My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 1008 - Extra Nine (2)

1008. Extra Nine (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

In the Dragon Mountain

“The news has spread everywhere now.” Wearing a shaded face, the dragon king yelled.

Long Jinghua made a light sigh, “The news is from the fox race.”

“Hu Qianjiao, that stupid woman! Some day I’m gonna kill her!” roared the dragon king.

“Father, what shall we do now?” Long Jinghua asked.

The dragon king made a light sigh and said, “Try to look for them first. Only after we find them, we’d know what to do next, otherwise, it’s just some empty talk.”

Long Zhanghua nodded, “OK.”

“Keep an eye on the phoenix race. We can’t let them find them first!” said the dragon king darkly.

“I understand.” Feng Ming nodded.

The dragon king sighed lightly and said, “I wonder how Jingtian’s injury is now.”

Then he helplessly shook his head. He was crystal clear how heavy that palm was. It would take Long Jingtian quite some time to recover. Now Jingtian should hate him more.

“Hahaha, hahaha…” Cang Qian, holding a bucket of fried crisp meat, laughed hard.

Boss Long looked at him, “Why are you laughing? Are you choked?”

Cang Qian patted his chest and said, “I laughed because they said I am pregnant. They said I’m pregnant!”

Boss Long cocked his head and looked at Cang Qian evily, “Is you being pregnant that funny?”

Cang Qian looked at the face of Boss Long and stepped back timidly, “What do you want?”

Boss Long smiled faintly and said, “Don’t you know what I want?”

Cang Qian held the deep-fried crisp meat tightly in the chest and said sternly, “Watch what you do! You are badly wounded! Is it appropriate to hold that kind of nasty thing against me now?”

“Don’t worry. Even if I am a wounded man, I still have that ability.”

Cang Qian popped out his eyes, “Stop it! Both the dragon race and phoenix race are looking for us. We are being wanted! You know?”

Boss Long said disapprovingly, “What’s there to be afraid of? Those fools couldn’t find us.”

As Cang Qian still wanted to say something, he got dragged into the cave by Boss Long.

Cang Qian said angrily, “Let go, let go, tell you what, I am here in the immortal world to chase after hot chicks!” Not to be chased after!

“Chaser after hot chicks? A toy boy like you? Daydreaming!” Boss Long sneered.

“Hey, hey, behave yourself! You are so heavy! How dare to press on me? Do you want to die?”

“Let me tell you! I’m poisonous, I’m full of poison, and I’ll kill you.”

“Listen to me! You will get your karma! You will get what you deserve.”


Boss Long looked at Cang Qian and kissed him heavily.

Having his mouth pressed by Boss Long’s, Cang Qian wide opened his eyes. That was my first kiss! I just lost my first kiss!

No matter how hard Cang Qian struggled, they still went to that step. Cang Qian wore a darkened face, secretly thinking, why would I have laughed like that??? Now I got myself in trouble because of it!

And the Dragon Phoenix fruit inside Boss Long’s body was suddenly activated.

Both the dragon race and phoenix race thought it would have the best effect if one took the whole fruit. Actually it was wrong. Only if two people from the two races shared it and integrated it together would it have the best effect.

Boss Long felt the injury on his body was quickly healing.

Cang Qian also felt waves of mild divine source force pouring into his body, and his strength was rapidly rising, and then he said to himself, If my strength could have such a qualitative leap every time I got ridden, actually it wouldn’t be a problem to get laid once in a while. It’s just Boss Long really has bad techniques.

“My kind, a change has taken place in the Shenzi Tree. A new member has been born, but, but…” Suddenly the elder in charge of the tree rushed in.

“But what?” Asked the dragon king coldly.

“But, it shows that he has a dragon’s body and a phoenix’s wings, really weird.” That elder reported.

The dragon king collapsed on the ground, “I thought he was just joking, never thought he had really taken this step.”

Long Jinghua frowned, a trace of haze flashed across his eyes. What is wrong with him?

“Fine. Let him be.” The dragon kind had been worried that it would come to this step, but when it actually happened, he felt not that bad.

“Father, the divine tree has anomalies. I’m afraid the phoenix race should also respond.” Long Jinghua said.

The dragon king nodded, “Yeah! Feng Li would have a headache this time.”

He made a light sigh and tried to find joy amidst sorrow, Feng Li should be more anxious than him now. Anyhow, my son is not the one below, but Feng Li’s son is. So, Feng Li should feel more humiliated.

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