My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 23 - Piano Competition

Chapter 23: Piano Competition

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Now Lou Jing’s voice was heard, “Yu, your new sister-in-law doesn’t appreciate your performance. He even said you were like sawing wood.”

Mo Fei then looked at Lou Jing, while Lou Jing put on a provoking smile at him.

Mo Fei looked a little embarrassed, muttering to himself, “Only women and nasty snobs are hard to keep.”

Now everyone around looked like they were expecting a drama!

Lin Feiyu then walked towards Mo Fei, “Lord Mo Fei, you should have deep attainments of piano, I guess.”

While Lin Fei said so, it was only disapproval in his eyes.

“You flatter me.” said Mo Fei with his eyes narrowed, thinking: In order to win girls’ heart, I have exhausted my ass to learn piano and it proves one thing: piano is the top weapon to attract girls’ attention!

His piano skills may not be the best, but it wouldn’t be a difficult thing to win over Lin Feiyu’s sawing-the-wood performance.

“You are too modest. Since my performance is like sawing the wood in your eyes, I bet you would do it way much better.” said Lin Feiyu gently, with kind of overwhelming tone.

Mo Fei smiled and then said, “You must be joking.”

Lou Jing then raised her voice, “Sister-in-law, you play a song for us today. Don’t hide it.”

“Stop it!” said Mo Fei shyly.

“Sister-in-law, don’t be shy. However bad you play, I promise I will never laugh.” ridiculed Lou Jing.

Mo Fei, “…”

Mo Yi then leaned forward and whispered, “Young master, so many chicks are waiting for you to perform.”

On hearing that, Mo Fei’s eyes immediately shone. He then said to Lin Feiyu, “All right then.”

Su Rong was close to them. On hearing Mo Yi’e words, his mouth twitched involuntarily.

Su Rong had a feeling that Mu Fei’s temperament had completely changed when he stood before the piano. It was kind of noble and graceful. Su Rong then wore a fake smile, thinking, “I must be possessed. How could Mo Fei be connected with words like noble or elegant or graceful?”

An insider could tell whether it was good or not the moment he began to play. The music standard on Grandsky Star was way much higher than on Skylight Star. Lin Feiyu had learned piano only to make himself look better, so he wasn’t so concentrated, while Mo Fei had learnt piano to woo girls. So one could immediately tell who would be more devoted.

The melodious music was resounding in the hall. The beautiful music was full of touching magic. Most girls’ eyes now were all focused on Mo Fei, which greatly motivated Mo Fei’s passion.

Lou Jing gritted her teeth restlessly. Once the piano sound was heard, she knew that her plan was spoiled. How could this goddamn bumpkin play piano so well?! This was unreasonable!

Su Rong looked at Mo Fei surprisingly, feeling shocked in his heart.

“When has your young master learnt piano? Why didn’t I know?” asked Su Rong while turning to Mo Yi.

Mo Yi held his chest out and glanced at Su Rong blandly, saying with a cocky tone, “Our young master is almighty!”

Su Rong twitched his mouth, totally ignoring Mo Yi then.

Seeing Su Rong’s deprecating expression, Mo Yi said with distain, “A guy with two empty holes in your eyes, someday you’d know how good our young master could be.”

Lin Feiyu now looked super awkward. Although the pleasant piano was resounding in the hall, Lin Feiyu was not in the mood to appreciate it at all.

“Prince Yu, never expected the crown princess could play piano so well!” People all sucked up to Prince Yu.

Lou Yu forced a smile, “You overpraise him. Just so so.” Lou Yu narrowed his eyes while shaking the glass in his hand, wearing kind of complicated expression.

And now Imperial Consort Na Lan was also sizing up Mo Fei.

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