My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 1 - The 17th Engagement

Chapter 1: The 17th Engagement

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

   “Young master, young master, bad news. Her lady has arranged you another engagement.” Mo Yi rushed into the room.

A young man, wearing a pair of loose underpants, lying on a rattan chair, waving a cattaill leaf fan, looked at Mo Yi with the corner of his eyes,” No worries. It’s just an engagement, not a marriage! It can be cancelled. It’s not the first time. Once a cancellation, always a cancellation. Easy. Easy.”

Mo Yi looked at his young master and said, “Young master, you are so calm!”

The young man smiled proudly, “Of course. Who am I? Come on! I am Mo Fei, the Mo Fei who has been rejected for sixteen times. Whom am I engaged with this time? Do you have a photo?”

Mo Yi took out a photo quickly, “He is the second son of the Lin’s, the one who owns a restaurant. Here is his photo.”

Mo Fei looked at it and was shocked, “Wow, he must weigh over 150kg. It’s not hard to understand. After all, he owns a restaurant. Look at his body, wow…”

“Young master, you really have sharp eyes. He weighs 166.5kg.” Mo Yi  sucked up.

Looking at the photo, Mo Fei pursed her lips,” Whoever becomes his wife will be very unlucky. It is possible that he might crush his wife dead in his sleep.”

“Young master, you are so clever. He did actually crush his wife to death in his sleep a few days ago. That’s why he is engaged with you.” Mo Yi said.

“No wonder people always say woman’s heart is the most poisonous. How dare that old evil woman engage me to such a man?!” Mo Yi’s face twitched.

Mo Yi eyed Mo Fei with a signal. Mo Fei looked at the door where a woman in delicate makeup was standing.

“What brings you here, mother?” Mo Fei looked at her with the corner of her eyes. It was Lin Xi, Mo Fei’s stepmother.

“I have come to see you. You are not my own, but I have always treated you as my own.” Lin Xi looked at Mo Fei and said.

Mo Fei patted his chest to prevent himself from vomiting, OS: “Oh my god! Is this bitch shameful to tell such a big lie?”

Lin Xi ignored Mo Fei twisted face and said kindly, “Lin is a little fat, but he owns a big restaurant. If you marry him, you will have an abundant life.”

Mo Fei snorted and argued in her heart, “A little fat?! Seriously?”

Lin Xi looked at Mo Fei and sneered, “Whether you like it or not, it’s settled. You’d better behave yourself and don’t play tricks. Lin once met you before. Your treasure box is useless.”

The woman sneered and walked away.

Mo Fei and Mo Yi yelled at the same time when the woman walked out of their sights, “Bitch!”

“Young master, do you still need the treasure box?” Mo Yi asked.

Mo Fei had a set of makeup tools in the box. He scared off a few blind dates by making himself looking terrible.

“The bitch says he’s seen me before. It won’t work.” Mo Fei narrowed his eyes.

Mo Yi got upset, “Young master, if you can’t play ugly, what should we do?”

“It doesn’t matter, I am smart as a whip. I have a lot of solutions way more than playing ugly.” Mo Fei snorted.

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