My Senior Brother is Too Steady

Chapter 576 - The Kun Peng Game

Chapter 576: The Kun Peng Game

The galaxy was resplendent, and the starry night was endless. The cool night wind blew away the noise of the mortal world and streaked across the mountains that were like a dark forest.

A white cloud flew over from the southwest. It went to a certain place in the imperial capital, but it was rather quiet.

On the cloud, Li Changshou sat quietly in front. He was dressed in a white robe and had a white beard. He was naturally the paper effigy that had appeared in the Shang Nation of the South Continent.

Behind Li Changshou, the “pure and holy” Heavenly Fiend, who had been tainted with too much Little Grief divine power, was curled up into a ball. Large drops of tears seeped into the clouds.


How should I address this living being?

The Saint Devils and Saint Skyfiends were too domineering. Mei Wenhua’s strength was not considered strong. At that moment, he did not know what mystical abilities she had.

Originally, the strongest mystical ability of the otherworldly demons was to invade the Dao heart of the living beings in the Primordial World. After the mutation, the otherworldly demons still retained such a mystical ability.

However, the former made people evil, while the latter made people kind.

Li Changshou realized that and wanted to bring Mei Wenhua to the Fire Cloud Cave…

Perhaps to Mei Wenhua, what was slightly ironic was that although she had obtained the approval of the Heavenly Dao and possessed such an immortal spiritual body, she had endured layers of tests previously.

However, he did not gain Li Changshou’s trust.

Li Changshou racked his brains on how to deal with the mutated Skyfiend.

He had yet to consider whether to announce this matter to the public. When should he announce it? What benefits could it bring to the Heavenly Courts or himself?

More importantly, Li Changshou could not completely eliminate the threat.

If Mei Wenhua was just putting on a show and really got close to some important figures of the Heavenly Courts who had high authority but had a bigger crack in their Dao hearts, the consequences would be unimaginable.

This place did not necessarily refer to General Dongmu.

He still had to maintain the most basic respect for the otherworldly demons. He could not be careless. After all, what they liked the most were the Dao hearts of living beings.

Li Changshou had already thought about killing Mei Wenhua more than ten times, but he felt that it was a pity.

Perhaps this mutation was the only one that could not be replicated. Li Changshou had really lost a trump card to deal with the Kun Peng and the Heavenly Demon.

Suddenly, Li Changshou thought of a few words.

It was a new rain in the empty mountain. He and his master, Qi Yuan, were strolling in the mountain and talking about the vixen, Lan.

His master’s teachings were still in Li Changshou’s ears. He was rather touched.


Don’t lose your respect for living beings…

With that in mind, Li Changshou raised his hand and opened his left hand to Mei Wenhua, who was curled up into a ball. He added two more layers of immortal power protection.

It was always right to be stable.

The otherworldly demons were considered the peripheral forces of the Kun Peng. This time, the Kun Peng had “attacked” him one after another. This time, it had even threatened Little Aunt-Master.

This is intolerable!

I have to think of a way to retaliate.

When I go to the Fire Cloud Cave this time, I’ll ask a few retired human emperors to discuss and see if they can find a way to deal with the Kun Peng.

This Kun Peng is really too jumpy.

At the same time, in the vast void outside the five continents of the Primordial World, Li Changshou’s paper effigy hid in Jiu Jiu’s sleeve. Jiu Jiu hid her whereabouts and escaped towards the Heaven Ascension Hall.

Previously, Jiu Jiu’s intuition had not been wrong. Li Changshou had indeed lied to Quan Dong.

However, there were some things that Li Changshou could not tell the Jade Emperor directly. He could only send a voice transmission.

He could not just say that he wanted to bring this special otherworldly demon to the Fire Cloud Cave and see if he could help Suiren.

That would easily be taboo.

According to the rumors at the end of the ancient times, the position of the Heavenly Emperor should have been occupied by the Human Emperor. Suiren was also the oldest and strongest human emperor of the ancestors in the world.

Moreover, unlike Fu Xi and Shennong, Suiren was a pure human. Today, the human race was flourishing and had anorthodox” vibe.

