My Senior Brother is Too Steady

Chapter 542 - Arcane Demon Master!

Chapter 542: Arcane Demon Master!

Ancient Demon Master Kun Peng…

It was so easy for them to settle it. Could it be fake?

In order to make it easier for him to determine the direction, Li Changshou and the others returned to the “Mountain Cave Abode” that was destroyed by Kun Peng’s face.

Most of the strange array formations were still operating. The environment in the Cave Abode was relatively stable.

It was not easy to have such a secret place in the Chaos Sea.

At that moment, Kun Peng maintained his human form and looked very miserable.

The Heart-Piercing Lock pierced through the vital parts of his body and wrapped him up like a dumpling. Li Changshou still felt a little worried. He suppressed the power of the Taiji Painting, which was supposed to protect his essence soul, to Kun Peng essence soul.

Of course, that was just a routine operation. After all, longevity was longevity. It was more stable.

He arranged for a certain auspicious beast to sit beside Kun Peng.

Bai Ze :”…”

Just like that, Kun Peng, which was tied up and had an immortal sword hanging above its head, was severely injured and became a prisoner.

Li Changshou did not feel that he was qualified to receive a bow from Kun Peng.

Therefore, when the Golden Roc was about to kneel down, Li Changshou stopped it in time and said seriously,

“Although the Demon Teacher Kun Peng is extremely ferocious and evil, he is still an expert from the Primordial World and the ancient times. There is no need to humiliate him like this.”

Kun Peng sneered and looked at Li Changshou with a cold gaze. His severed arm was still bleeding, and his ferocity had not decreased.

At the same time, Li Changshou treasured that mysterious ball.

The trump card was successfully added.

Li Changshou said, “Kun Peng, you fell into such a situation today because of the few of us. I will not let you live and have the chance to take revenge on us. Before I send you on your way, I’ll call you Senior. Senior, do you have anything else to say?”

Kun Peng smiled coldly and closed his eyes.

Bai Ze sighed and said, “Lord Water God, can you let me talk to him? It can be considered as sending him off.”

Li Changshou nodded slowly and took a few steps back. He looked at Yun Xiao and sighed.

The mighty figures of a generation were ultimately just like that.

Bai Ze sat in front of Kun Peng and took out a jade pot from his sleeve. He poured two cups of wine and placed one in front of Kun Peng.

At that moment, Kun Peng could not move at all. It was kicked by the Golden Roc at the side and sat on the ground in a sorry state. However, it did not show any anger. It only looked at the Golden Roc coldly and snorted.

“Trash who is willing to be someone’s mount.”

“Teacher, please spare my life and save the fate of the phoenix race. You have resolved the confusion in my heart and taught me how to live! It’s my honor to be Teacher’s mount!”

The Golden Roc’s eyes were filled with hatred.

“Teacher, please allow me to tear this Kun Peng essence soul apart later and let him die without a burial place!”

Li Changshou said, “I will naturally let you take revenge. Golden Roc, don’t be too excited. Let Mr. Bai reminisce with him.”

“Catch up?”

Kun Peng sneered and laughed.

“You’re just afraid of me! You’re afraid of me! You want to confirm if I have any backup plans! Hahahaha! I’ve long stopped using such pretentious methods in ancient times!”

Li Changshou smiled and did not say anything. Instead, he summoned the Golden Roc and asked about the feud between the Phoenix Clan and Kun Peng.

What surprised Li Changshou was that Kun Peng was the foster son of the Primordial Phoenix.

In the ancient times, the Ancestral Dragon had created many dragon sons. The dragon race had flourished.

As one of the two major races that followed Pangu to fight the Connate Godfiends, the Phoenix Clan did not have many children.

The Primordial Phoenix was arrogant and did not want to marry a Connate lifeform who was weaker than her. Hence, she took a path that was completely different from the dragon race.

“Become my son!”

