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Chapter 873 - Chapter 873: Tier 8, The Beginning of Ah Huang’s Pervert

Chapter 873: Tier 8, The Beginning of Ah Huang’s Pervert


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No matter what, this was not what Wu Wei wanted to see!

Therefore, Wu Wei could only choose to transfer the energy that he could not use up in his body!

When it came to transferring energy, Wu Wei thought of Ah Huang!

Previously, when Ah Huang advanced to grade-7, Wu Wei had sent the talismans related to the [Mammoth Dao Soldier] into Ah Huang’s body.


These talismans had indeed increased Ah Huang’s strength to a certain extent, but not by much!

It was as if Ah Huang could not fully unleash the power of those talismans.

At first, Wu Wei did not know the reason.

It wasn’t until Wu Wei’s [Runology] reached the transmutation level and his attainments in talismans increased that he had a guess about this situation.

The talismans that had entered Ah Huang’s body were only in his body. They had obtained the initial refinement and had not been completely lit up.

Wu Wei had thought of lighting up these talismans before, but it required a huge amount of energy. He didn’t have the energy or time before, but now, he had the time!

Moreover, there was also energy!

Therefore, after Wu Wei’s ninth origin broke through to level eight, he slowed down the advancement of the last little spirit.

While replenishing the spirit essence and spirit stones for the little sprite, Wu Wei poured the energy back into Ah Huang’s page through the Book of Talismans.

Although Ah Huang was helping Wu Wei block the robots, it didn’t affect Wu Wei’s work at all.

Ah Huang blocked Ah Huang, and Wu Wei was busy with Wu Wei.

After Wu Wei’s energy poured into Ah Huang’s body, a few talismans appeared in front of Wu Wei.

These talismans were [Mountain-Carrying Strength],[Golden Body Indestructible Boy Technique], [Dragon Elephant Body Tempering Technique], and [Strength Like a Spring], [Divine Power Protection], [Strength Like a Bull],[Innate Divine Power], [Hate the Earth Without a Handle], and [Hate the Sky Without a Ring].

The first three talismans were bright, while the last five talismans were relatively dull.

When Wu Wei saw this scene, he was instantly blessed. He subconsciously poured the power of feedback into the talisman [Power Like a Spring].

When Ah Huang carved the talisman [Power Like a Spring], it was only of Perfect Quality and couldn’t absorb much energy. It lit up almost instantly.

Wu Wei frowned and subconsciously took out the [Power Like a Fountain] that he had condensed in his space of consciousness. The two talismans were placed together and transformed into legend-quality talismans.

After advancing to the Legendary stage, he managed to absorb a little more, taking away 3% of Wu Wei’s power.

However, even though the energy was about to leave, the [Energy Like a Fountain] talisman still gave Wu Wei a feeling that it was a rootless tree. Once he stopped the energy, this talisman would dim sooner or later.

This was not what Wu Wei wanted to see.

Wu Wei could not help but fall into deep thought again!

Wu Wei still had time to ponder. If the Annan Mystic Realm could speak, they would have already cursed!

The controller of the Mechanical Scourge Army was almost here. It would only take a few minutes at most!

Moreover, it did not mean that Wu Wei would be 100% safe in a few minutes. There was already another ninth-tier existence on Wu Wei’s side!

While Wu Wei was deep in thought, a three-meter-tall pure black robot burst through the wall and charged at him!

This robot was a Type 9 robot!

Ah Huang quickly went up to him!


The fleshy Ah Huang directly collided with the robot that was covered in metal lumps!

The moment the two sides collided, Ah Huang was pushed back.

Obviously, Ah Huang’s strength was not comparable to this robot.

However, Wu Wei was behind it, so it had to compete even if it couldn’t. It couldn’t let the robot push it.

Dragon Elephant Force!

The strength to carry a mountain!

Ah Huang unleashed the power of his cultivation technique and origin talismans in one go. The two forces exploded, causing Ah Huang’s muscles to bulge. He grew 50 to 60 centimeters taller, and his strength instantly soared!

All of a sudden, Ah Huang’s retreating momentum seemed to have stopped.

With a grade-8 body, taking on a grade-9 attack head-on, Ah Huang’s strength could be seen!

However, no matter how strong Ah Huang was, he had only just advanced to the eighth step. If he could unleash his full power, the robots over there could do the same!

“Detected that the enemy’s explosive strength has exceeded normal mode. Super engine activated!”

A metallic sound was heard. The engine of the robot that collided with Ah Huang roared. Then, the power exploded. Ah Huang felt the invincible power again.

Seeing that Ah Huang was about to be overwhelmed.

At the same time, on the other side, Wu Wei, who was deep in thought, suddenly opened his eyes.

“Since a single talisman can’t light up for a long time, let it attach itself to another talisman!”

As he spoke, the [Spring of Power] talisman in Wu Wei’s hand that had absorbed 3% of his feedback power lit up again, and under his guidance, it directly came to the side of the [Dragon Elephant Body Training Art] talisman.

In the next second, the two talismans stuck together, and a dazzling light lit up.

The Dragon Elephant Body-forging Art talisman let out a dragon roar, and the golden finger in front of Wu Wei’s eyes refreshed.

[You have lit up the [Spring of Strength Talisman] of the first origin [Mountain-Carrying Warrior] and combined its power with the [Dragon Elephant Body Forging Technique]!]

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