Li Changshou had also once speculated that it was possible that the Heavenly Dao had deliberately used Demonic Qi to control Suiren to ensure that the Heavenly Courts would firmly rule the Three Realms.

Of course, Li Changshou would not mess up his identity and mistake his position.

He was an ordinary minister of the Heavenly Courts. At that moment, he was working for the Heavenly Dao.

This time, he had come to the Fire Cloud Cave only because of his respect for the Human Emperor and the “small agreement” he had with Imperial Lord Da Yu. He wanted to bring Mei Wen to try and see if he could ease Suiren’s pain.

Before he parted with Quan Dong, Li Changshou was afraid that the Jade Emperor did not understand the key. He even took the initiative to send a voice transmission to explain.

The few human ancestors of the Fire Cloud Cave had previously asked me for help.

It was related to the fact that the Suiren Clan had fallen to demons in their early years and that the demonic aura was gradually unable to be suppressed.

As the saying goes, when things reach an extreme, they will go in the opposite direction. Mei Wenhua might have a unique way of dealing with demonic Qi. When I go to the Fire Cloud Cave this time, I will try to get her to help suppress the injuries of the ancient Emperor Suiren. ”

At that time, Quan Dong… blinked and nodded calmly. Before he left, he frowned slightly.

Li Changshou sighed in his heart. The Jade Emperor really minded that matter. Every existence at the peak of power would probably be afraid of existences who could threaten his authority.

“I understand.” The Heavenly Emperor said, “Huh? Why did Changgeng specially instruct me to do that? Could it be that it’s time to express goodwill to the Fire Cloud Cave? That’s right. I have neglected this matter previously. Now, the human mortals, the Heavenly Courts, should not have any objections. I’ll make arrangements when I get back. It’s all thanks to Changgeng’s consideration.”

It was really the scene of a huge ruler of the Primordial World leaving his heart.

This time, apart from Mei Wenhua, Li Changshou brought Bian Zhuang along with him to the Fire Cloud Cave.

He wanted to be a witness the entire time so that His Majesty would not think too much.

Long Ji was the daughter of the Heavenly Emperor, and Ao Yi was on his side. On the other hand, Bian Zhuang was being nice to him. He was a Heavenly General of the Heavenly Courts. It was just right.

Li Changshou was multitasking. The two paper effigies looked at the different scenery, but they were organizing their thoughts.

Although Kong Xuan would go to Xuandu City, it did not mean that she would not fall into the Great God-Conferment Tribulation.

After bearing the destiny of the human race, she would be implicated in a huge calamity. It would probably be difficult to avoid it this time.

If he forcefully allowed Kong Xuan to escape the tribulation, he had to think carefully about whether he could withstand the backlash caused by the vacant position of the Buddha Mother.

If he wanted to break the fence of fate, he had to pay a price.

In order to protect Kong Xuan, he could not arrange for the Golden-Winged Roc to act in Kong Xuan’s scenes. Then…

The Buddha Mother becomes the Buddha Father?

Forget it. I’m worrying too much. I might as well leave the matter of Kong Xuan to Eldest Senior Brother.



Jiu Jiu, who was in an escape form, hummed softly and sent a voice transmission to the paper effigy in her sleeve. “You… have been quite busy recently.”

Li Changshou smiled and replied, “In the past one to two hundred years, I’ve been cultivating most of the time. It’s all thanks to you, Uncle-Masters, that I don’t have to spend all my energy on matters other than cultivation.”

“Ah, don’t stand on ceremony with me.” Jiu Jiu smiled happily. Then, she cleared her throat and said, “Ahem, um, Ling’e is fine recently.”

“What can happen to her? She’s just cultivating in the mountains.” Li Changshou sighed and said, “The Immortal Du Sect suffered a calamity. I could not bring Ling’e to stay behind and share the difficulties with the immortal sect. To be safe, I moved the Little Qiong Peak to the Heavenly Courts. That made Ling’e a little lonely.”