When he heard the Golden Roc say that, the image that surfaced in Li Changshou’s heart was that of an old, ferocious man with a snow-white beard in his previous life…

After emptying his mind, Li Changshou imagined a painting that belonged to the Primordial World.

Under the bright sunlight, the arrogant and beautiful Primordial Phoenix carried the Flaming Wings of Nirvana on its back. It extended its hand and gently stroked the figure kneeling in front of it.

In the ancient times, the story of the Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix did not refer to the appearance of the phoenix and the hundred birds following it. Instead, many avian mighty figures were taken into the Wind Clan and accepted the Primordial Phoenix’s nirvana blood to transform into a phoenix.

In the ancient times, Kun Peng was the adopted son of the Primordial Phoenix. It was not too eye-catching in the phoenix race. It was a bird formed by the divine fish.

However, following the battle between the dragon and phoenix, Kun Peng relied on devouring the origin power of those who died in the battle of the phoenix race and quickly rose. When the ancient Primordial World was shattered and the experts of the dragon and phoenix race were all dead, it self-proclaimed as the King of the North Ocean and occupied the North Ocean. It broke off from the phoenix race.

Later on, he became a Demon Master of the Demon Court.

At the end of the Great Magi-Demon War, Kun Peng was chased by the experts of the human race. It escaped into the Chaos Sea and secretly escaped to the Undying Fire Mountain. It managed to deceive the Primordial Phoenix and stole a portion of its essence power.

Kong Xuan and the Golden-Winged Roc left the Undying Fire Mountain to roam the Three Realms. They also had plans to investigate Kun Peng and kill it.

However, there was no need for that now.

Li Changshou said, “Then, if I refine Kun Peng, can I restore the essence power of the Primordial Phoenix?”

“This…” The Golden Roc thought carefully and said,” This matter is unknown. We should be able to find some of it. ”

“You don’t have to waste your effort,” Kun Peng said calmly. “In the past, a Saint chased after me. When I was seriously injured and on the verge of death, I had already used the essence power of the Primordial Phoenix to heal my injuries.”

The Golden Roc was enraged and was about to kill the bird when Li Changshou stopped him.

Bai Ze said slowly, “Kun Peng, on account that we worked together in the ancient times, I’ll toast you today.”

Kun Peng was silent. He stared at Bai Ze and seemed to be thinking about something.

Bai Ze smiled and said, “You don’t have to think too much. Today, you will definitely die. Just as you said, to be safe, we have to determine if you have any backup plans. Life in the Chaos Sea would probably not be easy. There is a saying in the human race that humans speak kindly when they are about to die. Now that you are at your wits’ end, why don’t you say a few more words to me?”

Kun Peng’s expression was calm and indifferent, as if he did not care about his own life and death.

Li Changshou, who was at the side, secretly observed that. He felt puzzled…

Kun Peng’s desire to live was surprisingly weak.

Yun Xiao sent a voice transmission. “This Demon Master seems to be different from the legendary Demon Master.”

“That’s right.” Li Changshou folded his arms and replied via voice transmission, “I feel that the process of subduing him is too simple…”

When Yun Xiao sent the voice transmission, her voice was gentle and soft, making one’s Dao heart feel exceptionally comfortable.

She said, “It’s actually not simple. The most troublesome thing about Kun Peng is its extreme speed. It had been invincible in the Chaos Sea for a long time. The Golden-Winged Roc is already a rare Primordial Mutant in the world. Your Art of Equalization is even more ancient and unheard of. The Kun Peng is already severely injured and crippled. It has also lived in the Chaos Sea for a long time. It is reasonable for it to end up like this in the hands of your nemesis.”

“Although that’s a reasonable explanation, there’s still something wrong.” Li Changshou shook his head slightly and stared at Kun Peng’s expression.

Yun Xiao did not disturb him. In order to let him focus on thinking, she was completely on guard against Kun Peng.

