmly. “Li Changshou’s shadow can’t be found in the world, but Li Changshou’s plan must be related to Sun Wukong. Let Sun Wukong become stronger and cooperate with shaking the Heavenly Dao to lure him out.”

The gray-robed old Daoist priest nodded and said, “I’ve already confirmed repeatedly that the Kun Peng Mystic Realm is safe and sound. Li Changshou’s Great Dao has indeed stopped there.”

His main body does not dare to return?

The Dao Ancestor raised his eyebrows slightly and whispered, “Don’t let your guard down. He might have a chance to descend through the Heavenly Fiend Dao. Are you still unable to change the Heavenly Fiend Dao?”

“I can’t change it,” the gray-robed old Daoist priest said in a low voice. “This Great Dao was not condensed in the Primordial World. Instead, it was condensed in the Chaos Sea by the Heavenly Fiend Supremacy who kept devouring the True Spirit and Dao law fragments.”

The Dao Ancestor said, “Forget it. Think of a way to seal Li Changshou’s connection with the world.”

“Fellow Daoist, are you overreacting?” The gray-robed old Daoist said, “Perhaps that spiritual core is just Li Changshou’s backup…”

“Although that’s possible, we can’t let our guard down.”

Hong Jun’s eyes turned stern as he observed the situation under his palm.

Sun Wukong had already gone to the empty alchemy room. He took down the hanging gourds and ate them. He even burped and laughed.

Waves of mixed medicinal efficacy turned into spiritual power and filled his limbs and bones. Then, it quickly seeped into Sun Wukong’s flesh and strengthened his body.

“Where is Yang Jian?”

The Dao Ancestor suddenly asked. The gray-robed old Daoist priest at the side closed his eyes. An image appeared in his chest, revealing the scene of the E’Mei Mountain.

Yang Jian was sitting leisurely in a forest. There were a few fairies beside him. They were Yang Chan and her maidservant.

The Dao Ancestor squinted slightly, clearly deep in thought. However, he shook his head in the end.

“There’s no need to use him. Let the Heavenly Courts and Sun Wukong fight directly.”

The gray-robed old Daoist priest agreed. As his figure quickly dissipated, a new gray-robed old Daoist priest was born beside him.

The Heavenly Dao clone began to get busy.

In the Tushita Palace, Sun Wukong fell in a daze beside the alchemy furnace. His monkey fur was flushed red from the furnace fire. At that moment, he felt his Dao heart was blurry and his head was dizzy.

“What’s wrong with me, Old Sun?”

The golden line behind Sun Wukong quietly disappeared, and fog appeared under him.

Some power of the Heavenly Dao streaked across, and Sun Wukong’s figure disappeared.

Three days later, in Huaguo Mountain of the East Continent.

The Huaguo Mountain was rather lively these few days. It was more lively than the experts of the demon race had expected.

They did not know about the discussion in the Lingxiao Hall of the Heavenly Courts, nor did they hear any rumors. The reason why it was so lively was that a large number of demon experts had gathered from the five continents and four seas.

In just two to three days, thousands of demon experts gathered in Huaguo Mountain.

At this moment, there were more than six hundred demons in the Golden Immortal realm alone. Most of them were ancient demons. They had been hiding all the way until today and had rushed to Huaguo Mountain for no reason.

Apart from that, more than ten Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals came to join in the fun. They wanted to see where the demons’ way out was.

It was as if Huaguo Mountain had really become the holy land for the revival of the demons.

To the demons, that was indeed the case.

The demons believed that they would definitely prosper again and become the second largest race in the world.

Some demons even moved a few mountains over and gathered near Huaguo Mountain to expand the territory of Huaguo Mountain.

The demons had gathered, and the human race had retreated. There were no human immortal sects or mortals in a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers.

As Sun Wukong had gone to the Heavenly Courts to be the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal, the remaining few of the seven Great Saints of the demon race had become the hottest “new stars”. There were endless drinking sessions every day, and many demonesses had taken a liking to them.

It was also because Sun Wukong, who did not lust for women, had gone to the Heavenly Courts. The demon kings here were finally more relaxed and could do something that they usually liked to do.

