My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 10 - Pawn It

Chapter 10: Pawn It

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Mo Fei rubbed his chin, and sighed slightly, “Those bitches! They only speak for Prince Yu, but show no sympathy for me. To marry a man who is taller and more handsome than me, I am also under a lot of pressure, OK?”

Mo Yi immediately approved, “Yes, yes. Those bitches are so not considerate.”

Mo Fei patted the desk with his finger, saying, “By the way, the pendant we ‘borrowed’ last time, you sell it later. And then buy some delicious food.”

Mo Yi felt a little awkward, “Young master, didn’t you say the heat is on and we should lie low until the wind blows over?”

Mo Fei rolled his eyes, “That was before. Who am I now? I am the crown princess! What am I afraid of now? I’m not afraid being busted anymore. Even if I got busted, I could say I picked it somewhere.”

“Young master, you and the Prince Yu haven’t got engaged.” Mo Fei said, looking embarrassed.

Mo Fei cast a glance at Mo Yi, “What do you mean? You think I am not good enough for that damn prince?”

Mo Yi shook his head, “I didn’t mean that. You look amazing in every way. How is it possible you are not good enough for him? He is not good enough for you, I mean…”

Mo Fei chortled, “You have a good taste! Remember to buy me a Zhilin cake when you are back.”

Mo Yi nodded, “I know, young master.”

“Son of bitch! Asshole! What a low life…” Lin Xi looked furious.

Seeing her mom fly into a rage, Mo Yuwei asked, “Mother, what happened?”

“Last time I lost a pendant at Mo Fei’s place. He said it wasn’t him. But today his servant pawned it. Does he really take me as a fool?” Lin Xi said angrily.

“Mother, won’t you go denounce him?” asked Mo Yuwei.

Lin Xi said resentfully, “His status is different now. We can’t make trouble for him as we wanted like before.”

Mo Yuwei still wouldn’t give up, “But the Prince Yu hasn’t agreed to marry him.”

“Then still no.” said Lin Xi.

At this sensitive period, she couldn’t make a tiny mistake. Mo Fei might also have predicted this, so he would be bold enough to pawn her pendant to disgust her.

She’d like to see whether this son of bitch would really secure the position as the crown princess.

“Young master, your Zhilin cake.” said Mo Yi.

Mo Fei rubbed his hands while staring at the cake before him amorously, “Cake, dear cake! I missed you so much! Finally you are here. Prince Yu? Crown princess? They are nothing compared with you. I love you the most. I have waited for you for too long, you know?”

Mo Yi’s face got stiff, “Young master, when I bought the cake for you, I encountered the Madam’s people.”

Mo Fei cast at glance at him, “So what? I don’t give it a shit. How was your performance anyway?”

“I kept your words firmly in mind. Whatever situation I was in, even I got caught wetting my pants, I should remain calm and peaceful like nothing has happened. But maybe because I am not thick-skinned enough, I always couldn’t do good enough.” Mo Yi looked a little depressed.

Mo Fei frowned, “Not thick-skinned enough? Shame on you! Young man, you need experience and toughening. But I know this is a little hard for you. By the way, how many star coins did you pawn with it?”

Mo Yi stretched out three fingers, “Thirty thousand star coins! The chain on that pendant is made of rare metals. They said it’s quite valuable.”

Mo Fei blinked, “Really? Since it’s so valuable, I’m gonna “borrow” another one some other day.”

Mo Yi, “…”

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