At that moment, Kun Peng’s defense seemed to be gradually collapsing. Facing Bai Ze, the “old acquaintance” who had argued with him in the magnificent Demon Court Hall, his face gradually turned gloomy. He smiled self-deprecatingly, and the sharp light in his eyes gradually faded.

Li Changshou frowned…

He could not detect any problems.

The state that Kun Peng was in now was that it had been hiding in the Chaos Sea for too long and had given up.

That made sense…

“It seems that you won in the end.” Kun Peng’s voice became hoarse. “Bai Ze, you have joined the wise Lord again.”

“I did not serve the current Heavenly Courts.” Bai Ze had a faint smile on his lips. He put down the wine cup and placed his hands on his knees. “If you ask me, I was forced into a dead end by the Water God. In order to survive, I pledged my loyalty to the Water God.”

“Your mystical ability avoids danger. In the ancient times, I had no choice but to attack you so many times.”

Kun Peng said, “Are you old too?”

“It’s a long story. In the end, I was half a move behind,” Bai Ze sighed and said, “He used my mystical ability to force me to a dead end. In the end, he found my location before I hid in the Chaos Sea. Don’t feel that you have suffered a loss today. When you bumped into me, you were already destined for today. This is not the Primordial World. It is a chaotic sea. The Heavenly Dao will not affect your judgment. In short, you are courting death.”


Kun Peng laughed halfway, his eyes filled with sorrow.

“I didn’t expect that I would be buried in the hands of a junior here.”

Bai Ze said, “You do everything extreme and evil. In the end, the heavens will be angry and the spirits will resent you. You should have such an outcome.”

“Don’t use the words’ destined ‘to spout nonsense,” Kun Peng said. “You think that you can plan everything and defeat the Primordial World. You can build the Demon Court and the ancient Divine Clan. In fact, you are just a pawn to be played by the Heavenly Dao. You are a Dharma artifact that the living beings who reached the peak of the Primordial World first wantonly fiddled with. Bai Ze, do you know what is the most absurd thing in the Primordial World?”

Bai Ze was silent for a while. He looked a little helpless.

“We experienced different things and encountered different things. Naturally, our insights are different. I understand you. Try to think about it. There are two things that you think are the most ridiculous. Firstly, he felt that he was just walking the old path of the mighty figures in the ancient times. He wanted to snatch treasures, kill, and use unscrupulous means to strengthen himself. However, he was beaten into an extremely evil person by the good and evil view that had nothing to do with him in the future. You were originally an overlord of the ancient times, but you were despised by the younger generation who only knew how to use kindness and benevolence. Secondly, the demons themselves.”

“It’s all wrong.”

“Oh?” Bai Ze raised his eyebrows.

Kun Peng smiled and said, “I don’t care about good or evil. I only care about karma. I don’t follow the rules and will do anything. The so-called good and evil, righteousness and benevolence, are just fake things. The Primordial World is ultimately above the strong. The so-called order is just a fence that the strong have imposed on the weak in order to consolidate their position. The strong wanted to eliminate the living beings that could threaten their existence. Bai Ze, if you did not sit here today and face me, who is about to be killed, you would probably never know why the demons are standing.”

Bai Ze said, “It’s useless to say all that.”

“You’re afraid.” Kun Peng’s eyes lit up. “Weren’t the demons supported by Dao Ancestor Hong Jun in order to plot against the Pangu Clan? Do you really think that your mystical ability to seek luck and avoid calamity is given to you by the Heavenly Dao for nothing? Every step you take, every choice you make, is not only controlled by you, but also the two Demon Gods and the Demon Court. It is because the Magi are the descendants of the Pangu Clan and are not under their control. Therefore, there was a battle between Magi and demons. In your words, what is extreme evil? The Dao Ancestor is the scout, an existence that had truly walked to the peak of all living beings in the ancient times. Do you know what mystical ability the Dao Ancestor used to kill Rahu back then? I saw it. It was a battle between peak physical bodies. What is the Dao Ancestor’s legacy in the Primordial World? A Primordial Dao that could be casually influenced by the Heavenly Dao. That’s the most absurd thing. Clearly, I admire Dao Ancestor Hong Jun the most. In the end, I only received a glance from him when the Demon Court fell and ended up in such a miserable state. That time, I was chased by the Heaven Ascension Sect and was seriously injured. In the end, I escaped with my life. That was how I understood that logic. Hong Jun will never allow history to repeat…”

“Mr. Bai,” Li Changshou interrupted Kun Peng.

