My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 1012 - Extra Eleven (2) THE END

Chapter 1012: Extra Eleven (2) THE END -

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Seeing him leave, Feng Ming also left.

Long Jinghua looked at this scene, frowning, “Father, they left.”

The dragon king looked at him and said, “I saw it.”

“The phoenix king is too...”

The Dragon Emperor gave a wry smile and said, “What can he do even if he stays?”

He neither had the heart to kill Cang Qian nor had the ability to kill Jingtian. So, out of sight, out of mind.

Of course he could understood Feng Li. So many years, he still could do nothing with his big son.

Cang Qian threw a wink at Boss Long, “Hey, the phoenix king has left, so has your old man.”

Boss Long nodded, saying disapprovingly, “What does it have anything to do with us? Do you want to ask them to stay and have dinner with us?”

Cang Qian picked his eyebrow, “Is it because the meat I roasted smells too good, so they feel hungry and go home to eat food?”

Boss Long laughed and said, “You are really confident of your cooking skills!”

Cang Qian, “...”

While eating the roast meat, Boss Long suddenly smiled evilly, “Is it enough? If not, there are still a few birds outside. I can catch them now.”

Cang Qian, “...”

As his words fell, Cang Qian heard a flurry of fluttering outside.

Boss Long have a cold hum, “Cowards!”

Cang Qian rolled a white eye, thinking in his heart, if they have the balls, they are already being roasted now!

Since Boss Long got promoted to the late stage of divine king class, he became more unscrupulous, bringing Cang Qian to wander around everywhere.

And the dragon race and phoenix race could only turn a blind eye.

In just a few months, Cang Qian grew fatter and fatter, and his strength also crossed from the early stage of the void divine class into the real divine class.

“What's the matter?” Boss Long looked at Cang Qian who was thinking about something.

Cang Qian looked at him, shrugged his shoulders and said, “King Feng Ming sent me a message and said he wants to see me.”

'”What did that silly bird want from you?” Boss Long asked.

Cang Qian shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don't know!”

Boss Long said with dissatisfaction, “That guy is not good-looking. Why see him? Turn him down.”

Cang Qian said, “But I think I should go see him. After all, he is the phoenix king. Doesn’t it look cool with a bunch of minions following behind? Besides, isn’t Feng Ming handsome? I think he is handsome.”

Boss Long rolled a white eye, “I don’t think so. Just a beast with feathers all over.”

Cang Qian, “...”

After consultation, Boss Long finally decided to let Cang Qian go to see Feng Ming.

“Glad you'd like come to see me.” Feng Ming smiled.

“You are the phoenix king!” Head of all birds! “I should show you some face anyway.” Cang Qian smiled faintly.

Feng Ming gave a bitter smile, “This position is supposed to be yours.”

“Oh, don't say that, if I take that position, Boss Long will eat till we go bankrupt. I would be a traitor of the race through the ages.” Said Cang Qian with worries.

Feng Ming, “...”

“That year your father put you in the lower world, he also had his reason. He was the king, and you know the phoenix race repulsed black phoenixes. So he thought the environment down there would be good for your growing up.” Explained Feng Ming.

Cang Qian tilted his head and said, “Maybe he thinks it would be better for me to die than live.”

Feng Ming reluctantly smiled, “in fact, tens of thousands of years ago, your father had already regretted, so, he ordered me to set up rainbow bridge, to receive those phoenixes from the lower world, he meant to pick you up, unfortunately, the lower world also rejected black phoenixes, so you were not among the list of the ascended phoenixes.”

Cang Qian looked at Feng Ming, “Oh.”

Seeing that Cang Qian was so indifferent about it, he left.

Watching him walk away, Cang Qian made a long sigh.

Boss Long looked at Cang Qian and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Cang Qian shook his head and said, “Nothing. The dragon king asks you to go home and have dinner with him. Are you going?”

Boss Long shrugged his shoulders and said, “If he cooks some dragon meat for me, I'll go.”

Cang Qian, “...”

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A Stupefying Transmigration

'Translator: 'asassin

The sky was overcast which reflected the gloomy mood of the Federal men.

Their hero and idol Jiang Mosheng who risked his life to kill the Zerg King during the war against the Zerg not long ago had paid a bitter cost himself.

