My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 35 - Making the Whole Class Drop Their Jaws (2)

Chapter 35: Making the Whole Class Drop Their Jaws (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

When Mo Fei and Mo Yi went back to Prince Yu Mansion, Lou Yu and Su Rong were already there waiting.

Lou Yu got up and walked towards Mo Fei on seeing him.

Seeing Lou Yu’s super gloomy face, Mo Fei asked while blinking, “My prince, you are back early today. Anything wrong?”

Lou Yu looked Mo Fei up and down, then put on a bright smile, “I heard you made the whole class drop their jaws.”

Mo Fei said shyly, “My prince, you must be kidding. Just some random talk. How could I have that ability?”

Lou Yu sneered, “Don’t be too modest. You are very capable. Just some random talk and it already made the whole class drop their jaws!”

Mo Fei, “…”

Then Lou Yu’s expression suddenly changed, “Mo Fei, they told me you said I bombed the Hexagonal Building?”

Mo Fei nodded, “Yeah, I thought it should be an enormous building! How could common people have that ability? Only a genius like you could bomb it!”

“You overpraise me.” smiled Lou Yu.

Mo Fei smiled awkwardly, “No, no, I heard that building got exploded by a bird. So trust me, my prince. As long as a bird could explode it, you surely can.”

“You let them claim for compensation from me?” asked Lou Yu.

Mo Fei then put on a fake smile, “They are poor. You should try to understand them.”

Mo Yu glared at Mo Fei with that pair of raging eyes.

After thinking for a bit, Mo Fei said, “If there is nothing else, I gotta go read some books.”

Lou Yu nodded, “OK, study hard. If you dare get such low scores again, I’m gonna beat you to cerebral concussion.”

Mo Fei, “…If I got cerebral concussion, I’ll become dumb.”

Lou Yu smiled, “Don’t worry. You’ve already dumb down to this level, how low could it be?”

Mo Fei, “…”

Mo Yi then pulled Mo Fei’s sleeve, and lowered his voice, “Young master, cool down. Good men don’t fight with women.”

Mo Fei frowned, “But he is not a woman.”

Mo Yi disapproved, “But you can take him as a woman.”

Mo Fei’s eyes shone, “You are right.”

Lou Yu, “…”

Su Rong, “…”

Mo Fei left Lou Yu alone there and went to his own room. After receiving the 10 million star coins from Su Rong, Mo Fei made another six Power Fusion Formations, and also two sets of pricey quilts.

Mo Fei put those formations under his quilts. Thus, he could enhance his cultivation while lying on them.

With continuous star power accumulating, Mo Fei excitedly absorbed the star force at the quadruple speed.

Mo Yi went into the room, scanned the furnishings around. He felt something ain’t no right, but couldn’t tell where.

After having cultivated on the bed for some time, Mo Yi frowned, then he took out one of the formations and noticed that the energy in star core nearly ran out.

Mo Yi knitted his brows. So some asshole sneaked into his room and used his formation to cultivate.

Su Rong watched Mo Yi enter into his room, with kind of jealousy in his eyes.

Just now he went to Mo Yi’s room with Lou Yu for cultivation. Nearly quadruple cultivation speed was really awesome!

Su Rong frowned. Mo Yi could cultivate at such a rapid progress with the help of the magic weapon, while he had none…Maybe next time he would get beaten up!

Mo Yi didn’t talk much, but actually he was a badass. Even the bully Wang Meng from grade two got his eight bones broken and begged for mercy.

“My prince, since the formation is all good, would you please give it back to me?” asked Su Rong tentatively.

Lou Yu glanced at Su Rong and said, “Oh.”

Su Rong, “…”

Su Rong sighed in his heart, thinking, “So under the crown princess’ pen, the prince is petty, stingy, ill-tempered, ungraceful, shameless, as blind as a bat, and unreasonable…now it seems quite reasonable.”

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