He floated over from behind and arrived in front of Kun Peng. He said, “There’s no need for him to continue. The Demon Masters of that time are already dead. Now, they are just lonely souls that were unwilling to die in the ancient times. They are filled with resentment and no longer have any spirit.”

Bai Ze sighed softly. He stood up and took two steps back.

“Do it, Golden Roc.”

“Thank you, Teacher!”

The Golden Roc cupped its fists and bowed. It opened its hand and gripped the God-Slaying Spear tightly. It almost used all its strength to pierce Kun Peng’s head.

To be safe, Li Changshou activated the power of the Taiji Painting and destroyed Kun Peng’s essence soul the moment the Small God Slaughter Spear destroyed its forehead.

Kun Peng’s remnant body was about to transform into its main body. The Cosmic Ruler in Li Changshou’s hand flew out on its own and activated the complete Cosmic Great Dao to suppress it. When Kun Peng transformed into its main body, it was only thirty feet long.

Then, the Cosmic Ruler and the Primordial Chaos Golden Chalice worked together. Li Changshou and Yun Xiao attacked together and included Kun Peng’s remnant body in the Primordial Chaos Golden Chalice.

The Primordial Chaos Golden Chalice had the power to trace back to the beginning. Fairy Yun Xiao had received Li Changshou’s repeated instructions. At that moment, she attacked with all her might and refined Kun Peng’s corpse…

The ruthless person of the Primordial World, the famous evil living being, did not even have a corpse.

Bai Ze sighed and scattered the wine in front of Kun Peng in the cave abode.

Li Changshou carefully searched for any remnant souls around him and used the True Samadhi Flames to burn the blood and fragments of Kun Peng.

The Golden Roc leaned on the God-Slaying Spear and lowered his head to bow. He remained silent for a while.

Li Changshou asked in concern, “What’s wrong?”

“In the end, he was once the spirit of the phoenix race.”

Yun Xiao completely refined Kun Peng’s corpse. In Li Changshou’s senses, the group embarked on their return journey almost an hour later.

On the way back, the Golden Roc spread its wings and flew away. However, Bai Ze also transformed into a human and sat in front of Li Changshou and Yun Xiao. His face was filled with emotions.

The old mount of Ren School needed to talk.

Kun Peng’s main body was already riddled with holes. It was not difficult to deal with it.

However, Li Changshou was surprisingly calm after killing Kun Peng.

There was no sense of accomplishment or joy. Instead, he felt sad and desolate as if he had witnessed the end of an era.

There was also a lingering doubt in his heart.

The words of Kun Peng did not shake Li Changshou’s Dao heart. He still respected the Dao Ancestor.

They would come to different conclusions based on different perspectives.

The order of the Primordial World originated from the Dao Ancestor’s Dao Integration and the Six Saints’ Return. As an ancient remnant, it was reasonable for Kun Peng to say those words.

It would be a joke if he was bewitched by Kun Peng’s words.

Of course, Li Changshou was already wary of the Dao Ancestor. He did not want to be second to Senior Lang.

However, why do I feel that something is amiss today?

Soon, Yun Xiao took out Kun Peng’s “inheritance” in the Primordial Chaos Golden Chalice. The doubts in Li Changshou’s heart became more and more obvious.

Why is this Kun Peng so poor?