Right now, all Federal men were praying silently for the early recovery of their hero.

However, the atmosphere in a magnificent house to the north-west of the capital star was totally different.

“I won’t marry him! He’s a dying cripple. Do you want me to marry him and be a grass widow for the rest of my life?”

A shriek went up, full of evil intentions because of how emotional the speaker was which made it harsher to the ears.

It came from a young man who dressed in a neutral style. At the moment, he looked a little distorted with hatred in his eyes.

Not far away from him, there was another young man whose eyes were closed. Apparently, that young man was unconscious.

But now he frowned, his eyelids moved slightly. It seemed he was going to wake up at any time.

“Sheng-er, don't worry. Dad and mum won’t let you marry him. It didn’t say it must be you when our family made the engagement. Look, we have someone to replace you.” The young woman who was speaking looked maliciously at the young man who was lying on the ground.

That young man was clearly aware of the malice but he didn’t have time to think about it since... everything around him was so confusing.

‘Where’s my master? Where’s sect-brother?’

Yu Jinli had just come to when he found everything around him so strange.

A strange environment, strange voices, and a group of strangers.

Before he took any action, a torrent of memories surged into his mind.

He went through then as if watching a film. Though he didn’t feel anything physically, he became certain that he wasn’t who he used to be anymore.

Yu Jinli was a little stunned. He had been a koi fish who just took the shape of a human being a few years ago after practicing for a thousand years. How could he take someone else’s body before enjoying the pleasures of the world?

He remembered he was playing games with his sect-brother in a room. After a puff, he was here.

‘So, am I dead?’ Yu Jinli frowned deeply. He was lost in thought so he didn't notice that the other three people in the room had already noticed that he had gained consciousness.

“Yu Jinli, you’d better listen to us and get married in Sheng-er’s place so that you don’t have to worry about financial security or...” said the older woman, Sun Dumei, in the room. And the way that she was looking at Yu Jinli was full of malice and the way she spoke full of threat.

“Mum, he’ll agree to marry him all right. It’s Jiang Family we are talking about. He will be set for life after he gets married. A life like that is all a bastard like him could wish for,” Yu Jinshan said with malice.

Yu Jinli shivered instinctively. A surge of fear washed over him from the bottom of his heart. He knew that fear belonged to the host, the original owner of this body.

Apparently, the mother and daughter had caused his host an indelible fear whose spirit had left but the body remembered.

The original owner of this body, his host who was also called Yu Jinli had the same given name and family name as he did. His host was the bastard son of Yu Hongrui, one of the three Federal marshals. Besides, he was the kind of bastard son who received few favors and was usually bullied.

Though Yu Jinli had become a human not long ago, both his master and sect-brother loved him dearly. He didn’t have any similar experiences as the host did so he felt sympathetic to the host immediately.

Compared to the host, he lived in heaven while the host in hell.

He learned from the memory of his host that those who were talking were Yu Hongrui’s wife and daughter, namely, the host’s sister and stepmother who were the biggest reasons for the host's misery.

Of course, what was said above wasn’t the most important matter. What was most shocking was that the evil mother and daughter planned to let him marry in place of Yu Jinsheng!

Transmigrating to the Big Stone Village

'Translator: 'Sissy That Walk

“Hey, look how weak and sickly he is, is he all right?”

“I don’t think Chen Xiao Mi will care how he looks like as long as he is still breathing.”

“Look at him, such a good-for-nothing, I doubt he is able to do any farm work now, let’s send him to the Chen’s as soon as possible. We can’t get a penny if he dies before he marries into the Chen’s.”

“He brings us such bad luck, let’s send him to the Chen’s, he will be trouble if he dies in our house.”

Lu Lin who was lying in bed permitted a dry smile on hearing how the host of his soul’s First Aunt (his father’s brother’s wife) and Third Aunt (his father’s sister) talked about this poor host.

Lu Lin was an average Joe in C Country, he quit his job in the big city and returned to his hometown, he had inherited Lu’s Convenience from his parents.

However, he found himself transmigrating into this dynasty on a stormy night, what was more bizarre was he had a mole on his forearm that was connected to Lu’s Convenience.

