My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 1010

1010. Extra Ten (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

The dragon king looked at the majestic blood dragon in the sky, suddenly aged a lot.

Long Jinghua looked at the expression of the dragon king, “Father, it’s just some angry words of my elder brother, don’t take it to your heart.”

The dragon king smiled bitterly and said, “It’s okay. I know he wants to kill me. He has had this idea for a long time, and I knew it already.”

Long Jinghua looked at the expression of the dragon king, had no idea how to pick up his words.

Cang Qian stretched his head out of the cave. Not knowing why, Cang Qian only felt a killing feeling blew in his face.

He touched his chin, and secretly said to himself, it should be some wrong feeling. I Cang Qian has always done good things and born no grudge with anyone in the immortal world. No one would want my life.

But think about Boss Long! Holy shit! So many people wish to kill him! So, that killing feeling should aim at him!

As Cang Qian was having a maggot in his head, a fierce killing move split toward him, Cang Qian couldn’t move a bit as he got locked up by that kind of astounding killing feeling.

With an angry roar Boss Long, that killing move aiming at Cang Qian got bounced back. In a split second, heaven rent asunder and earth cracked, crumbled stones rolling everywhere.

Cang Qian blinked his eyes in bewilderment. Damn it, so it was to kill him.

Then he swallowed some saliva and felt that he should have ignored something. Then as he gnashed his teeth, he suddenly remembered it, I only think Boss Long has so many enemies, but never expected that people in the immortal world would pick the soft ones to bully.

Then Cang Qian hid a little deeper.

Boss Long let out a roar of anger and dashed straight towards the place where the killing qi was coming from.

A mournful and shrill birdsong rang up, a huge phoenix fell from the sky and fell heavily before Cang Qian and raised up some dust.

Cang Qian looked at the dead phoenix in front of him and shrank his body.

Boss Long always said that he wanted to eat a phoenix. Now, it seemed that he would make it.

Looking at the dead phoenix, Cang Qian swallowed some saliva, thinking, it seems that it was this guy who tried to kill me!

Hu Qianjiao looked into the distance, with a cold light flashing across his eyes.

As Boss Long was just aside, someone was still bold enough trying to kill Cang Qian?

That idiot? Did he think Long Jingtian would show mercy for the sake that he was from the phoenix race? Come on! He even didn’t show face to the dragon king and the phoenix king! How could show you some face?

“How powerful Long Jingtian is!” A fox by Hu Qianjiao’s side could not help sighing.

Hu Qianjiao smiled and said, “He has promoted to the late stage of the divine king class.”

“Really strange, why would that guy try to kill Cang Qian?” Wondered a fox.

“You never know.” Who knows what they are thinking? But judging from Feng Li’s reaction last time, he wouldn’t want Cang Qian’s life.

Hu Qianjiao, squinting, secretly thought in the heart, even Feng Ling didn’t have the plan to do that, who else? Who has Cang Qian offended? Why did the other side take such big risk to kill him?

The dragon king stood on top of the mountain, hands held behind, “Who did that?”

Long Jinghua narrowed his eyes, “It should be Elder Feng Qian from the phoenix race. This elder adores bloodline. He has put forward that black phoenixes don’t belong to their phoenix race and has a problem with Cang Qian.”

“So it’s him. No wonder.” The dragon king said.

In the sky, Feng Li looked at the dead elder and gave a sneer, with only indifference on his face.

Those elders who took Feng Qian’s side saw that he was killed, they nearly died on spot.

Boss Long fell down from the sky and went into the cave.

Cang Qian looked at him and subconsciously asked, “Are you all right?”

Boss Long threw a peep at him, “Yeah, of course. Who am I? Do you think I am that fragile like you are?”

Cang Qian have a twitch of his mouth, thinking, you are so capable, but didn’t you still get badly wounded by that old dragon king?

Boss Long looked at Cang Qian and said, “What are you thinking about now? Are you cursing me in your heart?”

“How is that possible? I was just wondering, what we should do about this phoenix.” Cang Qian smiled.

Boss Long said reasonably, “Of course roast it. Let’s do it now.”

Cang Qian blinked and said, “Now?”

Boss Long nodded, “Yes!”

“Sir, so many people from the phoenix clan are out there. Is it appropriate?” blinked Cang Qian.

“Do it now! Why be afraid of them?” Boss Long said impatiently.

Cang Qian’s eyes looked outward.

Boss Long said, “Don’t worry. Just a bunch of idiots outside. It’s fine.”

Cang Qian, “….”

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