Li Changshou obtained a supreme-grade storage numinous treasure. It was a jade ring. There was only a pile of useless copper and a few rare treasures that were rare but useless.

Thinking about it carefully, that was reasonable.

Kun Peng was injured and could not obtain spiritual energy to restore its Dharma powers in the Chaos Sea. It could only rely on its own storage.

After a long time, his injuries had yet to recover and his Dharma powers had yet to recover. The storage had long been exhausted.

He did not dare to return to the Primordial World. He did not even dare to get too close to the Primordial World. Therefore, he could not obtain any “supplies”.

The Kun Peng was ultimately a living being of the Primordial World. Although it could survive in the Chaos Sea, it could not survive comfortably.

“What happened?”

Yun Xiao asked softly when she saw Li Changshou frowning.

“I still feel that something is amiss.” Li Changshou did not hide it. “Kun Peng died too simply. It’s really abnormal. Mr. Bai, does Kun Peng have any powerful Dharma treasures?”

Bai Ze said, “I’ve never heard of that. Most of the living beings who have seen Kun Peng attack have been killed by him. To be honest, the two demon emperors do not know what the mystical abilities and Dharma treasures of Kun Peng were back then.”

However, the Golden Roc said, “The Kun Peng has a cauldron, a treasure pot, and an ancient lamp.”

Li Changshou searched the jade ring and quickly took out the three Connate numinous treasures that did not have any spiritual energy.

The numinous treasure was already “dead”.

Bai Ze sighed and said, “His spirit was sucked dry by Kun Peng. He’s just like a useless rock… Tsk, I’ve worked for nothing this time. He didn’t even let go of his Dharma treasure.”

Fairy Yun Xiao said, “It’s already a blessing to be able to get rid of this evil. This might have been specially arranged by Master.”

Li Changshou asked again, “What did Kun Peng’s corpse refine? Can it have the essence of the phoenix race?”

Yun Xiao said, “Just some spiritual energy and some Dao law fragments have dissipated.”

“Mr. Bai, are you sure that this is Kun Peng?”

“Water God, no one else is as fast as him.”

“That’s true…”

Li Changshou was a little stunned. The suspicion in his heart did not disappear.

He sat cross-legged on the Golden Roc’s back and thought carefully. Soon, he took out a blank scroll and lowered his head to write and draw.

After an unknown period of time, Li Changshou looked up at Bai Ze and smiled. “Mr. Bai, shall we have a competition?”


Li Changshou smiled and said, “If you and I were Kun Peng, we would have fallen into a desperate situation at the end of the ancient times. After we stole the origin power of the Primordial Phoenix and escaped the pursuit of the Saint, how should we set up a trap to survive?”

Bai Ze could not help but be stunned. He lowered his head and pondered for a while. His eyes lit up.

“There’s something fishy…”

Li Changshou smiled and asked, “What’s strange?”

“Why did Kun Peng wander around the edge of the Primordial World and not enter the depths of the Chaos Sea?”

Bai Ze’s eyes widened and his spirits were lifted.

“He’s already so weak and doesn’t dare to approach the Primordial World. Why does he have to build that Cave Abode at the edge where the power of the Heavenly Dao is projected? Why does he have to let the six Saints know that he’s still alive?”

Li Changshou’s smile became wider. “Is there anything else?”

Bai Ze pondered for a while. Yun Xiao, who was at the side, frowned slightly and pondered seriously.

Soon, Bai Ze fell into deep thought. Yun Xiao fell into deep thought. The Grandmaster of Heaven, who was observing the place using the Immortal Sword of Collapse, fell into deep thought.

After some time, Yun Xiao said softly, “Could it be that Kun Peng is too conceited and is proud of its speed?”

Li Changshou said, “Why would an extremely conceited living being turn around and escape after exchanging two moves with us?”

“The Kun Peng is not conceited,” Bai Ze explained. “He is ferocious and cunning. Even if he attacks the Sect Leader of the Immortal Du Sect, Ji Wuyou, who can barely be considered an expert, he will go all out and not leave any future troubles.”