He had also found time didn’t exist in Lu’s Convenience, he sneaked back into the store and found the bowl of noodles he had put on the counter before he transmigrated was still warm, therefore he didn’t need to worry about the food in the store would go bad.

Lu Lin figured he better keep his story and his convenience store a secret for he knew how superstitious those villagers could be, he didn’t want to draw the fire upon himself.

Lu Lin had obtained the host’s memory, this was a time and space that was similar to the ancient times in C Country. What was different was there were not only men and women in this time and space, but there was also a group of people called Bios. Bios usually had manly features with a birthmark shaped like a flower on the forehead, they were not as tall as men and they were able to bear children, however, they would endure a harder labor than women.

The host was indeed ill-stared, his grandparents had three sons and one daughter, and his father ranked the second, his father was his grandparents’ least favorite, so his grandparents asked his father to perform military service.

The thing was his grandparents could have paid some money to exempt his father from military service, but they were such misers that they would rather send their second son to the army. What infuriated Lu Lin was the host’s grandparents had sent his cousin to school, which was a luxury in that time and space. How unfair was that!

The host’s father, however, carried filial piety to the letter. He listened to the host’s grandparents and went to the army, leaving the host and his mother at home.

The host’s father was the least favorite son at home, his mother and him of course would have an even harder time after he left.

The host’s mother was a woman of humble birth, she was quiet and reserved by nature, a hard worker she was, but she never showed off her cleverness and she would just endure all the unfairness.

The tedious farm work fell on the host’s mother and the host after the host’s father joined the army, the host’s mother’s health went steadily downhill due to the hardship and toil.

What had supported the host mother was the faith that the host’s father would return in glory one day soon, but as the saying went, calamities come in succession, soon there came the news that the host’s father had laid down his life on the battlefield.

The host’s mother who had already overtaxed herself had succumbed to grief after hearing the news.

The villagers started to talk about how the host’s grandparents had been ill-treating the host’s parents. The host’s grandmother went to the length of slandering the host, she said the host was the culprit all the tragedies, the host was ill-starred, and he would only bring bad luck to his family.

People back then were unreasonably superstitious about luck and fate, the villagers started to cast sidelong glance at the host since his grandmother cooked up the story.

The host was ineloquent by nature, he became even more quiet and grim since people had been calling him ‘ill-starred’.

The host was eighteen years old, he had passed the ideal marriageable age already, but no one in his family cared about him or his marriage, all they wanted was to keep him at home for the farm work.

The government, however, had enacted a law that year all men and Bios must get married before eighteen, all women must get married before seventeen otherwise a three-tael-silver would be imposed due to the warfare and population decline.

The law had provoked an uproar in the host’s family, three taels was no small amount, especially for a miser like the host’s grandmother. She would kill to save that money. Plus, the whole family was counting on the host to do the farm work, so they discussed this matter and decided to look for a girl for the host.

Unfortunately, none of the fellow villagers wanted to marry their daughter to the ill-starred host even though it was a well-known fact that the host’s family was pretty well-off, and they could even afford to send a boy to school. Plus, the villagers knew the host was in disfavor in the family, so they didn’t see him as an ideal son-in-law.

The host’s grandparents had been so upset, but they blamed the host instead of themselves for cooking up the ridiculous story about the host’s fate.

As luck would have it, there came the news that a Bio named Chen Xiao Mi was looking for a husband when the host’s grandparents were at a loss what to do. This Chen Xiao Mi was a well-known figure in the Big Stone Village, he was a Bio, but he was endowed with mighty strength.

Chen Xiao Mi and Lu Lin shared similar life stories, his grandmother disliked his father as well, and Chen family was pretty well-off in the village.

In Big Stone Village, some villagers would go hunting in the mountains in a lean year, dangerous it was, but the reward could be handsome. A group of villagers hunted a bear and sold it to a landlord by twenty taels of silver, all the other villagers wished to follow suit.

Chen Xiao Mi’s grandmother egged Chen Xiao Mi’s father Chen Shou Ren on hunting, but Chen Shou Ren rejected the idea for he was well aware of the risks involved, there were so many villagers had never come back alive. And it was usually the struggling villagers who were willing to take the risk and try their luck in the mountains, but they were doing just fine.

