My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 328 - Background of the Original Owner (2)

Chapter 328: Background of the Original Owner (2)

Qian Ye nodded and said cheerfully, “Yes! The Boundless River is immense. Do you know how powerful those flying boats are that can cross the River? Those that can arrive here, the most inferior ones are even dozens or hundreds better in its performance than the star ships here, and the people on the flying boats, everyone is a fat sheep! The ‘oil’ on them, tut-tut…You wouldn’t understand.”

Mo Fei narrowed his eyes, staring at Qian Ye, “Whether it is fat sheep or jackals, that is still hard to say.”

Qian Ye shot a glance at Mo Fei, “Feifei, you really have no ambitions! Well, if we can’t overpower them, can’t we outsmart them? You can give them some aphrodisiacs, laxatives, sinews, whatever! We ambush in advance, lay a trap, it is not that we completely have no opportunity! If it’s no use, let’s run then.”

Mo Fei rubbed his nose, and said, “it doesn’t feel reliable.”

“Feifei, those people have star crystals in their hands. Handfuls of star crystals. With star crystals, our cultivation will advance by leaps and bounds.” Qian Ye said.

Lou Yu squinted, the star crystals Qian Ye said, he also had ever heard of it. In Rong Kingdom they produced too few of them. And once they were found, it could raise a huge fight.

Lou Yu was a bit fancied, “Qian Ye, in your opinion, what level star magicians will they send?”

Qian Ye patted Lou Yu on his shoulder, “Prince Yu really has the ambition! You are promising! People in Chen look down on people here. The top level here is only eight, so they’d probably send those at or below level eight.”

Lou Yu pursed his lips and thought carefully. “if that is the case,” he said, “we may stand a chance.”

Qian Ye nodded and said, “I think so too.”Visit website

Mo Fei’s ears suddenly moved, “There seems to be something wrong outside. I guess I heard some noise. Let’s go out and have a look.”

Qian Ye rolled her eyes and said, “Let’s talk about this later. Even if the other party receives the news, it will take three months to cross the Boundless River to reach to us. During this time, we can make good preparations.”

As Lou Yu and others went out, they only found that the noise outside was because Su Rong was getting promoted.

Mo Fei looked at the anomalies, suddenly stunned, “Did not expect Su Rong is ahead of Yiyi this time!”

Qian Ye smiled and said, “Rongrong’s talent is no worse, and with my guidance, it’s only normal he is faster than Yiyi.”

Mo Fei rubbed his hands, “These days I also feel like I am touching the barrier of level six, I guess I am also about to get promoted.”

Lou Yu was overjoyed at Mo Fei’s words. “Have you felt the barrier of level six? If you need any resources, I will accompany you to buy them in the mall.”

“No,” said Mo Fei, shaking his head, “I have collected almost everything I need in the Sunset Forest.”

Lou Yu nodded, exulting, “that’s great.”

“Young master, a letter from the pharmacists’ association.” Seing Mo Fei out, Mo Yi handed the letter to him.

“The pharmacists’ association? What is that?” Asked Mo Fei, puzzled.

Lou Yu’s face suddenly sank, “the pharmacists’ association is initiated by the senior pharmacists jointly, most of the pharmacists will join it. The President is the Naran Xing?!”Read more chapters at

Mo Fei looked at the invitation in his hand and said, “The President is from Nalan Family? That’s a bad sign!”

Lou Yu nodded and his eyes were full of killing light. “It should be,” he said. “I think with Nalan Xing’s ability, he should know about you making a lot of potions in the Sunset Forest.” In the Sunset Forest, mass production of potions, detoxification potion, level seven potions, probably too much exposed.

Qian Ye blinked and said, “Since it’s not good, let’s just ignore it.”

Lou Yu frowned, thought for a moment, and said, “Fine.”

Pharmacists’ association had great influence in Rong Kingdom influence. Once there was a large family that had offended the pharmacists’ association, was cut off of drug supply, and then people in the family couldn’t get promoted, in just a few years, the whole family got wiped out. The existence of pharmacists association made people respected and feared, however, with Mo Fei’s ability, there was not need to be afraid of them.

Zheng Xuan was frowning, saying heavily, “Their influence is very big, if you don’t go, it’d be inappropriate!”

“Why?” Qian Ye was not impressed.

Zheng Xuan gave a bitter smile and said, “If Mo Fei doesn’t go, the pharmacists’ association may cut off the supply of potions to General Ji’s army.”

Qian Ye gave a cold smile, saying, “Zheng Xuan, you rest assured, if they really dare to do so, for selfish interests, there would be no need for it to exist, at that time, I and Prince Yu will rush in to kill anyone we see until they surrender.”

Zheng Xuan, “…”

Su Rong, who had just made promotion, came out and heard the heroic words of Qian Ye. He asked, “Qian Ye, you are serious?”

Qian Ye innocently blinked and looked at Su Rong. “What’s the matter, Rongrong? Do you think it’s a bad idea?”

Su Rong smiled awkwardly. Lou Yu glanced at Qian Ye and said, “I think it would be a good idea.”

Zheng Xuan, “…”

Su Rong, “…”

Lou Yu lowered his head, secretly thinking: the establishment of the pharmacists’ association at the beginning is to protect the interests of those common pharmacists, but, after so many years, it has long been rotten to the bones, the organization, if put it bluntly, is a bully, they could only act as a bigger bully.

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