My Senior Brother is Too Steady

Chapter 384 - The Best Reward For Warriors Is…

Chapter 384 The Best Reward For Warriors Is…

After being lectured by his master, Li Changshou turned around and saw the fairy who liked to wear white and fluttered like a feather. Li Changshou’s heart was filled with mixed emotions.

It was not because he felt embarrassed after being reprimanded by his master.

Most importantly… If someone saw this, wouldn’t the Immortal Du Sect be exposed? Although Li Changshou had tried his best to make the situation seem like the Heavenly Courts were ambushing the demons during the battle at the Immortal Du Sect, it was still difficult for him to hide it from the big shots who were good at divination.

Yun Xiao slowly walked forward. Although she was walking on the mud, her embroidered shoes were not stained with dust.

“Ahem.” Li Changshou cleared his throat and took two steps forward. He bowed.

Yun Xiao bowed half a meter away and said gently, “Can you tell me what happened previously?” Li Changshou asked, “Are you referring to Master’s Turbid Immortal realm or what happened just now?” Yun Xiao’s smile became warmer. She said softly, “If you’re willing to tell me, I’m willing to listen. I can at least understand you a little more.” Li Changshou could not help but chuckle and say, “Wait for me for a while. I’ll get my main body to rush here.”

Yun Xiao nodded and agreed. Li Changshou’s paper effigy swayed and turned into a paper effigy that escaped into the ground. Not long after, Li Changshou left the sect and arrived on a cloud.

He had wanted to make a few jokes to make Yun Xiao smile gently, just like during their previous meetings. However, for some reason, Li Changshou sighed… “Sorry, my mental state is a little unstable today.”

“Yes, yes.” Yun Xiao shook her head gently and said, “Are you planning to only meet me when you’re in a good mood?” “It’s not that. It’s just that…” “Tell me about this matter. If your master reprimands you for being biased, I’ll go and reason with him.”

Li Changshou chuckled when he heard that. He knew that Fairy Yun Xiao was joking.


At that moment, the two of them strolled on the hill and chatted. Li Changshou told her about the karma between the vixen and his master. He also explained the change in the red strings of marriage between the vixen and his master.

Li Changshou said calmly, “In the past two times I’ve faced this vixen, my mentality has indeed changed. I stopped making so many considerations and paid less attention. Master’s reprimand has hit the nail on the head. I will reflect on myself.” Yun Xiao pondered for a while and said, “The teachings that your respected master gave you are somewhat reasonable, but he has somewhat neglected your situation. You are weak. You cultivated to the Golden Immortal realm as a mortal, but you participated in the battle of the great sects too early. One wrong step and you would die. At that time, in order to conceal yourself, you naturally could not say anything about using someone else’s appearance. When you dealt with the vixen, it was a dilemma for you. Just this point alone shows that your teacher was making assumptions and taking it for granted. However, he was wrong.” Li Changshou was rendered speechless. Why do I feel that the fairy is a little dissatisfied with my master lecturing me? Li Changshou smiled and said, “Fairy, are you feeling indignant for me?” “Yes.” Yun Xiao looked at Li Changshou. Their eyes met, and they turned their heads away at the same time.

Li Changshou said warmly, “My methods are indeed a little crude. Moreover… Master, it’s only right for you to teach me a lesson. It’s only right for us disciples to respect our masters.”

“Why did you become a Turbid Immortal, Master?”

“It’s a long story.” Li Changshou made an inviting gesture and found a pavilion with Yun Xiao. When they entered to rest, he talked about his master’s relationship.

They were childhood sweethearts, immortal companions. In the end, Qi Yuan’s Dao base was destroyed, and their Aunt-Master died tragically… Thanks to the first “comics training” in Goddess Nuwa’s Palace, Li Changshou’s ability to tell stories had improved by a few levels.

Yun Xiao was also quite engrossed when she heard that Wan Jiangyu had died in the poisonous miasma of the North Continent. She felt regretful. “It’s really not easy for Postnatal lifeforms to cultivate. There are many difficulties to begin with, such as the dangers of the human heart.”