He ate, drank, and did whatever he wanted. In short, he did all kinds of things.

In the “holy land” of the demons who were dancing and singing, drunk and dreaming, near Sun Wukong’s Water Curtain Cave, at the cliff protected by a natural array, where the Heaven Replenishing Spirit Stone was originally placed.

Sun Wukong lay there quietly. He was dressed in mighty armor. He still reeked of alcohol. His face was sometimes filled with golden light and sometimes turned green.

A shocking spiritual force was surging in his body.

‘Wukong… Wukong?’


Sun Wukong opened his eyes in a daze, but his sleepiness overwhelmed him. He could not help but fall asleep.

When he closed his eyes, Sun Wukong saw a huge cloud suddenly flying over from all directions. However, he could not think of anything.

A drizzle began to fall on Huaguo Mountain as if it was cleansing the demonic aura there.

The hazy drizzle only lasted for a moment before the dark clouds in the sky thickened and slowly pressed down on Huaguo Mountain.

A moment later, a thunderclap exploded!

The Thunder Dragon whistled in the sky, and the heavenly might suddenly descend!

On Huaguo Mountain and more than ten nearby mountains, the countless living beings were stunned. They looked up at the sky and were at a loss.

What happened?

Why is there a sudden battle?

“Could it be that the Heavenly Courts are going back on their word?!”

“Don’t be anxious, everyone. The Great Sage has just arrived in the Heavenly Courts. It will not benefit their reputation if the Heavenly Courts renege now!”

“Let’s go. We can’t stay here for long.”

In a flash, hundreds of streams of light flew out from the various peaks. However, the old demons who reacted the fastest and had higher cultivation levels immediately fled in all directions.

However, just as the huge stream of light was about to fly away, the world was suddenly filled with lightning. Pillars of light broke through the dark clouds and surrounded the five hundred kilometers of Huaguo Mountain like an iron cage!


The chanting of sutras sounded, and the war drums suppressed the thunder!

A total of 360 pillars of light trembled. The universe within a radius of thousands of kilometers suddenly froze!

Countless Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals flew out of the pillars of light. They lined up and formed an inescapable net in the world.

The Heavenly Soldiers raised the spears in their hands. Wisps of immortal light connected to the left, right, and top. After 360 pillars of light, they set up a second metal bucket.

The ten directions were sealed, and the world was flawless!

Above Huaguo Mountain, streams of light attacked like comets. They turned into the figures of hundreds of generals in the sky, each releasing the pressure after being enhanced by the Heavenly Dao.

Li Jing walked out of the crowd with the pagoda. His gaze was calm. He was silent for a while before saying, “On His Majesty’s orders, we will exterminate the demons of Huaguo Mountain who are carrying negative karma. Those who dare to resist would have their souls destroyed. Those who surrender would have their remnant souls be left in the eighteen levels of hell to suffer the God of the Battle Division, listen up! Clean this negative karma and protect this monkey spirit!”

The Heavenly Gods agreed with a bang. They each held Immortal Artifacts and Divine Power Dharma artifacts and flew down from the sky.

The clouds behind the gods suddenly spread apart. A battle formation formed by hundreds of Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals pressed down at the same time. The battle formation transformed into the shape of a dragon, a phoenix, and an ancient divine artifact. They attacked Huaguo Mountain!

The Heavenly Courts did not give the demons of Huaguo Mountain any chance to retaliate.

Similarly, he did not give the demons of Huaguo Mountain any chance to beg for mercy.

Only the monkeys from the Water Curtain Cave lineage were marked by the power of the Heavenly Dao. Thousands of Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals formed a protective array in the sky and struck them with immortal light.

After a while, more than ten mountains in Huaguo Mountain collapsed!

Most of the demons fled in all directions. A one-sided massacre began.

The power of the Heavenly Courts was undoubtedly revealed!

However, during the battle, many demon experts pounced at the confused monkey soldiers as if they had gone crazy.

“Sun Wukong betrayed us! He completely submitted to the Heavenly Courts!”

“Why are these monkey spirits protected by the Heavenly Courts? They deserve to die!”

“Kill them!”

In the sky, Li Jing frowned. He threw the pagoda in his hand and wanted to summon the monkey soldiers to protect him.

