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Chapter 2083 - 2083 Forced Out of Dragon Burial Cave

2083 Forced Out of Dragon Burial Cave

The true dragon of the dao technique circled in the sky as if the entire world was enveloped by Xiao Hai’s internal qi.

For a moment, even the True Saint of the Si family could not help but be stunned a little.

He looked at Xiao Hai and sighed, “It’s really a pity to kill you this way… However, you are too stubborn. I definitely can’t spare your life.”

With that, the True Saint raised his palm, and endless Holy Power gathered!

The giant hand became even more intense, almost covering the entire world. In the next second, the giant hand ruthlessly covered Xiao Hai!

The Dragon Burial Cave of Donghuang was surrounded by a dozen True Saints. The terrifying pressure caused everything to disappear.

However, in such a harsh environment, a cultivator in white was sitting cross-legged.

At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes, and his palm unconsciously pressed against his chest.

Xiao Sheng frowned a little. He could feel a sharp pain in his chest.

However, the pain only lasted for a moment before it disappeared.

Xiao Sheng did not know what was going on. Looking at the sky, no one knew what he was thinking about.

At this moment, no one paid attention to Xiao Sheng. They were all looking at Dragon Burial Cave, and the internal qi on each of them was constantly surging.

Although these True Saints were far from being at their peak state, once they joined forces, their terrifying strength would not be inferior to a True Saint at the peak state.

“Qin Yu, this is your last chance. If you are willing to come out handing over the Traceless Immortal Scripture, you might stay alive,” Si Qianjing said coldly.

In the Dragon Burial Cave, Qin Yu’s expression was tremendously ugly.

He naturally knew what it meant for a dozen True Saints to join forces. Qin Yu was definitely not comparable to them.

“Even if I stay in Dragon Burial Cave, I’m afraid it will be very difficult for me to continue to hide here…” Qin Yu murmured.

At this point, Qin Yu was still reluctant to leave Dragon Burial Cave.

After all, this was the place where the Divine Dragon was buried, and many True Saints had fallen. Therefore, Qin Yu still had a trace of fantasy in his heart.

“Hmph, since you don’t want to come out, don’t blame us for being ruthless!” a True Saint said coldly. After that, they looked at each other as if they had reached a tacit agreement and prepared to attack together.

A dozen True Saints raised their palms one after another, and for a moment, an incredibly terrifying internal qi swept over!

Then these talismans quickly combined in their hands, forming an enormous talisman formation that covered the sky above Dragon Burial Cave. Instantly, the entire Dragon Burial Cave was enveloped in a mysterious internal qi.

Those mysterious talismans were like chains that tightly locked the entire Dragon Burial Cave, preventing Qin Yu from escaping.

In the Dragon Burial Cave, Qin Yu felt immense pressure, and his expression became even uglier. He knew that the combined power of these True Saints was definitely not something he could withstand.

Qin Yu gritted his teeth. The Mysterious Heavenly Mirror floated above his head. Then he mobilized the internal qi in his body, attempting to resist this power forcefully.

Terrifying pressure continued to roll over, and the Mysterious Heavenly Mirror above Qin Yu’s head emitted a light that enveloped him.

However, Qin Yu’s cultivation realm was too low. Even with the protection of the Mysterious Heavenly Mirror, he could not resist the combined forces of a dozen True Saints.

His body trembled non-stop, and the internal qi in the Dragon Burial Cave became even more terrifying. For a moment, Qin Yu was in intense pain and as if about to suffocate!

Qin Yu looked around and saw the densely packed mysterious talismans in Dragon Burial Cave.

These talismans seemed to be brewing some kind of terrifying power that seemed to explode at any moment!

“As expected of the True Saint… Their means are indeed beyond my imagination.” Qin Yu’s expression was incredibly ugly.

He knew very well that if he continued to hide in the Dragon Burial Cave, he would probably be blasted into smithereens by these terrifying talismans! It was set up by a dozen True Saints. Its power was unimaginable!

Qin Yu took a deep breath. He looked at the entrance of Dragon Burial Cave and muttered, “It seems impossible for me to continue hiding here.”

Qin Yu had no other way now. He would definitely die if he continue to hide in the Dragon Burial Cave.

Helplessly, Qin Yu could only walk out of Dragon Burial Cave step by step.

“He’s coming out.” Si Qianjing narrowed his eyes. His eyes were emitting beams of light that were close approaching Dragon Burial Cave. He could almost see Qin Yu’s movements.

Soon, Qin Yu’s figure appeared at the entrance of Dragon Burial Cave.

He looked up at Si Qianjing and the others and said with a faint smile, “How can I, Qin Yu, trouble so many seniors to come and attack me?”

“Qin Yu, you should know very well why we’re here,” a True Saint said.

“That’s right. The Traceless Immortal Scripture is not for you. Hand it over obediently.”

“Though the man may be innocent, keeping a treasure with him can be a crime. Do not stubbornly resist when confronted with evidence.”

Hearing everyone’s comments, Qin Yu sneered in his heart.

He looked at the bunch of bandits and said coldly, “I can give you the Traceless Immortal Scripture, but there are so many of you. Who should I give it to?”

“Qin Yu, don’t play such small tricks. Do you still want to sow discord among us? Do you think it’s useful?” Si Qianjing said coldly.

Qin Yu sighed and shook his head helplessly. “That’s right. You’re all people who have lived for thousands of years. Naturally, you won’t be deceived by such a small trick… But the thing is, won’t I lose my life if I hand over the Traceless Immortal to you?”

“You can suffer less,” Si Qianjing said coldly.

Qin Yu shook his head and said, “Speaking of which, I’m indeed not afraid of suffering. If I can’t even spare my life, you can’t get the Traceless Immortal Scripture.”

“Qin Yu, you have humiliated my Si family many times. This time, you must die!” Si Qianjing scolded coldly.

Qin Yu said with a cold face, “In that case, just do it. But let me tell you, I’ve hidden the Traceless Immortal Scripture. You can never get the Traceless Immortal Scripture if you kill me!”

Everyone’s expressions immediately turned dissatisfied. A True Saint immediately said, “You have a grudge against the Si family, but not us. As long as you are willing to hand over the Traceless Immortal Scripture, I can spare your life.”

“That’s right. We just want to get the immortal scripture.”

“Qin Yu, you can rest assured. With us here, we will definitely spare your life.”

Si Qianjing looked extremely unhappy, but he had nothing to say. The most important thing now was indeed to get the Traceless Immortal Scripture.

“Si Qianjing, what about you? ” Qin Yu raised his head and asked.

Si Qianjing took a deep breath and said, “Since everyone has spoken, I’ll agree to your request. I can spare your life for the time being.”

Qin Yu raised her eyebrows and said, “Yes, once the Traceless Immortal Scripture is in your hands, you will immediately turn hostile, right?”

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