My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 25 - Unfathomable

Chapter 25: Unfathomable

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Su Rong looked at Mo Fei, “Lord Mo Fei, there’s a placement test when this term begins. So you need to make some preparations.”

Mo Fei felt quite confused, “What? A test when the term begins?! This is brutal and inhuman!”

Su Rong then smiled, “This is the tradition of the Imperial College. Lord Mo Fei, you better figure out how to pass the examination later.”

Mo Fei, “…”

Lou Yu cast a glance at Mo Fei and said, “If you still have that low marks to humiliate me, I’m gonna strangle you.”

Mo Fei looked at Lou Yu plaintively, “My Highness, strangling people is against the law. Besides, three of your fiancées have died. If I die, people will know someone like me who has incompatible jimbook with you and has strong vitality still can’t suppress you, I’m afraid no one is gonna marry you and you’ll stay single for your whole life.”

Lou Yu, “…”

Su Rong, “…”

Suddenly a sharp sound was heard. Their star car was nosing down! Mo Fei screamed while pressing his ears!

Then the star car was pulled over steadily on the ground. Lou Yu caught a glimpse of Mo Fei coldly, “We are home.”

Mo Fei exhaled a long breath and then crawled out of the star car with Mo Yi, “His driving skill sucks! How did he get his driving license? It’s nothing he dies. If a talent like me dies in a car accident, that’d be a great loss.”

Mo Fei then walked into Prince Yu’s manor with Mo Yi.

Watching Mo Fei and Mo Yi’s backs, Lou Yu asked Su Rong, “Su Rong, what do you say?”

Su Rong hesitated for a bit, “The Crown Princess is unfathomable.”

Lou Yu looked at Su Rong surprisingly, “Why?”

Su Rong smiled slightly and said with a suspicious tone, “I found he is a level 1 star magician.”

Level 1 star magicians might be strong in remote areas of the imperial capital. But in the imperial capital, they were just as tiny as dust. But as the unfavored one at home, Mo Fei had no resources and owned bad aptitude, it seemed a little weird that he could become a level 1 star magician.

Lou Yu sneered, “Mo Fei is not a problem, but Mo Yi is.” It was not a difficult thing to become a level 1 star magician even with ill aptitude, as long as he would like to pay.

“Mo Yi?” asked Su Rong, confused.

Lou Yu nodded, “Mo Yi is a level 3 star magician.”

“What?” Su Rong couldn’t believe his ears, with his eyes wide open.

Level 3 star magician might be nothing in the imperial capital, but Mo Yi looked only 17 or 18 years old. He could even be as good as a talent in noble families in the imperial capital to have achieved to this level.

In Mo Fei’s place of his previous life, a level 3 star magician could already be rendered as a master. But what was his purpose to hide himself by Mo Fei’s side?

“My prince, you might make a mistake.” Su Rong frowned.

Lou Yu cast a glance at Su Rong and said earnestly, “Su Rong, you need to practice  harder, otherwise even Mo Fei’s servant is going to catch up with you.”

Su Rong’s face immediately turned red. He was actually only a level 3 star magician. If he got caught up by a servant of the crown princess, that would be…humiliating.

“My prince, is it possible Mo Yi is not on Lord Crown Princess’ side?” asked Su Rong.

“I don’t know. Just a level 3 star magician. So what? He wouldn’t make any fuss.” said Lou Yu flatly.

Lou Yu and Su Rong then walked into the hall, where Mo Fei was waiting, gazing around.

On seeing Lou Yu, Mo Fei said, “Why are you so slow? Where are we gonna sleep?”

Su Rong immediately said, “Lord Mo, of course you should sleep with the prince. As for Mo Yi, I’m gonna arrange another room for him.”

Mo Fei popped his eyes out, “What? Me sleeping with him?”

Su Rong shrugged his shoulder, “Lord Mo, you have just got married. Don’t you think it’s a bit inappropriate to sleep apart now?”

Mo Fei, “…”

Mo Fei turned to Lou Yu, looking kind of embarrassed and painful.

“What? Do you feel wronged to sleep with me?” asked Lou Yu, sneering.

Mo Fei immediately wore a flattering smile, “What? I mean, of course not. I’m just worried you may feel wronged. I’ll feel guilty if such a big shot like you feel wronged because of me.”

“Don’t worry. I’m good.” Lou Yu smiled jauntily.

Watching Lou Yu’s smile, Mo Fei had a feeling that something ain’t no right.

After Mo Fei went into their room with Lou Yu, Lou Yu just threw him a quilt and a pillow, “Here.”

Mo Fei’s face darkened, “Why are you giving me these?”

“You sleep on the floor!” said Lou Yu.

Mo Fei pulled a long face, “If you want me to sleep on the floor, you should at least give me two quilts, one as a cushion, one to tuck me in.”

Lou Yu smiled, “Only one for you. No more. You can fold it. Half as a cushion, half to tuck you in.”

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