Li Jing whispered, “Let’s end this quickly.”

At this moment!

A wisp of Heavenly Dao power suddenly appeared behind Li Jing and condensed into the appearance of a white-robed old man. He was naturally the Jade Emperor’s messenger, Taibai Jinxing.

“Marshal Li, His Majesty’s orders have changed. The monkeys of Huaguo Mountain had already become a variant of the Heavenly Dao because of the destruction of the Book of Life and Death. His Majesty wants to take the opportunity to destroy the souls of the monkey demons. Marshal Li, don’t hesitate. Such a calamity was caused by Sun Wukong.”

Li Jing frowned and turned to look at the white-robed old man.

In the Heavenly Courts’ Lingxiao Treasure Hall, the Jade Emperor clenched his fists, but he hid them in his sleeve.

In a corner of the battleground, in a valley near Huaguo Mountain, the big negative karma demon, who had been hiding, had the fear on his face retreat slightly. He looked at the battleground of Huaguo Mountain and the corners of his mouth twitched.

It was Li Changshou’s impostor.

He had guessed correctly that the dignified Dao Ancestor had personally dealt with a group of monkey spirits.

“In that case, let’s do it.”

Li Changshou’s main body heaved a sigh of relief. He controlled No. 3’s fake body, the Heaven Immortal realm Qi Refinement cultivator, and escaped tens of thousands of kilometers away from the Immortal Du Sect.

No. 3 grabbed the back of his left hand and seemed to have touched a silk rope. He tore it off casually.

Then, layers of changes began to appear on the Dao runes of the old Daoist priest in the Heaven Immortal realm. They turned into a balanced intent and transformed into endless transformations. He looked up at the Purple Cloud Palace behind the Heavenly Palace and the Heavenly Palace and cupped his hands slightly.

The Great Dao of Equalization descended again!

In the Purple Cloud Palace, Dao Ancestor Hong Jun squinted slightly and looked at the old Daoist priest of the Heaven Immortal realm.

Almost at the same time, the fake body of No. 2, the negative karma demon, escaped into the mountain in front of him and rushed towards the monkey soldiers of Huaguo Mountain.

It was just a diversion.

“Xuanya, what are you thinking about?”

In the gorgeous hall under the resplendent starry sky in Lady Mother of the Chariot’s residence, the Goddess of Golden Spirit, who was becoming more and more gentle, sat on the soft couch. She stroked her bulging abdomen and asked Youqin Xuanya, who was lost in thought.

The latter, who was standing beside the soft couch, only shook her head slightly. She cupped her hands at the Goddess of Golden Spirit and said, “I’m a little uneasy. Please don’t blame me, Lord.”

“Sit down and talk.”

Youqin Xuanya shook her head slightly and said that she did not dare to.

“This is my order.”

“Yes,” Youqin Xuanya replied straightforwardly. She sat on the side of the soft couch and put away the sword on her back.

She remembered her mission very clearly. She wanted to intimidate the two beloved sons of the God of Fortune and the Lady Mother of the Chariot, who had yet to be born, so that they would not be naughty.

Although Youqin Xuanya felt that it was ridiculous, she naturally would not reject an order.

At that moment, the God of Fortune, Zhao Gongming, was standing outside the hall and discussing something with a group of immortals from Jie School.

The hall was enveloped by an array formation and isolated from the outside world. He did not know what they were talking about.

The Goddess of Golden Spirit stared at Youqin Xuanya’s slender and fair neck and pondered.

After a moment of silence, the Goddess of Golden Spirit asked, “Have you forgotten?”

Youqin Xuanya said, “What do you mean?”

“A human.” The Goddess of Golden Spirit’s voice sounded in Youqin Xuanya’s heart. The two of them were connected.

The Goddess of Golden Spirit said, “To you, he should be an extremely important person. Have you forgotten?”

Youqin Xuanya frowned slightly. Just as she was about to speak, the golden line behind her trembled slightly. A faint figure appeared in her heart.

It was just a back view. He stood on a white cloud with his hands behind his back.

He flew at a moderate speed and at a height that was neither too high nor low. He was not eye-catching in the mountains.

Is that…

“Senior Brother?”

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