My Online Girlfriend Is The Nine Heaven Divine Phoenix

Chapter 45 - Don’t You Think They’re Very Good?

Chapter 45 Don’t You Think They’re Very Good?

Lu Ping’s words had just been sent out. “The group has been banned by the administrator, the head of the primary school department, Wei Minghua.”

Lu Ping’s words were the last to be seen.

Wei Minghua held his phone and covered his face!

The ban was too slow!

How could this guy say such words in front of so many people?

Wasn’t he afraid that he wouldn’t be able to face the consequences?

Cultivators weren’t indestructible. They were really going to play themselves like eunuchs.

He calmed himself down.

Wei Minghua said in the group, “Shut up, all of you. Don’t talk about it. This matter was Lu Ping’s impulse. Let’s stop here.”

It was obvious that Wei Minghua intended to suppress the matter himself.

With Wei Minghua’s words, no one dared to say anything more.

In the world of cultivators, some rules were very scary.

In the primary school department, there was only one outcome for challenging Wei Minghua’s dignity, and that was to be expelled from the school.

Seeing that no one in the group was talking, Lu Ping was too lazy to say anything more. Instead, he put the connectivity ring on his hand.

Then, he used his spiritual sense to slowly refine it.

The array formation inside was extremely complicated. It was beyond Lu Ping’s current understanding.

After Lu Ping completely refined the connectivity ring, a golden light flashed.

Lu Ping’s consciousness was pulled into a strange space.

“Welcome to the Primal Chaos Universe. You need to verify the user’s identity. Please rest assured that this information will be controlled by the Heavenly Path. No one can view it.”

“IP address: East Star Field, Fengming Planet, Qingzhou, Binhai City.”

“Race: Human”

“Name: Lu Ping”

“Cultivation: First level of foundation establishment”

A long list of personal information followed. All of them were accurate.

Lu Ping’s heart skipped a beat. This thing was so powerful that it completely approved his identity information. Moreover, it did not give him the chance to use it.

Soon after, a virtual human figure appeared in front of Lu Ping.

He could create his own face and screen name.

His screen name was still Lu Chaotian, but Lu Ping had made a huge change to his face.

The rest of his identity information was unviewable.

“Please choose the size of the interstellar network.”

Lu Ping could only choose to enter the city, state, and this star field, as well as his own star field network, and the largest universe network.

As for the other star field networks, he couldn’t enter them.

Lu Ping thought about it and chose this city.

Immediately after, an interface appeared in front of him again.

The interface was marked with various functions.

It included some entertainment modes and training functions.

For Lu Ping, he chose the training functions.

These included the custom training field and the battle training field.

In the custom training field, he could also spend star dollars to purchase virtual demonic beasts for training

As for the battle training field, it was all free.

Lu Ping clicked and entered the battle training field.

“Please choose. 1. Search the battle room according to your current cultivation level. 2. Battle without discrimination.”

Lu Ping chose 1. Countless rooms appeared in an instant.

However, they were all at the foundation establishment stage.

“Battle between cultivators at the third level of the foundation establishment stage. Experts are not allowed to enter!”

“Battle between flying swords. Magic Treasures are forbidden.” “Battle between cultivators at the high level of the foundation establishment stage. No one below the sixth level of the foundation establishment stage is allowed to enter.”

Looking at the rooms one by one, Lu Ping narrowed his eyes.

However, he didn’t enter any of them!

Instead, he directly exited and entered the custom training ground.

In the custom training ground, one could simulate various scenes, including training flying swords, drawing talismans, setting up arrays, refining pills and refining weapons. All of these could be simulated.

Although many functions required payment, for cultivators, they only needed to spend a small amount of star dollars to be able to simulate some things that required a large amount of star dollars to do in reality. It was still very cost-effective.

It could greatly increase their proficiency.

When they fought again in reality, they had a clear understanding of the situation. It was not to the extent of saying that they had wasted money.

Lu Ping began to practice the sword control technique inside!

The cultivator’s own magical equipment resources could be directly scanned into the virtual network to support the cultivator’s cultivation.

However, Lu Ping still paid a star dollar for the scanning fee.

In the custom training field, Lu Ping could test the strength of the flying sword and sword techniques without restraint, and he could also make some dangerous moves without worrying about getting injured.

Overall, compared to real-life training, it was much more convenient.

“What a pity, everything costs money!” Lu Ping sighed.

After practicing for a while, he was a bit bored, so he wanted to simulate a demonic beast at the first level of the foundation establishment realm and fight it.

However, this thing cost 20 star dollars to simulate once.

This made Lu Ping, who had always been a little stingy, feel his heart ache!

After thinking for a while, Lu Ping finally decided to simulate it.

“Simulate a level one foundation establishment demonic beast!”

In the next second, a huge green ape appeared in front of Lu Ping.

Fifteen minutes later, Lu Ping exited the Primal Chaos Universe with lingering fear.

He was still so weak. Facing a demonic beast of the same level, he could only hold on for fifteen minutes after a fierce battle.

“What a pity! I still don’t have enough swordsmanship proficiency.” He looked at his attribute points.

Host: Lu Ping

Level 4: 0/700 Teacher’s Path points

Current position: Primary school’s swordsmanship instructor

Title: None

Cultivation: Foundation Establishment Level 1

Cultivation Method: Nine Revolutions Primordial Spirit Body Building Art (Grade SSS)

Spiritual Power Strength: 150/3000

Spiritual Power Total: 1120/40000

Constitution Strength: Mortal level 1 (110/1000)

Spell Method: Sea Breaking Sword Art (Grade A) – proficiency F (450/800)

Five Elements Basic Spell Method (no grade) – proficiency A (580/5000) Over the past few days, Lu Ping’s strength had increased quite a bit, but his mastery of the Sea Breaking Sword Art itself was still very low.

After all, he had only obtained the sword technique for two days.

Even if his talent was good, if he wanted to truly unleash the power of the sword technique, he still needed a certain amount of time to practice.

But it was very clear that this was a very good start.

Thinking of this, Lu Ping became even more motivated.

When he was almost done with his cultivation, Lu Ping put away the miniature quiet room.

He realized that everyone in the office was looking at him with a complicated gaze. Except for Huang Xiaoqi, who was still focused on the television series.

At this moment, on Huang Xiaoqi’s computer screen, a man and a woman were passionately kissing.

He saw that Huang Xiaoqi was extremely engrossed in watching it.

“So disgusting…”

Lu Ping ridiculed in his heart.

He took out his phone and sent a message to Huang Xiaoqi.

“Baby, I’ve discovered something. Crazy Huang spends all day watching stupid dramas. Maybe it’s because of this that she became a sucker.”

Huang Xiaoqi replied, “Huh???”

“It’s true! The dramas she watches are all so stupid.”

Huang Xiaoqi couldn’t take it anymore and asked back, “Don’t you think that these dramas are very good?”

Lu Ping was instantly stunned. There was something wrong with these words.

Could it be that… his baby was also…

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