“Then why don’t you spend more time with her?” Jiu Jiu’s smile disappeared and she muttered, “Don’t let Ling’e down. Ling’e is different from you. You are the legitimate gods of the Heavenly Courts and the few with the highest grades. You are also a great mystical ability user in the Primordial World. You are respected by the world and have countless identities. However, Ling’e only has one identity… Your junior sister. She has been admiring you since she entered the mountain a few years ago. She has been infatuated with you all these years.”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “Aunt-Master, don’t worry. I will not let Ling’e suffer.”

“Why do I feel a little depressed hearing your answer?”


“It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m used to being depressed.” Jiu Jiu waved her hand and looked to the side. Her eyes were a little lonely, but they quickly returned to normal.

Forget it. Don’t think about anything else.

Jiu Jiu asked, “Changshou, how are things between you and Ling’e?”

“Well…” Li Changshou pondered for a while and could not answer. “It’s quite stable.”

“Do you guys have a baby?” Jiu Jiu asked in surprise.

“How can that be?” Li Changshou transmitted his voice helplessly. “Actually, I have some conflicts sometimes.”

“Conflict?” Jiu Jiu blinked. “Is there anything you can’t resolve? Lord Taibai Jinxing!”

“Aunt-Master, don’t tease me.”

Li Changshou smiled and felt the urge to confide in her. After enduring it for a while, he felt that it was fine to tell Jiu Jiu that.

He had traveled all the way to this day in the world. Those who could be considered Daoists had already spread throughout the Three Realms.

However, the person who could be considered a good friend… was before Mr. Bai.

Li Changshou said slowly, “Cultivators are most afraid of not knowing their true nature. If they feel lost, they will encounter a bottleneck soon. I’m a mortal. I have seven emotions and six desires. I also hope that everything will have a perfect ending, although that’s unlikely. I feel more affection for Ling’e than my Dao companion. I brought her up and taught her my abilities. We are like siblings, and master and disciple. I have a strong desire to protect her as I watch her transform every day. However, he was afraid that their relationship would deteriorate after they became Dao companions. Sometimes, I would think about letting her make more friends and letting her go out more after the world was stable. I would not have to be so monotonous in life. However, I was worried that she would leave me. That subtle feeling of being afraid of losing the only place in her heart really makes me not know whether to laugh or cry.”

Jiu Jiu pursed her lips and lectured, “You’re just lacking in boldness.”


“Yes, bold. You’re not decisive at all.”

Jiu Jiu snorted and continued to scold, “Fairy Yun Xiao is clearly a Connate mighty figure, but she keeps a distance from her own junior sister. I think you just can’t swallow your pride. You’re afraid that your conscience won’t let you go. You feel that you have ulterior motives for being good to Ling’e previously. You’ll feel uneasy. You are avoiding this uneasiness. What’s wrong with that? Why do you care if others make fun of you? If others say so, so be it. What’s there to be afraid of? Are you fellow disciples or childhood sweethearts? Ling’e has fallen in love with you and has been working hard to cultivate and become beautiful. It’s all to please you, but you still care about your pride. Really…”

“Do I?”

Li Changshou pondered for a while and said, “Aunt-Master, you’re right, but something doesn’t seem right. I have also taken the initiative, but every time Ling’e…”

“Every time?”

“You’ll run away because you’re too shy.”

“Just because of that?”

Jiu Jiu looked resentful. “Let’s drink! It’s such a simple matter! Jiu is brave. Wouldn’t it be resolved if you let Ling’e drink some wine? Taibai Jinxing, is that all you have?”

Li Changshou was speechless. He felt that it was a little… inappropriate.

“Aunt-Master, I have to consider this matter carefully.”

Jiu Jiu asked in confusion, “Why? What else is there to consider?”

“There are actually different stages in a relationship, especially between a man and a woman,” Li Changshou said. “The world always sees the joy and satisfaction brought by the progress of a relationship. It’s called happiness. However, very few people looked at how the two of them should get along after their relationship gradually calmed down. Mortals had only lived for a few decades, but they were already facing such a situation. As long as the Longevity Immortal does not suffer any calamity, his lifespan will be endless. During that long period of calmness, will he gradually become tired and make each other tired?”


Jiu Jiu blinked. “Are you thinking that far?”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “Actually, I’ve already thought of a way to resolve this matter.”