Chen Xiao Mi’s mother was about to give birth, so Chen Shou Ren wanted to stay with his wife instead of venturing into the mountains. But Chen Xiao Mi’s grandmother made such a scene and scolded Chen Shou Ren harshly until Chen Shou Ren yielded. Unfortunately, Chen Shou Ren and his friends were attacked by wolves, only one of them survived.

Chen Xiao Mi’s mother did a premature delivery on hearing the grievous news, and just like that Chen Xiao Mi had a second little brother named Chen Xiao Mai who was also a Bio, Chen Xiao Mi’s first younger brother’s name was Chen Xiao Cai.

What was strikingly similar was Chen Xiao Mi’s grandmother’s reaction after she heard her son’s death, she blamed Chen Xiao Mi’s mother for that, she kept saying her son died because of Chen Xiao Mi’s mother’s bad luck. Chen Xiao Mi’s mother died of grief two years ago.

Chen Xiao Mi’s First Uncle meant to sell Chen Xiao Cai to a wealthy family as a servant thus he could gain a few pennies per month.

In that time and space, servants were completely at the mercy of their masters, the masters could beat the servants as they wished once they signed the indenture.

Chen Xiao Mi’s grandmother thought that was an excellent idea, Chen Xiao Cai was a young boy who couldn’t be of much help on the farm work after all.

Chen Xiao Mi had captured his First Uncle’s son Chen Jing after he heard that, and he threatened the First Uncle that he would castrate Chen Jing if Chen Xiao Cai became a servant.

Chen Jing was the old woman’s favorite grandson, her heart would ache for days on seeing a slight wound on Chen Jing.

Chen Xiao Mi had been pretending to be ignorant of the fact that it was his grandmother who had forced his father to go hunting, and he had completely lost it on hearing that they were planning on selling one of his little brothers.

Chen Xiao Mi put up a good fight on people who tried to force him on releasing Chen Jing, he was so determined that he would protect his brothers. He had inquired about the family which had their eyes on Chen Xiao Cai, it turned out the Young Master tended to bully the servants at home, he had already beaten two young girls to death, so he wanted to buy a tough boy to beat.

Chen Xiao Mi turned furious on hearing that, little did he expect his First Uncle and his grandmother could be this merciless, his father had literally died because of his grandmother, and now his grandmother was helping his First Uncle to sell Chen Xiao Cai. Chen Xiao Mi wished to strangle that old woman!

Chen Xiao Mi’s grandmother feared Chen Xiao Mi to the guts, she shivered at the thought that Chen Xiao Mi said he wouldn’t listen to her like his father.

Chen Xiao Mi urged his grandfather to allow him and his two little brothers to live independently, his grandfather had to agree that.

It was so rare for a child to reason with the elders and fight for himself or the ones he cared, people tended to grin and bear all the unfairness. Therefore, Chen Xiao Mi was condemned by the villagers.

Be F**king Gentle!

'Translator: 'Guy Gone Bad

The development of society and technology had changed the poor rural areas in Hua Country from poverty to prosperity. Benefited from the advancements, some villages in the eastern coastal areas were even more beautiful than those in big cities while the western interior was much worse than that. Shanquan was a small village located in the Bei City of Chuan Province in the western region. There were no more than 100 households in the village. Although the life there was not as good as that in the coastal areas, its residents could still lead a decent life.

As for the richest person in Shanquan, the villagers would certainly tell you one name, Ling Jingxuan.

No one knew how Ling Jingxuan made his fortune. One day more than 20 years ago, all seven members of Ling’s family died overnight. The three-year-old Ling Jingxuan went missing. Since then, there had been no one named Ling in Shanquan. However, eight years ago, a man who claimed to be Ling Jingxuan suddenly returned to the village, built a plot of land on the former site of Ling’s family, and constructed a villa with gardens in front and back in just half a year. At that time, many people were envious and even wished to replace Ling Jingxuan as the owner of the household.

Soon afterward, the man bought dozens of mu (a unit of measurement in China, one mu equals to 666.666…square meters) of land not far from the villa and no one knew how he did it. He then started to recruit farm hands to work for him. Then, all villagers thought that Ling Jingxuan, who was originally aloof, started to have his feet on the ground. In normal times, Ling Jingxuan would always play cards with people in the teahouse opened by the village head’s wife. No one knew what his job was and where his money came from. The only thing for sure was, the man would disappear for a while every once in a while and then came back as if nothing had ever happened.


