My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 712 - Task Accomplished (2)

712. Task Accomplished (2)

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Mo Fei nodded, walked behind Lou Yu, suddenly the fire thunder fell from the sky, blocking those people from Motian Sect in front of them.

“Move!” Mo Fei cried, and Lou Yu and others rushed out at the same time.

The little sea monster was giving off light all over, rushing out like a small cannon-ball, the little sea monster’s power was amazing. The one who met head on with him got crashed into meat pie.

Lou Yu glanced at the little sea monster and muttered, “That ball is really something!”

“One Hundred and Twenty is always so impressive.” Then Mo Fei and others quickly solved this group of people.

Qian Ye, “Hurry, collect the soul crystals, there are four xuan class among these people, we can get twenty of them.”

Mo Fei frowned and said, “Hurry up, everybody. There’s another group crowding us.”

As they heard Mo Fei’s words, a few of them hastily gathered up the war trophies and charged forward.

No matter how hard they tried, they still fell into the encirclement.

“Feifei, see the way you led us! So many demons.” Qian Ye said helplessly.

“What do you know?” Mo Fei said defiantly. “If we hadn’t chosen this path, we would have met more demons and monsters, in which case you might have become a monster and had no time to complain now.”

Lou Yu gave Qian Ye an eye, “Only more than 20, among them the xuan class is six or seven, such little difficulty already frightens you? Man up, OK?”

Qian Ye rolled his eyes. Lou Yu and Mo Fei the idiot duo! What are they doing?

Zheng Xuan frowned, “All right, stop the stupid talk! Let’s kill them first.”

The little golden flood dragon made a roar and rushed out.

The little sea monster made a spin in the air, then excitedly rushed out.

Mo Yi and others also followed up and fought a few cultivators of Motian Sect, in a flash, sword shadow crisscrossing.

Among these opponents, two were in the late stage of the xuan class, and it took considerable effort to solve them.

“Someone’s coming.” Mo Fei warned.

Qian Ye moaned and said, “Come on! Again? When will it end?”

Mo Fei shook his head, “No, it’s not Motian Sec this time, but Fuqu’s people. It seems Fuqu is also with them.”

Qian Ye squinted and said, “It’s that girl! What does she want?”

Mo Fei shook his head. “Not a clue.”

Just as Mo Fei and others finished picking up the booties, Fuqu and her people arrived.

Seeing the clothes of Mo Fei and his group, Fuqu raised a faint smile at the corner of her mouth.

“I can feel the fluctuation of a huge fight from a long distance. So it’s you guys!” Fuqu smiled.

Mo Fei smiled awkwardly and said, “Accidentally surrounded, but fortunately we survived.”

“You are too reckless. Since you got surrounded, why didn’t you send a distress call?” said Fuqu.

Qian Ye sighed helplessly and said, “It’s just a bunch of little minions. We can easily solve it ourselves.”

Hearing Qian Ye, several people around Fuqu showed a displeasing face.

Fuqu smiled like a flower, “It is true, with your strength, of course you wouldn’t put those minions in your eyes.”

Mo Fei narrowed his eyes. Just now those people from Motian Sect still were in hot pursuit of them. Since Fuqu and others came, those people just disappeared in a sudden! Come on! What is this? Huh?

Fuqu looked at the bodies all over the place, “Very neatly! So those bodies I saw before should also get killed by you guys?”

Mo Fei rubbed his nose and said, “Well, I’m not very clear about that either. Perhaps there are other able people who did it.”

Wu Xingyu looked at Mo Fei and others jealously, with evil feeling surging deep in the eyes.

Mo Fei glanced at Wu Xingyu, the corner of his mouth formed a cold smile. This guy is facing with imminent death and still gets jealous for a woman!

Mo Fei and others followed Fuqu back to the city, and handed the soul crystals to Fuqu, and Fuqu gave them a xuan fire potion.

Mo Fei and others, with this only one xuan fire potion, returned to the inn.

Mo Fei held the xuan fire potion in his hand, saying with disdain, “She only gave a xuan fire potion to us? Come on! That silly woman should have taken kickbacks!”

Mo Yi helplessly said, “Only one potion??? When we received it, the way those guys beside the girl looked at us is weird.”

Mo Fei bit his lip. “So, it’s hard to for those who work for the girl to have their day.”

Chen Fan looked at Mo Fei, comforting him, “Mo Fei, in fact, just a remainder, you don’t need put it in your heart.”

“Shut up, Lian, I was hoping to count on you to make a fortune, but as a result, you tell me you’re worthless, a money-losing loser.” Mo Fei gnashed his teeth to look at Chen Fan.

Chen Fan smiled awkwardly and said to himself in the heart, “I told you I am worthless. But I didn’t say that I am a money-losing loser.”

“Mo Fei, my name is not Lian.” Chen Fan said.

Mo Fei grunted and said, “You’re so cheap. What should I call you except Lian (Lian means cheap in Chinese)?”

Chen Fan bowed his head and said to himself in the heart, “What the hell??”

Lou Yu looked at Mo Fei, “All right. Just take with it. After accomplishing the task, we are going back to Huatian Sect.”

Mo Fei nodded and said, “All right.”

Lou Yu glanced at Chen Fan and said, “How I wish we could sell this guy before we go back. Even if we can’t sell him for the full price, we can sell him with 50% off.”

Chen Fan, “…”

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