My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 294 - Calm Before the Storm (2)

Chapter 294: Calm Before the Storm (2)

After the crisis of beast tide was resolved, Mo Fei stayed in the laboratory every day to study potions. Hill-like star herbs turned into potions, while Mo Fei’s abilities on potions also improved a lot.

Mo Fei stopped and looked at the list in his hand. “It looks like it’s almost over!”

Mo Yi nodded and said, “Yes, young master, it seems you have finished three quarters.”

Mo Fei flexed his limbs and said, “When this list of potions is finished, and One-eye dare to send me one more, I will swing my fist into his face and blind his other eye!”

Mo Yi hurriedly sucked up, “Young master, you are absolutely right to do so.”

Comfortably lying in the rocking chair, Mo Fei tapped on the arm, “People all say, those big bosses like to slave women as men and men as animals. This one-eyed lieutenant general looks kind and honest, but why does he act totally like those profiteers? Yiyi, look at my fingers, all swollen!”

A few of the soldiers in the laboratory acting as his assistants, watching Mo Fei’s expression, said nothing, and unconsciously eased their hands.

Mo Yi shrugged his shoulders, “Nowadays there are too many beasts in human face. Really hard to prevent!”

Now the one-eyed general was standing by the door, looking at Mo Fei awkwardly, “My crown princess, you are taking some rest!”

Lying in his rocking chair, Mo Fei looked at him, rolled his eyes and said, “Yes! What’s up? Lieutenant general, do you know why I finally chose Prince Yu after I got rejected by seventeen men?”

One-eyed lieutenant general shook his head, “No, I don’t know!”

He looked at Mo Fei, confused. Why does Mo Fei suddenly bring that up?

Mo Fei played with his fingers, sighing, “The Starnet said, it is good to be the crown princess! As the crown princess, I do not have to worry about food or clothes. I only need to sleep after eating and eat after sleeping. No one is more idle that a crown princess. So I thought it is great! Someone as lazy as I am is the most suitable to be the crown princess!”

One-eye wiped the cold sweat over his forehead, “My crown princess, of course you are the most suitable one!”

“Is that so? But I don’t think I’m suitable for it anymore. I thought being the crown princess is very idle, but I do not know why, with things piled up, like I can never finish them. And now after I got married I only know being the crown princess will wear my ass off.” said Mo Fei, gritting his teeth.

One-eye said awkwardly, “My crown princess, you take your time, and you will get it all covered.”

Mo Fei chuckled and said, “Thank you. I also hope I can get it covered as soon as possible. Lieutenant general, when do you think I can get it covered?”

One-eye looked at Mo Fei, like sitting on pins and needles, “My crown princess, you take some rest, I’ll go first.”

“Watch your steps!” Mo Fei waved his hand.

Before One-eye went far away, he was stopped by Scar, “So, did you send the list to the crown princess?” asked Scar cheerfully.

One-eye frowned, “No!”

“No? How is that possible?” Scar was a little anxious.

One-eye then threw the list onto him, “Send it yourself, I…I dare not.”

“You dare not? Why? Are you afraid he is going to swallow you?” said Scar smilingly.

One-eye nodded, “Yeah, I’m a coward, you are the bravest, you go.”

Scar looked at the back of the One-eyed, in the heart secretly muttering: in fact, I am also afraid!

Looking at One-eye fleeing, Mo Fei said with a casual tone, “Yiyi, are there any star beasts come to make trouble recently?”

Mo Yi nodded, “No!”

Mo Fei narrowed his eyes and said, “It’s been so peaceful these days. I always feel like it is the calm before the storm.”

Mo Yi tilted the head, looking at Mo Fei, said: “Young master, you are overthinking things.”

Mo Fei shrugged his shoulders, “I hope so.”

After a few quiet days, Lou Yu and others suddenly received a message from the capital.

On receiving the message, Lou Yu immediately pulled his face.

Zheng Xuan frowned, “What is wrong with Prince Feng? At this time to send troops for reinforcements? Why did he take no action while the star beast tide was so fierce? Now those star beasts are busy carrying on the family line in the woods and we are goddamn idle here, and he sent reinforcements? Isn’t it belated action?”

Lou Yu pondered, “Judging from the message, not many people would come this time.”

“That is right. If he sends too many people, what to eat? The food in the front line is so tight. And if we want to eat meat, we still have to hunt for ourselves.” said Zheng Xuan crossly.

Lou Yu frowned and said, “From what I know about Lou Feng, he would never do anything for no reason. There must be something fishy with these people.”

Zheng Xuan disregarded, “What’s fishy? They are all weak.”

Louu Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

Zheng Xuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Then counter measure for measure!”

Lou Yu nodded, saying, “All right, anyway with the strength of Lou Feng now, he also can not turn over any wave.” They got three level seven star magicians. Even if they got level eight ones, they still stand a chance.

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