Late at night, when all was silent, in the only villa in Shanquan Village, a man’s painful roar suddenly sounded. Inside the slightly opened door where the sound came from stood several tall, strong, and burly men, dressed in camouflage uniforms, armed with ammunition and full of hostility. More inside, a man turned his back on the door and moved quickly. In front of him, a half-naked man had a white cloth in his mouth. Bloody wounds spread from his shoulder blades to his abdomen and the shrieks came from him.

“Be fu*king gentle!”

Seeing the men roll his eyes in pain, the man standing before the bed shouted. Ling Jingxuan, who was sewing up the wound, looked up coldly and gazed at the man. His delicate and beautiful face which looked so unreal was full of ridicule.


“Maybe I should leave it to you since you have so many requirements.”

Ling Jingxuan’s hand tugging at the thread end jerked, causing the man to almost faint in an instant of pain. He curled his lip and threw away the needle and thread, threatening to leave. Then, a bloody palm suddenly grabbed him. Ling Jingxuan turned back to look at the man. The man with only two-thirds of his wound sewed up took a few deep breaths and stared at the one beside the bed before spitting the white cloth out from his mouth, “Go on!”

Even though he was seriously injured, the man’s momentum was prevailing. Ling Jingxuan said coldly after long eye contact with the man, “Only this once.”

Finishing his words, Ling Jingxuan sat down again, continuing to help the man suture the wound. These people were an internationally famous mercenary army, recently employed to carry out an assassination mission in Chuan province. But they underestimated the ability of the Hua army and almost got wiped out. The injured man, called Yass, the boss of the mercenary army. He once helped Ling Jingxuan so the two men formed a friendship, otherwise, they could not even find Ling Jingxuan, let alone ask him to help to suture the wound.

Ling Jingxuan, code-named Soul-hunting, a world-renowned doctor and killer, who saved lives with one hand and killed with the other, was feared by both the government and underworld gangs solely by his name. No one knew his real appearance. Apart from his medical and assassination skills, he also had a horrible skill of disguising himself as man or woman, handsome or ugly. Few people even knew where he hid at ordinary times. People seeking medical treatment or hiring him would usually contact his killer organization. He shifted his role as a doctor or killer all depended on his mood. Ling Jingxuan could be said to be the only one in the world who only worked according to his preferences.

“It was careless of us this time. Don’t worry, we won’t disturb you. We’ll leave when the wound is sewn up.”

Yass’ dim eyes could not hide the painful feelings. Ling Jingxuan lifted his head and took a glance of the man with his movements nonstop, “Don’t tell me you wanna stay here for therapy if not leaving.”

That’s an old saying that ‘the greatest hermit would retreat into the noisiest fair’, but Yass felt that there was no safer place than the countryside. If it weren’t for Ling Jingxuan owee Yass, the man would never take the initiative to expose his shelter.



“Shit, the Hua army is coming.”

Yass’ words were cut off by the deafening explosion. A stout man suddenly rushed in, and those rough men in the room all looked at Yass uniformly. Since the military dared to be so bold, it was obvious that they had already laid an ambush around. The villa had been surrounded for a long time.

In this tense atmosphere, only Ling Jingxuan seemed unaffected and was suturing the wound nimbly and skillfully. Everything outside seemed to have nothing to do with him.

“Galen, go out and stop them. Try to tear open their defense loophole.”

A leader was a leader. Yass still looked so calm. Under his command, the man called Galen waved his hand, and the rest of the people all followed out.

“Well, you can leave now.”

About a few minutes later, Ling Jingxuan sewed the last stitch and slowly tidied up his tools. Yass grabbed his hand and said, “Jingxuan, come with us.”

Such a big wound could never be painless, but Yass gave others the feeling that the wound was not on him at all.

Encountering with his hot sight, Ling Jingxuan slowly pushed his hand away, “Do you know the difference between mercenaries and killers? The former needs to be great-hearted and chivalrous and dare to show his back to his teammates, while the latter would never trust anyone.”

His words were straightforward enough. It was not that he did not want to leave. He just didn’t trust them.