Li Changshou thought, Actually, it’s not that difficult…

Personally, it’s not. “I feel that Master is the one who suffered a tragic fate.” Li Changshou sighed. “He was originally an immortal seedling with good potential, but he was schemed against by someone. His Dao base was destroyed, and his soul was almost destroyed by the Heavenly Tribulation. He also suffered in the sect for a thousand years. When Master transcended the tribulation, I had yet to become an immortal. I could only use this method. I used poisonous pills to turn Master into a Turbid Immortal. I feel a little regretful about that. If Master had not been in a hurry to break through, I could have persuaded him to wait another hundred years… There is no such thing as perfect in the world. I should not think too much about it.”

Yun Xiao asked again, “Why was he in a hurry to break through?” “Firstly, there’s external pressure. Master had been lagging too far behind his peers. Secondly, Master had given up on himself for a thousand years. He had long given up on the opportunity to become an immortal. To him, dying is a form of release.”

Li Changshou stared at his fingertips and said, “I’m not my master. I don’t know how torturous it was for him. Therefore, I didn’t dare to persuade him to wait another hundred years. Although I often say that I should be the one to take care of others, I find it hard to empathize with them.” “That’s why.” Yun Xiao said gently, “There are some things that I have to say. Don’t keep it to yourself. I originally heard that you were punished by lightning by the Jade Pool’s Queen Mother, so I came to look for you. I didn’t expect to see you being lectured by your master again… If you feel troubled, you can tell me.”

What kind of blow is this… Li Changshou originally wanted to reply. After all, that was really nothing. It could not even be considered a “small adjustments on the path of cultivation.

However, he smiled in his heart. When he saw Yun Xiao’s serious and expectant expression, he felt a little… scheming.

He nodded with a solemn expression and said, “Perhaps I was reprimanded by my master who does not know the truth because my journey was too smooth… Ah, there is nothing I can do about the matter regarding the Heavenly Courts. Since I had promised the Jade Emperor to keep the secret, I naturally cannot say anything to the Queen Mother. It is reasonable for me to be punished. I’ve been under too much pressure recently.”

“How can I help you?”.

Yun Xiao paused. She pursed her thin lips and blushed. “I’m not good at dancing.”

Li Changshou looked at the white-robed fairy in front of him, whom he had forcefully pulled back to the mortal world. Her black hair was cascading like a waterfall, and her eyes were filled with stars. She was like the most fragrant immortal wine in the world. The first time he saw her, he was already intoxicated.

Li Changshou, who had originally wanted to take the opportunity to tease her, somehow felt a little guilty.

It was rare for such a powerful mighty figure of the Primordial World to take the initiative to care about him. Most importantly, he trusted him!

He even wanted to deceive others and “dance to clear the shadows”! Li Changshou, are you still human?! “Actually, it’s fine,” Li Changshou said with a smile. His eyes were filled with sincerity. “It’s not a big deal.”

Yun Xiao… did not believe it.

She looked at the long bench under the railing of the pavilion and took the initiative to float over. She sat at one end and said gently, “Previously, when Third Sister was stuck at a bottleneck and could not break through for hundreds of thousands of years, she had been worried for a long time. I comforted her and calmed her down. Do you want to try?”


I’ll give it a try!

“Come and lie down…”

Lie down! Li Changshou was shocked. He looked at the long bench that Yun Xiao was patting gently, and then at her flushed face, but he pretended to be calm. Yun Xiao lowered her head slightly and looked to the side. She said softly, “Don’t be so shy…” Li Changshou was also a little confused. He walked over and sat at the side first. Then, he lay down beside her and pressed his headband on her skirt. “Is that so?”

Are all Connate lifeforms supposed to comfort others like this? Are they supposed to sit beside me and hum and tell me stories?

“Come closer.”


Before Li Changshou could react, he felt Yun Xiao’s finger on his head. He subconsciously looked up and leaned back. When the finger touched him again, he was already lying on her lap. The pair of soft hands gently pinched the top of his head. Wisps of cool air poured into his body and combed his long hair carefully. She really hummed a few songs.


