My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 526 - Adventure in the Ruins (2)

Chapter 526. Adventure in the Ruins (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Chen Bi’er looked at Mo Fei and others, eyes flashed a bit surprising feeling, “You got no depletion of numbers?”

Mo Fei smiled and said, “Girl, you also came in!”

Chen Bi’er nodded. “Yes!” The Chens had a compass that could roughly measure the direction of the space cracks, but the accuracy was limited. Thirteen of the Chens came, and two of them lost their lives.

The old man with white eyebrows looked at Mo Fei and others, with a faint surprise in his eyes, “Little friends, you are really capable!”

“We’re so flattered! We were just lucky.” Lou Yu said lightly.

The old man smiled disapprovingly and said, “I’m afraid it’s not sheer luck.”

Lou Yu smiled faintly and said nothing.

The old man looked at Lou Yu and reminded him, “By the way, the killers of Ji Hai master of Ji Family sent has come in.”

Lou Yu looked up and asked with a cold face, “Really? How many of them?”

The old man with white eyebrow said blandly, “Probably over a dozen, they are the Shadow Team of Ji family, a bunch of assassinators under the light.”

Lou Yu bowed his hand respectfully to the old man and said, “Thank you for reminding us.”

“It’s just a simple gesture.” The old man with white eyebrows waved his hand.

Lou Yu smiled and grew some good impression on the old man.

The two teams exchanged greetings for a while and then separated.

“Great grandpa, why did you tell Lou Yu it? Ji Hai that bastard can hold a grudge. If he knows we were secretly helping Lou Yu, he would never forgive us.” Chen Bi’er said worriedly.

The old man with white-eyebrow smiled coldly and said, “That Ji Hai is heartless and cruel, and opinionated. Since he became the master of Ji family, he often made trouble for us. Our two families hold old scores, and we don’t care holding one more. I can tell Lou Yu is a blessed one. Maybe in the future he is useful to us.”

Chen Bi’er shrugged. “You know, the Shadow Team are mostly masters. We don’t know whether they could survive or not.”

The old man smiled and said, “They wouldn’t be their opponent.”

Chen Bi’er looked at the old man with white eyebrows in surprise. “Great grandpa, you are so sure?”

“Of course, those people don’t look like they belong in the pool.” The old man nodded.

Holding the Evil Soul beast beads, Mo Fei was constantly absorbing the power out of them.

The pure soul force was expanding Mo Fei’s sense sea, making him flush with excitement.

Dai Rao looked at the Mo Fei, asking out of curiosity, “Mo Fei, you seem not worried at all.”

Mo Fei turned his head around, looking at Dai Rao while asking, “Worried? For what?”

Dai Rao said reasonably, “Worried about those killers sent by Ji family, of course!”

Mo Fei twitched his mouth disapprovingly. “Why? Let me tell you. They are just a bunch of delivery men. Nothing to worry about.”

The little golden flood dragon quacked to echo, “They send food to us. Don’t worry. Some deliverymen. Don’t worry…”

Mo Fei kneaded the belly of little golden flood dragon, “My Xiao Jin is so smart!”

Dai Rao helplessly said, “I think we’d better be careful.”

Mo Fei tilted his head, thoughtfully said, “You are right. We need to be cautious anyway.”

Lou Yu turned around and looked at Mo Fei, wondering, “What are you worried about?”

“I’m afraid these guys don’t have much valuable things on them.” Mo Fei said wistfully. “I hate it when poor people come to trouble us.”

Lou Yu squinted, nodding earnestly, “That is a problem that worries us.”

Dai Rao, “…”

“Watch out~” Mo Fei suddenly wide opened his eyes and sounded the alarm.

A silver arrow flew through the air at high speed. Lou Yu waved his fist and flicked it aside.

Mo Fei looked toward where the arrow flew over and ducked behind Lou Yu while muttering, “Speak of the devil!”

Dai Rao bit her lip. The Shadow Team’s hiding skills were first-class. She didn’t even notice. When Mo Fei talked about they were only a bunch of deliverymen, she faintly felt that something was not right. And when Mo Fei mentioned not much valuable things, she was pretty sure someone was watching them.

Qian Ye grabbed the flying arrow in his hand, clicking his tongue, “Good flying arrow! It’s like Sky Snow Gold in the middle. You can’t even smell it.”

Mo Fei said eagerly, “This wouldn’t be the only one. It looks we don’t have to worry they got not enough valuable stuff!”

Qian Ye nodded and said, “Yes! You are right! It’s a good arrow, it’s a good one, and even if there’s nothing else on the other side except those arrows, it’s a big harvest.”

Dai Rao, “…”

Mo Fei’s eyes were glistening, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up!”

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