“Jingxuan, you always hurt people like this.”

Raising a mocking smile, Yass choked back the pain of the wound and stood up. Compared with the pain, his heart seemed more painful, but he was already a man with no feeling.

“Take care!”

When he opened the door to leave, Ling Jingxuan’s cold voice suddenly sounded. Yass, who turned his back to Ling Jingxuan, curved up his lips. That was enough for him, cause no one in this world could hear these words from Ling Jingxuan’s mouth.

“You too!”


The door opened and closed and the sound of gunfire blaring outside. Ling Jingxuan packed up and then turned to look at the door, bitterness flashed in his eyes. He knew well enough that he could not give himself over to blind emotions. He would rather seek for a one-night stand than give hope that shouldn’t exist to his friend.

“Pa, Pa, Pa…”

“Move! Move! Follow us!”

“Yass, this way…”

“This is a group of internationally famous war criminals. When necessary, kill them all.”


In the fierce gunfight, both sides were giving orders. The military special forces had strong firepower. Yass’ group failed to break through from the front so they could only move to the rear. But unexpectedly, in the backyard lurked a large number of special soldiers. Yass’ group was thus left with only four or five people in an instant. As all were about to be wiped out, Ling Jingxuan, who had always kept an indifferent attitude, suddenly appeared again.

“Follow me.”

Glancing at Yass’ naked and bleeding chest, Ling Jingxuan turned around and moved. After getting Yass’ approval, the others followed.

In the basement, Ling Jingxuan ignored everyone’s surprise and bent over to knock on one of the floor tiles. Then a secret tunnel that could only accommodate one adult at a time suddenly appeared. Ling Jingxuan retreated aside, “Here connects to a nearby river channel. I put a rubber boat in the woods nearby. Whether you can escape depends on your luck

Obviously, he did not intend to go with them.

“Jingxuan, come with us.”

“Let the underlings go down first”. Yass asked again. He could not leave Ling alone.

At the same time, the military personnel outside also sensed that something was wrong. After all, they hadn’t heard their gunfire for quite some time. After confirming the identity of the villa owner was Ling Jingxuan, the highest military commander made an order to raze the villa. The special force responsible for the mission thus planted bombs around the villa. Once they withdrew, the villa would turn into ashes.

“Yass, you should know that I won’t have feelings for anyone. Just go. I have another way out.”

Ling Jingxuan’s handsome face emerged rare emotions, but he still did not promise anything. He was gay and he knew it well, but he was tired of bloody killing and just wanted to live a common life. Maybe in the future, he would adopt a few children and spend the rest of his life as an ordinary man. However, that was something Yass could never give him.

“Take care of yourself!”

Yass moved his lips but still did not speak out the love buried deep into his heart. He then turned around and climbed into the underpass.



Even the wily hare has three holes to his burrow, let alone someone like Ling Jingxuan. Just as he watched Yass disappear and was about to open another underpass, with the deafening explosion, the ground shook instantly. Ling Jingxuan was drowned in the rubble before he could react. The most horrible and mysterious killer Soul-hunting would never anticipate that he would be killed because of his own once-in-a-life-time being softhearted.

“I can’t bear the thought of you being happy.”

'Translator: 'Flying Lines

It was ten o'clock at night, the moon was charming.

Top floor of Baisheng Gate Hotel, room 101.

In the pitch-dark room, there was erotic pant.

Xia Xingcheng opened her eyes. She couldn’t see clearly but only felt her vision was blurry and her body was burning like it was on fire.

It seemed that someone was on top of her. She struggled to push this man, but the man did not move.

Her state of mind was such a mess. She had no clue at all.

She just vaguely remembered that she was catching up with her fiancé who just came back from abroad. Beingso happy, she got drunk. Then she was brought back to her hotel room by her stepsister.

She never thought that she would wake up to see this.

“Who are you?” Xia Xingcheng’s voice became shattered along with this man's actions. She didn't even have the strength to push his chest away.

But the answer was just a heavy gasp and a body pressing closer.

“Let go of me…”

She'd never been this way. Her lust led on by this man and man,she was responding to him involuntarily.

His body was extremely hot, and he was frowning, which seemed abnormal too. Xia Xingcheng thought it was strange, but she couldn't stop him.