Could this be the legendary sure-kill technique, a leg pillow?

It was a Primordial World and Li Changshou was considered a nobody, he had some authority in the Heavenly Courts and had some influence in the Dao Sect.

However, at that moment, he really wanted to shout out the praises that he had received from his previous life. Yun Xiao!


At dusk, Li Changshou rode a cloud back to the Little Qiong Peak. He felt refreshed and his eyes were filled with spiritual light. He walked half a round on the mountain and went to the chess room to look at his Grandmaster and Uncle-Grandmaster, who was drinking and playing. Then, he went to the straw hut to visit his junior sister, who was comprehending the Great Dao, and his master, who had already entered seclusion.

In the end, he hummed a tune and went to the spiritual beast enclosure. He decided to find a spiritual beast, kill it, and pair it with wine to celebrate the fact that he would not have to bother about the trivial matters of the Heavenly Courts for the next fifty years. “Cousin, you’re here!”

Xiong Lingli threw away the ferocious beast on her shoulder and clapped her hands to welcome him. “Yes.” Li Changshou smiled and agreed. He walked on the path beside the spiritual beast enclosure with his hands behind his back and hummed a faint tune.

Xiong Lingli blinked as if she had seen a ghost.

Why do I suddenly feel that the Sea God is a little… flirtatious?


“Tell me, Cousin.”

“Did that duck suffer from heatstroke?”


Xiong Lingli snapped her fingers, turned around, and pounced over. She punched to knock it out, killed it, and peeled off its feathers. She quickly cut the essence of the spiritual beast, which had the most fragrant and crispest texture, and handed it to the Sea God.

Li Changshou smiled and nodded. He took out a bottle of pills from his sleeve and patted Xiong Lingli’s shoulder. “Your performance on the Little Qiong Peak has always been good. It’s time to increase your strength and give you a bigger stage. This is a pill that I specially refined for your physique. Take one every year. After ten years, your strength will surpass that of ordinary Magi. In a hundred years, you will be comparable to the Battle Magi.” Xiong Lingli blinked. “What are Battle Magi?”

“That’s right.” Li Changshou reminded her, “Don’t use these pills recklessly. If you eat one more than what you’re supposed to, your bloodline will break.” “Yes! Thank you, Cousin!”

Li Changshou smiled and returned to the Pill Chamber with the meat.

Li Changshou sat back on the reclining chair and set up the roasting rack. He took out a pot of immortal peach wine and drank it himself. He was happy and at ease.

It was not until the waning moon hung in the sky and the stars filled the night sky that Li Changshou’s joy and happiness dissipated. He slowly frowned.

Is there any plan that can allow me to protect Master Zhao and the Three-Immortal Island?

He had already calculated all kinds of situations clearly. He had a plan to deal with all kinds of variables…

What he could do now was to increase his strength as much as possible so that he could unleash more of his subjective power when he was ascending to godhood. Condensing the Golden Body of Merit was undoubtedly the fastest way! His current Merit Golden Body was still lacking two more legs. He had to obtain the merit from the Netherworld and the demons after carefully planning for a hundred years. The demons were actually quite simple. They would give merit to the demons to get rid of negative karma. The Netherworld would involve making up for the lack of the Six Paths of Reincarnation and the Heavenly Dao. This would undoubtedly require a lot of effort to investigate… Li Changshou vaguely felt that the Lady of Earth that had stabbed him a few times would be a problem in the Netherworld.

Could it be that there are some drawbacks to transforming into the Six Paths of Reincarnation? Or could it be that the Heavenly Dao does not allow the Lady of Earth to retain her own consciousness? Li Changshou thought about it carefully and felt troubled. After all, the paper effigy could not enter the Six Paths of Reincarnation to investigate.

If he could ask the Pagoda Master to protect him and the Taiji Painting to allow him to borrow more power to ensure that he could advance and retreat freely in the Six Paths of Reincarnation…

Perhaps he could be bold enough to go in and see what was going on. Why don’t I go and pay my respects to the Saint? Li Changshou put down the wine cup in his hand and thought about how he should tell the Saint about that.

