My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 198 - A Fight over the Lab (2)

Chapter 198: A Fight over the Lab (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Looking at Zheng Xuan’s curious face, Lou Yu realized his ability in bed was really doubted, and he immediately got bridled up.

“What are you looking at? I am strong enough.” said Lou Yu coldly.

Zheng Xuan shrugged his shoulders and gave him a smile, “My prince, don’t worry. I don’t gossip, you know. I won’t tell anyone else.”

On hearing him, Lou Yu immediately got foamed with rage.

Lin Feiyu looked at Lou Yu and said with sympathy, “Brother Lou Yu, the potion competition is around the corner. I really need a lab to study on potions.”

Lou Yu put wrinkles in his brows and didn’t know what to do,

Noticing Lou Yu’s embarrassing expression, Lin Feiyu felt like hundreds of claws scratching his heart.

He thought to himself: Lou Yu wasn’t like this before. When he asked a favor from Lou Yu before, he would definitely try to satisfy him no matter what.

But it was only one year’s time, the man who had promised his life to him had become like this already!

“But I have offered the lab underground to Mo Fei. Maybe I can find you another one, which might a bit simple, you know.” Lou Yu tried to find a solution.

On hearing him, Lin Feiyu forced a smile, “Thank you, brother Lou Yu.”

Since Lin Feiyu agreed, Lou Yu slightly nodded.

Lin Feiyu felt awful in his heart, with his head down. Lou Yu promised to arrange another lab for him, but in his heart he was not satisfied at all.

Lin Fei was crystal clear that the lab Mo Fei was using was built for him. Every tube, every testbed, every set of equipment were the most advanced. Those things that should have belonged to him now belonged to Mo Fei. He couldn’t even borrow them now.

The more Lin Feiyu thought of it, the angrier he felt. But one had to bow under the eaves. Even though he was quite unhappy, he could only suppress his anger.

Seeing Mo Fei and Lin Feiyu come in on after another, Su Rong felt his head was going to explode. Two rivals came home, and he would be the one that would be screwed.

But seeing Zheng Xuan who was standing behind Lou Yu, Su Rong was surprised. He pointed at Zheng Xuan while asking, “My prince, what is he doing here?”

Lou Yu shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, “He just follows, what can I do?”

First Su Rong got dumb and then burst into anger, “Zheng Xuan, you should leave if you are smart enough. There is no spare guest room for you here.”

Zheng Xuan said unconcernedly, “I don’t need a guest room. I can sleep on the floor, just outside Mo Yi’s room.

Su Rong grinded his teeth, and then gave him a cold smile, “What makes you think you can sleep by Mo Yi’s door? Don’t daydream!”

Zheng Xuan looked at Su Rong thoughtfully and then said, “How about this? Let’s have a fight. If I win, you offer your room to me.”

Su Rong smiled indifferently, “You are at level six while I level four. And now you are challenging me? Aren’t you feeling ashamed of yourself?”

Zheng Xuan blushed and then said, “How about this? I decrease myself to level four and fight you.”

Su Rong rolled his eyes and said, “Then OK! Come on! Come on!”

Watching them two want a fight, Lou Yu felt impetuously pissed off. How could they still fight at such a time! “Are you enough? Just get out if you want a fight!”

On hearing his words, Zheng Xuan immediately shut his mouth. Anyway Su Rong was Lou Yu’s henchman while he was only an outsider. Of course he should take a step back.

Zheng Xuan took a look at Mo Yi, wanted to say something but didn’t know where to start, while Mo Yi ignored him and went into his own room for cultivation.

Lou Yu scanned everyone and then asked Su Rong to leave with him.

Su Rong followed Lou Yu into his study. After Lou Yu told him what to do, Su Rong couldn’t help asking, “My prince, are you really gonna build a lab for Lin Feiyu?”

Lou Yu said helplessly while nodding, “Yeah!”

“My prince, didn’t you mean to send him away?” asked Su Rong with doubts.

Lou Yu closed his eyes, “Yes.”

Su Rong felt more confused, “If so, why will you still build a lab for him?”

“You should finish it before we let him go.” said Lou Yu lightly.

“My prince, since you want to send him away, you may do it quickly, you know, a long delay may cause trouble!” Su Rong persuaded him.

Lou Yu looked at Su Rong and heaved a sigh, “Where should I send him to? If I send him away the former second, he’d get killed the next.”

Su Rong put on a bitter face, “If so, I also don’t know what to do.”

Lou Yu looked at him and proposed, “What about I send him your home and let your family take care of him?”

Su Rong was surprised, “My prince, please. Spare me. If you send him my home, my grandpa will kill me.”

At this time Lin Feiyu passed Lou Yu’s study and heard Su Rong’s complaining, on his face immediately showed an expression mixed with shame and embarrassment, thinking, “Does Su Rong take me as god of plaque?”

As Su Rong turned his head away, he saw Lin Feiyu, feeling quite embarrassed.

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