My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 20 - Welcoming the Bride

Chapter 20: Welcoming the Bride

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

After absorbing the star power from the potion, Mo Fei had successfully condensed a sesame seed size star granule and become a level 1 star magician.

Mo Yi pinched his nose and said, “Young master, you stink!”

Mo Fei gave him a dirty look, “Hum! I feed you for free. And you detest me?!”

“Young master, please go take a bath. The wedding car is arriving. I heard Prince Yu has the propensity for violence. If he smells you like this, he may disable you, I’m afraid.” said Mo Yi with a hand pinching his nose.

After some calculating, Mo Fei knew he aint’s Lou Yu’s match in every aspect. So he nodded, “All right. I’m gonna wash myself.”

On the way to the bathroom, Mo Fei remembered something. So he turned around and said to Mo Yi, “That thing I told you. Don’t forget about it!”

Mo Yi nodded, “I won’t.”

After Mo Fei took a bath and got all dressed up, the wedding car had just arrived.

“Prince Yu is here. Prince Yu is here.”

The loud noise outside nearly deafened Mo Yi.

Mo Fei was brought out under the Mo Yi’s support, wearing an exquisite formal suit. One could tell Lou Yu got kind of stunned on seeing Mo Fei.

Lou Yu also noticed that. So he felt a little cocky in his heart.

While looking at Mo Fei, Su Rong thought to himself, “Actually this guy is kind of cute.”

Lou Yu pulled Mo Fei to himself and whispered by his ear, “Clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse. Dressing up like this, you do look kind of fucking hot.”

Mo Fei, “…”

“Prince Yu, I love you!”

“Prince Yu, I love you!”

On both sides of the road were crowded with all beautiful and young girls who were expressing their love for Lou Yu at the top of their lungs holding flowers in their hands.

Mo Fei knitted his eyebrows, thinking, “This is my big day today. Is it really appropriate for those girls to show affections to my husband in my face?”

Lou Yu smiled and waved at them, looking so charming.

Lou Yu pulled Mo Fei’s hand and squeezed him into his star car.

“Young master, young master, wait for me!” Mo Yi also hopped in the star car taking advantage of the chaos.

The star car slowly flew into the sky and drove towards the imperial caopital.

Within the star car there were quite a few spacious rooms. Once Lou Yu entered the car, he immediately dusted off Mo Fei’s hand.

While loosening his wrist, Mo Fei thought to himself, “Stingy, sharp-tongued, petty, double-dealing, and violent…Such a good-for-nothing is popular? What is wrong with this goddamn world?”

Lou Yu said coldly, “There’s a party tonight. Many big shots of the empire will be present. Don’t embarrass me.”

Mo Fei nodded and said, “I’ll try my best.”

Lou Yu cast a glance at Mo Fei and then walked into a room, totally ignoring Mo Fei.

Su Rong then walked to Mo Fei, “Your Highness, there’re a few hours before we arrive at the imperial capital. So you can get into a room to take some rest.”

Mo Fei nodded, “Yes, right. I also think I need some rest.”

Once Su Rong left, Mo Fei and Mo Yi immediately picked a room and went in.

Mo Fei looked at Mo Yi while rubbing his hands, “Did you get it?”

Mo Yi nodded and then took out his Space Ring. Mo Yi then incanted in his heart and then a heap of glittering gold, silver and jewelries were piled on the bed.

Mo Yi said, “I have searched both the Madam and Miss’ rooms and all their jewelries are here. There are also a lot of good stuff at the master’s place. But they are locked, so I only took a ring.

Mo Fei nodded, “This ring alone is good enough. A Space Ring! It’s worthless!”

Mo Yi nodded.

Mo Fei narrowed his eyes and stared at those jewelries greedily, “Hum! She embezzles my monthly payment while getting herself and her daughter both dressed up everyday. Now she finally got her karma!”

At Mo Family

When Mo Yu opened her jewel case, she screamed like crazy.

Lin Xi was also looking at her messy bedroom grumpily.

And when Mo Yang found his ring was missing, he could only light a cigar.

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