My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely!

Chapter 961 - Chapter 961: Dust Settled, Thought Overclock! 2

Chapter 961: Dust Settled, Thought Overclock! 2

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He had learned a lot about Daliang Kingdom in the past three months.

They were in Liancang City, the county city where the founding emperor of Daliang Kingdom had raised his army.

The capital of Daliang Kingdom was located 800 kilometers north of Liancang

As it was close to the capital, the economy of Liancang City was much richer than the place where Su Mo had first come to. Travelers could be seen everywhere on the road.

Walking among them.

He could hear a lot of information from the conversations of the pedestrians, but most of them were just casual listening. Su Mo was also looking for information that could help him.

Heaven did not disappoint those who put in the effort.

Su Mo finally heard it when the two young men walked past him.

” Today, the Xuanwu Guards have updated the wanted list. Although we can’t do anything to Su Mo, who is at the peak of Ming Jin, Jade-faced Playboy has only just entered Ming Jin. With our strength, we can find him and the 500 taels of silver will belong to us.”

“Jade-faced Playboy? This person was not easy to find! The Xuanwu Guards had already wanted him for several years, but in the end, they couldn’t even find him?”

” That’S right. I heard that Jade-faced Playboy’s shapeshifting technique is superb. Over the years, countless government runners and Xuanwu Guards have passed by him without noticing him. However, I have a piece of news that can help us catch him.”

As he spoke, the young man on the left gripped the longsword at his waist, as if everything was in his grasp.

“Hurry up, hurry up. At most, you, you, I, and I will split the silver evenly.”

“It’s said that when Jade-faced Playboy goes somewhere, he likes to hunt for beauties the most. I’ve received news that the only family in Liancang City that he likes is…”

As he spoke, the young man stopped and looked around cautiously. After making sure that no one was listening, he whispered a name into the ear of another young man.

“Mrs. Chen?”

Su Mo, who was sitting by the roadside and had heard every word of their conversation, suddenly raised his eyebrows and a light flashed across his eyes. He used the Insight Skill and saw everything they were talking about. Shapeshifting technique? It sounded very powerful!

His primary purpose in coming to this world was not to learn martial arts, nor to find the path to immortality. The problem in front of him now was how to survive.

Be it Vajra Palm or Verdure Glider, none of these things could help him.

If he wanted to escape from the encirclement of the three major sects, he could only use tricks. Otherwise, how could a dying person fight his way out? After watching the two young men leave, Su Mo stood up and asked for directions before leaving quickly.

An hour later, under a high wall, an old beggar appeared.

There seemed to be something wrong with the beggar’s leg as well. He was limping. The passersby and acquaintances nearby only took a few glances and no longer paid attention to him.

Everyone knew that the poor old man was just another poor person who had been harmed by the world!

No one would associate the threat with an old man who could fall with a gust of wind!

Jade-faced Playboy was no exception!

Madam Chen was the wife of the previous city lord of Liancang City. She was as beautiful as an immortal. Not only did her age of just over 30 not reduce her charm, but it also added a lot of charm to Madam Chen.

No wonder Jade-faced Playboy took a fancy to him.

With the title of the former city lord’s wife and her extremely beautiful appearance, the rapist Jade-faced Playboy became even more infatuated.

Su Mo sat at the entrance of the decaying Chen Family Courtyard with his head lowered as if he was about to die.

In fact, he was using Profound Insight to size up the pedestrians coming and going.

Jade-faced Playboy’s shapeshifting skill could fool the bailiffs and Xuanwu Guard warriors, but it was still far from enough to fool Su Mo, who had the Insight Skill.

The Chen Residence was located in a busy city. Traders would pass by from time to time, but most of them just passed by in a hurry and did not stop. “Tanghulu, big and sweet Tanghulu.”

A cart passed by where Su Mo was kneeling.

The peddler pushing the cart was not tall, and his face was sallow, as if he had been malnourished for a long time. His rough hands also revealed his identity.

Su Mo was delighted when he looked up, but his face was still filled with numbness and pain. He could not see any hope for life.

The peddler kept walking forward and left the high wall without looking back, as if it was just a coincidence that he passed by here.

[Name: Zhang Chong (Jade Face Playboy)]

[Age: 27]

[Cultivation: Early stage of light Jin (Qi and blood are unstable, difficult to advance)]

[Method: Transformation Technique Level 3, Leveling Technique Level 2]

“So this Jade-faced Langjun has actually cultivated the Shapeshifting Technique to the third level, and even the Leveling Technique has reached the second level.”

Su Mo was secretly delighted.

The martial arts in this world were extremely exquisite. With his cultivation at the peak of Light Jin, he could only learn a few techniques in two months.

To reach the second level, not only did one need to work hard, but one also needed talent.

Zhang Chong was able to reach the third level of a cultivation technique and the second level of a cultivation technique at such a young age. If he practiced diligently, he must be a martial arts genius.

It was a pity that he had fallen into the wrong path and injured his foundation, making it difficult for his physical cultivation to improve.

After personally observing the wonders of the Transformation Technique, Su Mo was more confident in escaping.

Su Mo stood up and patted the dust off his body before following closely behind.

He was only at the initial stage of Light Jin! With the information gap, he could take the initiative to attack!

He did not dare to follow too closely and kept hanging for a few hundred meters until the peddler entered an abandoned alley. When another old man came out hunched over, Su Mo’s joy grew..

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