She was gradually losing consciousness with his continuing pounding and finally she fell in lethargic sleep.

The night was getting darker. Around 3 a.m., the cell phone on the bedside table suddenly vibrated violently.

The man woke up from his sleep with a frown, he glanced over the mess in front of him, and looked at Xia Xingcheng, whose body was only covered by a thin quilt in bed. His face became gloomy suddenly.

He picked up his cell phone and clenched it hard. There was violence in his eyes with almost no disguise.

Someone actually did this despicable thing, by dosinghim with drugs. It looked like someone was courting death.

He got out of bed to take a shower. Then he walked out of the room without lingering. As if the woman in bed was just an object, which deserved no look.

When Xia Xingcheng woke up again, it was the next morning.

The moment she opened her eyes she felt this excruciating headache. Her whole body was aching and limp as if she had been beaten.

She sat at the head of the bed in a daze. The things that happened last night flashed in front of her eyes like a movie, making her shivering with despair.

The man who had sex with her last night was not her fiancé, Xu Hao, clearly. She lost her virginity in such a baffling situation.

‘What should I do…?

What should I do?’

She hurriedly picked up her clothes from the floor and put them on. She just wanted to go home and take a shower but didn't want to be here for another second.

But the moment she opened the door, her fiancé Xu Hao was standing outside the door with an incredulous look. By his side, there were her stepsister and her father.

“…Xu Hao?”

Xia Xingcheng muttered and didn't know how to explain. Her father slapped her on her face hard.

The mess in bed, in the room was so dazzling that it stung eyes.

“Look at what you have done. You brought shame on our family. Why should I have a daughter like you?”

Xu Hao clenched his right fist tightly and looked at her face with frowning eyebrows: “Xia Xingcheng, I’m really disappointed with you.”

“It's not what it looked like; it’s not.” She shook her head desperately, and grabbed Xu Hao's hand subconsciously in fear of him leaving. “I was drunk last night, and I went back to my room to rest.”

She suddenly understood and stared at Xia Xingyan, who was beside her, in shock: "You did this, didn't you? You brought me back to the hotel last night. Why would you screw me like this! "

Xia Xingyan heard those words, but she presented herself like she had been wronged, "Sister, I don't understand what you are talking about. I haven't done such thing at all."

"You haven't?" Xia Xingcheng chuckled with furious anger, "Then how come I stayed in someone else's room, how come that man..."


Xu Hao broke off her words with a violent shout, as if he didn't want to listen to her any more.

"You did this and you want to blame someone else." Xu Hao looked at her indifferently as if he was just looking at an object. "Xia Xingcheng, I've only been gone for half a year, and you're already so horny that you want to climb into others’ bed?"

Xia Xingcheng held her own armsin panic, tears were rolling out of her eyes and dribbling down to the carpet.

She couldn't believe Xu Hao said that, this man had been with her for three years and was supposed to marry her.

"Xu Hao." She was almost begging in a low voice, looking at the man standing in front of her, "Believe me, please..."

"Stop talking. Your words make me sick." He turned away from her with disgust, then strode towards the door. "Cancel the engagement. I never want to see you again."

His words were like a sharp knife, went straight into Xia Xingcheng's heart. She was heart-broken so bad she couldn’t breathe as desperation overwhelmed her.

“Xu Hao!”

She stumbled to catch him, but her father grabbed her arm and pushed her shoulder till she knelt on the floor.

"What else are you going to do? Don't you think you have done enough to disgrace our Xia family? Xia Xingcheng, from today on, get out of our house. I won't have you as my daughter! "

Xia Xingcheng was stunned. After that, she was so out of it; she didn't even know how she finally got home.

The luggage has been packed and thrown at the door. Father Xia had even booked her a plane ticket, so she can pick up her things and go abroad.

"Sister, are you ok?"

Xia Xingcheng was desperately collecting her things. Then she saw Xia Xingyan walking down the stairs unhurriedly.

Seeing Xia Xingcheng ignored her, Xia Xingyan didn't get mad. Instead, she burst into laughter, "I bet you really want to know how you appeared in that room? I'll tell you. I did it all actually. I want to marry Xu Hao. I can’t bear the thought of you being happy!!"

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