“I want to send Ling’e to Nuwa’s Dao Palace to cultivate for a period of time. However, I haven’t made up my mind yet,” Li Changshou said. “With the protection of the Saint, I can guarantee her safety. The admiration she had for me since she was young has cooled down after I separated from her for a period of time. If she still has me in her heart in the future, I will not hesitate to marry her and not separate from her.”

Jiu Jiu pursed her lips and smiled. “That’s a solution. It can also increase Ling’e’s background.”

“Thank you for your guidance, Aunt-Master,” Li Changshou said warmly. “The other side is almost at the Fire Cloud Cave. I’ll go and get busy.”

“Go, go. I can sneak back. Don’t worry.”

Although Jiu Jiu said that, how could Li Changshou not be worried? After all, Aunt-Master Jiu Jiu’s cultivation level was only at the late-stage of the Heaven Immortal realm.

Li Changshou focused some of his attention on that place and used his immortal senses to investigate at the furthest distance.

On the other side, on the lake where the entrance to the Fire Cloud Cave was.

Li Changshou used his immortal power to make a “bubble” and made Mei Wenhua, who was crying continuously, fall asleep. He led Bian Zhuang and pulled the bubble and bowed to the entrance of the Fire Cloud Cave.

“I, Li Changgeng, seek an audience with the ancestors of the human race.”

Bian Zhuang, who had been extremely nervous, tensed up and bowed to the front.

A vortex of flowing light appeared above the lake. Li Changshou led Bian Zhuang into it and walked through the long path. When they arrived at another lake, a familiar figure wearing a bamboo hat walked over on the waves.

It was naturally Emperor Da Yu.


Li Changshou shifted his attention to the paper effigy on the other side. When he saw that Jiu Jiu was flying in the air, he kept raising his hand to hit his forehead. He raised his head and roared silently, and his speed increased.

Is he drunk?

Li Changshou smiled. This time, the paper effigy had protected Jiu Jiu and returned to the Heaven Ascension Hall. He had also imparted some methods to brew wine so that his Aunt-Master would not lack wine and candies.

“Are you sure?”

“Master, my Dao has been reversed. I can sense it even through the power of the Heavenly Dao.”


In a corner of the Chaos Sea, two spiritual wills intertwined and communicated.

Kun Peng shook its huge body. Its wings were kept at its side, and its figure was indeed like a huge fish.

After thinking for a while, Kun Peng asked, “Do you mean that someone can reverse your Dao and turn the Heavenly Fiends into other puppets instead of directly purifying the Heavenly Demons?”

“Do you mean that someone can reverse your Dao and turn the Heavenly Demons into other puppets instead of directly purifying the Heavenly Demons?”

“This time, I directly lost my sense of that child. That child even became an existence that I hated extremely. He was the exact opposite of me.”

“There’s no need to be afraid,” Kun Peng said. “There are no living beings in the Primordial World. It’s very likely that Hong Jun is studying how to deal with us. It was not a problem for Hong Jun to be unable to leave the Primordial Heavenly Dao. Which child did you lose?”

“She was sent to the Primordial World by Master. Master, you once gave her the name Mei Wenhua.”

“Oh?” Kun Peng pondered for a while. I’ll sense the whereabouts of the remaining three fake spirits and ask them not to delay and obtain them as soon as possible.


The Heavenly Fiend Supremacy agreed and released the two wisps of spiritual will.

Kun Peng’s terrifying huge eyes opened. There was a hint of killing intent in them.

“It seems that relying on these Skyfiends will not do anything.”

Following that, the Kun Peng spread its huge wings. It seemed to have opened up two worlds. With a gentle wave of its wings, its body crashed through the chaos.

“It’s time to wake up, you escapees who don’t dare to face the Great Tribulation.”

On the other side, in the Fire Cloud Cave, Li Changshou, Emperor Da Yu, Emperor Xuanyuan, and Fuxi were discussing fishing in the pavilion on the mountain of Emperor Da Yu.

“Seniors, do you have any countermeasures? It’s best if you can lure the Kun Peng to the vicinity of Xuandu City. This time, you have to be fully prepared. Take it down in one go and prevent any future troubles.”

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