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Chapter 441

Chapter 441: Hatred

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When the great calamity arose, the Heavenly Court was also under a great deal of pressure.

The Jade Emperor once again issued an edict. All members of the Heavenly Court had to return to the Heavenly Court within a time limit and be under the control of the Heavenly Court.

This was to consolidate their strength.

This included the Phoenix clan.

Now, the Phoenix clan had found a new planet and was extremely remote. They also kept a low profile.


They did so to avoid the calamity.

When the Jade Emperor’s edict arrived, Huang Beisi’s face turned ashen.

They had been found in the end. The Heavenly Court still had their ways.

Faced with the Jade Emperor’s edict, Huang Beisi chose to temporarily agree.

Compared to the ambitions of most people, he actually did not have the intention of letting the Phoenix clan participate in the calamity.

The previous great calamity had directly caused the Phoenix clan to be on the verge of extermination.

Now that he had just recovered some of his vitality, how could he be willing for his clansmen to participate in the calamity again.

Unfortunately, many things would not be diverted by his will.

Huang Beisi could only pretend to agree. On the one hand, he was preparing to organize the relocation of his clansmen again.

“Clan Leader, we still have to leave. If we keep hiding like this, when will it be the end? This calamity is also an opportunity for our Phoenix clan. Your cultivation level is high, why don’t you give it your all in this calamity? Who knows, you might even have a chance to become a saint?”

The Phoenix Clan’s elder, Feng Chen, said to him.

In reality, there were not just one or two clansmen who had such thoughts.

Many people had the same thought, even some of Huang Beisi’s children.

Facing the merits of Heaven and Earth, facing the Primal Purple Qi, facing the opportunity to become a saint, many people felt that they should take a gamble.

But Huang Beisi was not willing to do so.

He valued the lives of his clansmen very much.

He shook his head slightly and said, “Whether it’s an opportunity or an chance, they are all accompanied by great risks. Our Phoenix clan only needs to live a stable life. The opportunity to become a saint is illusory. It’s better not to dream about it.”

“If we don’t risk it, how will we have a chance?” Feng Chen asked in a deep voice. “If you can become a saint, why would we need to hide? Then how would the Jade Emperor dare order us around?”

“Shut up!”

Huang Beisi’s eyes were cold as he said in a deep voice, “Quickly organize our clansmen. Let’s set off as soon as possible!”

Feng Chen shut his mouth, but there was reluctance in his eyes!

Hence, during the migration of the Phoenix clan, they encountered enemies.

The Jade Emperor sent Yang Jian over.

After a huge battle, most of the Phoenix clan members were captured and Huang Beisi died in battle.

There were also some who took advantage of the chaos to escape.

After the Phoenix clan was brought back, Feng Chen became the clan leader and returned to the Heavenly Court!

Huang Xiaoqi and Lu Ping were hurrying through the starry sky when suddenly, Lu Ping stopped. He could feel that Shiliu was calling him from within the sect.

“Shiliu is calling me. I’ll go back and take a look,” Lu Ping said to Huang Xiaoqi.

Huang Xiaoqi nodded.

As soon as he returned to the sect, Lu Ping saw the red-eyed Huang Shiliu!

“I want to go out! I want to go out now!” Huang Shiliu clenched her fists tightly and said through gritted teeth.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Lu Ping was greatly surprised.

“My father died and the Phoenix clan was enslaved by the Heavenly Court. I want to avenge him!”

Lu Ping was shocked when he heard what Huang Shiliu said!

“How did you know?”

“My second brother told me about it after he escaped!”

Obviously, Huang Shiliu was still in contact with some people in the Phoenix clan.

Lu Ping’s heart skipped a beat when he heard this. If it was Huang Shiliu’s second brother, then this matter should be very reliable.

It had to be said that at this moment, Lu Ping’s heart was filled with extreme anger!

Although they had given up their positions as planet officials, Lu Ping and Huang Xiaoqi had placed all of their hostile targets on the Western Church over the years.

They had never made a move against the Heavenly Court.

Even if there were some opportunities to kill the Heavenly Court’s immortals, they had all given up.

No one had expected that the Jade Emperor would make a move against the Phoenix clan!

This was undoubtedly something that Lu Ping could not accept.

It was true that he did not have much authority in front of the Jade Emperor, nor did he say how important his position was.

But no matter what, Huang Beisi was the father of Huang Xiaoqi and Huang Shiliu. How could he be killed just like that?

“I will find a place. You can go out and meet your sister immediately!”

At this time, Lu Ping was very clear that he could not continue to stop Huang Shiliu.

Although the little girl’s current cultivation was not considered high, if he continued to not let her out, she would hate him for the rest of her life. As for how she would discuss with Huang Xiaoqi after she went out, that was a matter between the two of them.

At the very least, she had to let her see Huang Xiaoqi now.

Hearing Lu Ping’s words, Huang Shiliu stared at him with tears in her eyes and asked, “You didn’t lie to me?”

One had to know that for so many years, she had requested to go out countless times, but Lu Ping had rejected all of her requests. However, this time, she actually agreed right away.

Lu Ping nodded and said, “Don’t worry. I said I would let you go out, so I will definitely let you go out. However, you have to wait for your sister and I to find a suitable place. It shouldn’t be more than three months!”


After leaving the sect, Huang Xiaoqi asked with a smile, “What’s wrong? What’s that girl up to now? Is she going to come out again?”

Huang Shiliu had mentioned such a request countless times.

However, for the sake of Huang Shiliu’s safety and the sect’s safety, the two of them had discussed and refused.

But today, Lu Ping knew that he couldn’t refuse.

“Yes, and I promised her!”

Upon hearing this, Huang Xiaoqi frowned and asked, “What happened?”

If nothing had happened, Lu Ping would never have agreed to this request.

Lu Ping looked at her and said in a deep voice, “Your father is dead!”

Upon hearing this news, even though Huang Xiaoqi was now a quasi-saint, she still stood rooted to the spot.

Lu Ping said in a deep voice, “Huang Shiliu said that the news she received from the universe was from your second brother. When the Jade Emperor summoned the Phoenix clan back to the Heavenly Court, your father agreed on the surface and secretly led his clan members away. In the end, he was intercepted by Yang Jian and his men. Your father died in battle! Most of the Phoenix clan members were escorted back to the Heavenly Court. Your second brother and a small number of his clan members escaped!”

“Yang Jian! Jade Emperor!”

Huang Xiaoqi’s reaction was similar to that of Huang Shiliu. No matter who it was, it was extremely painful for their blood relatives to be killed.

“AAAAAARGHH!” Huang Xiaoqi roared.

Her body was filled with killing intent.

Lu Ping went forward and gently hugged her.

In Lu Ping’s arms, Huang Xiaoqi cried out.

The two of them stood in the starry sky.

After an unknown amount of time, the crying in Lu Ping’s arms gradually stopped.

Finally, Huang Xiaoqi raised her head again and looked at Lu Ping. She said in a deep voice, “I want the Heavenly Court to pay the price!”

“Okay!” Lu Ping said in a deep voice, “But before that, we have to find a place. I promised Shiliu to let her out!”

Whoever made Huang Xiaoqi sad, Lu Ping wanted to kill them! Moreover, he killed Huang Xiaoqi’s blood relative. Even if Lu Ping and Huang Beisi didn’t have a good relationship, as long as Huang Xiaoqi wanted revenge, Lu Ping would help her!

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