He could not just say that he wanted merit.

Even if the Saint knew that he wanted to condense the Golden Body of Merit and that earning merit was his first driving force, he could not say it out loud. He had to be tactful and articulate. How could he borrow the Pagoda Master and the painting just because he was worried about the situation of the Six Paths of Reincarnation Disc and the Lady of Earth?

Can I ask the Great Daoist Master to help me? It’s not impossible…

At this moment!


Suddenly, the bell in the Immortal Du Hall rang. Immortal light flickered everywhere in the sect. The Peak Leaders of the various peaks rushed to the Immortal Du Hall.

Qi Yuan, who had just entered seclusion for less than half a day, rushed out of the straw hut. He jumped onto the white cloud with his horsetail whisk and rushed to participate in the Peak Leaders’ meeting. What happened all of a sudden? The bell would only be used in emergencies. Li Changshou scanned the place with his immortal senses. The array formations of the Immortal Du Hall could not be blocked. He could easily see what was happening inside. The Sect Leader of the Immortal Du Sect, a few Grand Elders, dozens of elders in the sect, and the Peak Leaders of the various peaks gathered together. They were not talking about the internal affairs of the Immortal Du Sect, but… the Honglin Kingdom, the mortal dynasty protected by the Immortal Du Sect. The Immortal Du Sect had protected three small countries in total. It could be considered as providing protection to the three small countries. When demons and ferocious people appeared in the small countries, the Immortal Du Sect would send people to eliminate them.

The three small countries had offered a large amount of money in a row. They were the main source of income for the Immortal Du Sect. Such an immortal sect model was extremely popular in the Middle Continent. The Immortal Du Sect had also used it as a reference.

The Honglin Kingdom was the Immortal Dynasty that had expanded and developed the fastest among the three small countries. The Immortal Du Sect had received the most “respect” from it. Normally, Perfected Immortal realm executives would patrol the Honglin Kingdom.

It was not an auspicious sign… Yesterday, the two powerful tribes of the East Continent had worked together to break through the border of the Honglin Kingdom. The army had marched in, and the immortal warriors of the other party had already killed dozens of generals of the Honglin Kingdom. Immortal cultivators participated in mortal wars. Most of the time, they would do something like beheading. After all, killing mortals would increase their negative karma. They were unwilling to directly kill.

The Honglin Kingdom was in danger and had asked for help from the Immortal Du Sect. The Immortal Du Sect had sent a few Perfected Immortal realm executives yesterday. However, as soon as the executives left, they were captured. Fortunately, they were not killed.

It was also because of those Perfected Immortal executives that the Sect Leader of the Immortal Du Sect, Ji Wuyou, had gathered the experts in the sect. He wanted to choose three hundred immortals and twenty Heaven Immortals to rush to the Honglin Kingdom tonight. As the princess of the Honglin Kingdom, Youqin Xuanya could not be absent. Due to Li Changshou’s previous guidance, Youqin Xuanya had already broken through to the late-stage of the Perfected Immortal realm. She was not too far away from the Heaven Immortal realm. She was a Golden Immortal seedling that the sect was focused


The situation in Honglin Kingdom was a little urgent. The sect was afraid that Youqin Xuanya would go up and specially ask the two Grand Elders to follow her…

“Honglin Kingdom…”

Li Changshou pondered for a while. The sect had used so many “experts”. There should not be any mistakes with Youqin. He decided to send a Golden Immortal paper effigy to follow him secretly. However, just as Li Changshou made up his mind, the familiar Dao runes suddenly appeared in his heart and condensed into the words that he had seen a few times.


Alright, 95% of the matters in the Honglin Kingdom were related to the “Shang Nation”.

Li Changshou looked up at the sky and sat on the rocking chair for a while. Soon, he pursed his lips and lowered his eyebrows. He stood up and bowed to the sky.

Without the Pagoda Master… he was a lot less happy.

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