Li Changshou said, “We destroyed such living beings without much effort.”

Bai Ze said, “However, the instant before he died, his fear was not fake. We have witnessed the speed of Kun Peng just now. There can’t be a second Kun Peng.”

“Why can’t there be a second Kun Peng?”

Bai Ze was speechless.

Yun Xiao said, “After tracing his corpse back to its origin, we can’t find a trace of the origin power of the Primordial Phoenix. That’s hard to explain. In the ancient times, I had also sensed the Dao runes of the Primordial Phoenix’s aura. I could not find any on this Kun Peng.”

Bai Ze pinched his goatee and whispered, “Why are my hair standing on end?”

Li Changshou clapped his hands and smiled.

“Let’s make a bold assumption. This assumption is also the only one that can explain all kinds of suspicious points after I raised all kinds of possibilities. The crucial point is that Uncle-Master, the Grandmaster of Heaven is chasing after Kun Peng. The Kun Peng was seriously injured and was on the verge of death, but it was lucky to escape. The huge wound on Kun Peng’s back should have been caused by the Grandmaster of Heaven. At that time, the dying Kun Peng made a choice. ”

Bai Ze could not help but lean forward. “What choice?”

“A cicada shed its shell, or a self-destruction, or other mystical abilities… In short, he had used some method to reconstruct his other self.”

Li Changshou slowly explained, “It’s possible that he left his old molting at the edge of the Primordial World and waited to be killed by the Saint. The newly born Spirit Body will escape into the depths of the Chaos Sea. The old molting had all his memories before he split up, but his memories when he made that decision had been erased. In other words, the old molting did not know that he had split up and thought that he could not die because of the origin power of the Primordial Phoenix. As for the newly born spirit body, apart from taking away the technique to split the essence soul and the origin power of the Primordial Phoenix, it did not take away any other treasures or Spirit Stones. A perfect plan to escape by feigning death was achieved. What we killed today is only the old molting. The real Kun Peng has already taken root in the Chaos Sea.”

Bai Ze’s face was a little pale. He frowned and said, “Do you have any evidence?”

Li Changshou smiled and took out a stone slab from the jade ring and handed it to Bai Ze.

“There are two sentences on it. The old molting Kun Peng must have sensed something unusual.”

“The first sentence was ‘Why do I feel that my essence soul is lacking? ‘The second sentence was’ Why don’t I want to go to the depths of the Chaos’ ”

Bai Ze took the stone slab and looked at it carefully. His face was pale.

Li Changshou sank his immortal senses into the ring and began to search for other evidence to support his bold hypothesis.

However, when he spread out the pile of useless treasures, his pupils constricted abruptly. He stared at the two rusty iron that was pressing down on…

The metal-ring notebook was wrapped in an inexplicable Dao rune!

Could Kun Peng be Senior Lang?!

Li Changshou was stunned for a moment, but he quickly rejected that thought. He confirmed that the “notebook”, which was obviously a treasure material from his previous life, was a collection of Kun Peng.

Yun Xiao asked softly, “Did you discover anything else?”

“Yes.” Li Changshou nodded and took out some useless treasures. However, he did not touch the “notebook”.

This matter was already a taboo in the Primordial World. The fewer people who knew about it, the better. Otherwise, it would easily cause trouble.

It was an unexpected gain.

Deep in the Chaos Sea, somewhere far away from the Primordial World.

A pitch-black mountain range stood in the Chaos Sea. The power of the Great Dao circulated around it, isolating the wisps of Chaos aura outside and building an order that was similar to the Primordial World.

According to the standards of the Primordial World, the mountain range was thousands of kilometers long.

The moment Kun Peng’s essence soul was destroyed by the Taiji Painting, a pair of abyss-like black eyes on the tallest mountain in the mountain range widened…

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