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Chapter 629 - Chapter 629: Don’t Attack, We’re On The Same Side 2

Chapter 629: Don’t Attack, We’re On The Same Side 2

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As for Wu Wei, he was multitasking.

While opening up a path in front, he led Number Five to push through the various strongholds.

On the other side, he had also sent out his mind to control the little elf to follow behind the priest of the Death Religion, secretly messing around with the altar that the priest had set up.

At the same time, he also completed various side missions.

The rewards for these so-called side missions were not high. They were basically 1 spirit stone and 1% of the experience points.

However, there would occasionally be a few special ones who would give out some special rewards.

For example, [Akar’s Gathering Technique], [Lonkoto’s Sword Technique],[Son of Wind’s Movement Technique], and so on.

He was the first to raise Wu Wei’s Gathering skill to [Specialist] level.

The second Wu Wei was useless for the little elf.

But the third Wu Wei used it.

After completing the mission and getting this thing, Wu Wei remembered that he still had 10 specialized movement technique fragments when he killed He Yong.

Therefore, he used the [Body Movement Specialization] fragment and the [Wind Child’s Body Movement Comprehension] together.

[You have used 10 specialized movement technique fragments. You have entered the state of enlightenment!]

[You have used the [Wind Child’s Body Movement Technique Experience]. You have comprehended the Wind Child’s Body Movement Technique Experience. Your [Advanced Body Movement Technique] has been upgraded to Specialist Level. The skill characteristic [Wind Man] has been activated!]

[Skill Characteristic [Man in the Wind]: When there is wind, your speed will be especially fast. At the same time, the efficiency of learning the wind attribute will be increased by 50%!]

Looking at these golden finger notifications, Wu Wei was a little confused.

How should he put it? He was a little dissatisfied with the skill characteristic of the skill.

What did he mean by moving especially fast in the wind? Can’t you run without wind?

But no matter what, the improvement of his specialized movement technique made up for Wu Wei’s shortcomings in speed.

Just as Wu Wei’s movement technique was upgraded to Specialist Level, on the other side, the priest who was following Wu Wei from afar received new instructions.

“It’s about time. Lord Augus is about to descend. You can start luring him over!”

Almost at the same time when the priest of the Death Religion received the instructions, Wu Wei also got a rough understanding of the situation.

Augus was coming, and the other party wanted to lure him over.

“Has it finally come to this?”

At this moment, Wu Wei was faced with two choices.

Should he follow the other party or not?

Wu Wei didn’t have much hesitation when it came to this choice.

He directly chose the latter!

Almost at the same time that Wu Wei made his choice, the figure of the priest of the Death Religion appeared in front of Wu Wei. He arrogantly made a throat-cutting gesture at Wu Wei, then turned around and ran!

This provocation and seduction was a little too blatant.

But Wu Wei still followed.

Old Zhang couldn’t understand.

“No, you chose to follow him just like that? Didn’t you already set up an array to catch the opponent off guard? If he went to the other party’s lair now, wouldn’t he be walking right into a trap?”

“He’s walking into a trap!”

Wu Wei nodded and said,” But you’re the only one who’s suitable for the present.”

“The other party can actually control this mystic realm. That means that its strength far exceeds my imagination.

Even if the power it can use in this secret realm is limited and won’t exceed tier 7, it doesn’t mean that it can’t crush me!”

Speaking of this, Old Zhang thought of the five guys who had cleared the mythical realm that Wu Wei had seen before.

Thinking about it, it seemed to be the case.

If the other party’s strength could be raised to that level, what use would Wu Wei’s array formation be?

“But it’s still better than you walking into a trap, right?”

Wu Wei’s eyes were very bright.” It might not be a bad choice to walk into the trap. It will be more willing to talk to me if it has victory in its grasp.”

As long as he’s willing to talk to me, I have a chance of fooling him!”

Ever since he found out that the other party was Augus, Wu Wei tried his best to recall all the interactions he had with Augus.

Then, Wu Wei came to the conclusion that the other party did not seem to be very smart.

Previously, in the Black Swordsman Castle, Wu Wei thought that the other party was trying to catch a big fish with a long line. However, from the current situation, it seemed that he had really been fooled.

Wu Wei recalled the first time they met in the dungeon hall in Yuefu City, the second time in Quancheng, and the third time in the Black Swordsman Castle.

Thinking back again and again, Wu Wei became more and more convinced that his judgment was not wrong.

Combined with his success in capturing the little boy in Goethe Duchy, Wu Wei was quite confident this time.

This time, as long as Augus dared to make him speak, he would definitely dare to fool Augus!

When Zhang Niujiao heard this, he covered his face.

He felt that Wu Wei was a little disrespectful to Augus. No matter what, Augus was a big shot who could control the mythical realm from a distance. Wu Wei actually wanted to fool him.

He might even want to knock something down.

Old Zhang felt that Wu Wei would definitely be at a disadvantage.

However, Old Zhang did not say anything. He would not die anyway. It was not a bad idea to let Wu Wei try. If he really failed, he would not be able to fight again. What if he succeeded?

If he succeeded, wouldn’t he make a huge profit?

Therefore, Old Zhang watched as Wu Wei followed the priest of the Death Religion all the way to the lair of the Death Religion..

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