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Chapter 439

Chapter 439: Shiliu Leaves

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Lu Ping had never thought that he would be able to obtain the Chaos Bell.

Now, the Chaos Bell had appeared directly in Lu Ping’s hands.

Lu Ping looked over and saw that the bell had turned into a dark yellow color. The sun, moon, and stars were shining around the bell. The power of the bell was far from what ordinary numinous treasure could compare to.

Lu Ping suppressed the excitement in his heart and calmed down a lot.

With Lu Ping’s current cultivation level, even an ordinary quasi-saint would be able to fight with this weapon!


However, speaking of which, he was still inferior to those top-tier quasi-saints.

Especially those quasi-saints who had saint treasures.

In the past hundred years, many things had been exposed.

Even the weapons in the hands of the quasi-saints had been made public.

Jin Ling took over from Zhao Gongming and once again engaged in battle with the Western Church.

The two sides in the middle had clashed many times.

Therefore, Lu Ping was very clear that even with the Chaos Bell, he might not necessarily gain any benefits from fighting those who had saint treasures.

However, there was no doubt that this time, Lu Ping’s battle strength had increased greatly.

However, Lu Ping had also secretly made up his mind that he would try his best not to use the Chaos Bell unless it was absolutely necessary.

Once he made a move, he would try his best to ensure that he killed his opponent.

The reason was very simple.

To put it bluntly, low-level cultivators needed cultivation techniques, resources, and ways to increase their cultivation.

However, when their cultivation reached a certain level, magic treasures would be the greatest source of combat power.

Putting everything else aside, Lu Ping was 100% sure that once the news of him holding the Chaos Bell reached Shao Deng’s ears, this person would definitely bring people to snatch his treasures.

The treasures in their hands were only temporarily borrowed by the saints.

If they could get their hands on the Chaos Bell and keep it for themselves, wouldn’t that be great?

Taking another ten thousand steps back, what was the Chaos Bell? That was an innate numinous treasure.

Even among the saints, this item could be considered a top-notch treasure.

Who could guarantee that the saints would not make a move?

If a saint really made a move, other than obediently handing over the treasure, what else could he do?

Other people would not say it, but Lu Ping would not believe that they could not bear to make a move.

Therefore, it was better to try not to reveal it.

Lu Ping’s disciples didn’t know what had happened to Lu Ping.

They only saw their master’s expression change from shock, to joy, to a frown, and finally return to calmness.

It was as if they were watching a performance class.

Lu Zi said in a delicate voice, “Master, what are you doing?”

Lu Ping came back to his senses and said with a smile, “It’s nothing. I just remembered something. I’ve given you all an acquired numinous treasure. Pay more attention to sect affairs. If you want to go out, go and report to Shiliu!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Huang Shiliu appeared.

She looked at Lu Ping angrily and gritted her teeth. “Don’t look for me. I want to go out and play!”

Compared to the disciples who had already grown up, Huang Shiliu also grew a little taller… by about two centimeters…

She was still a child.

If she wanted to fully grow up, it would probably take many years.

Lu Ping had also asked Huang Xiaoqi about this. In the Phoenix Clan, the purer the bloodline, the slower the growth and development. However, the upper limit of the future was also higher.

It was said that Huang Xiaoqi spent a total of 2,800 years from birth to adulthood!

Currently, this time was about the same for Huang Shiliu.

For Huang Shiliu, this was only a short period of time in her long life.

However, this period of time was really difficult to endure. For Huang Shiliu who didn’t really need to cultivate, after completely losing all kinds of entertainment facilities, her life became boring.

Therefore, she often thought about her life in the past.

Therefore, after being able to go to the small world, Huang Shiliu’s first reaction was that she wanted to go out and play.

Don’t blame anyone for saying that she didn’t work. She had to go out and play!

Lu Ping rolled his eyes.

Huang Shiliu’s cultivation was actually very ordinary now.

Compared to the improvement of these personal disciples, Huang Shiliu’s cultivation base didn’t increase too quickly.

However, she held a position in the Seven Phoenixes sect, and this improvement speed was much faster than normal.

Now, she also had reached the Gold Immortal stage.

It could be said that in terms of the speed of growth in cultivation base, she had already surpassed Huang Xiaoqi.

After all, she was enjoying the internal support of the sect.

Lu Ping extended his hand and patted Huang Shiliu’s head. He smiled and said, “Shiliu, look. For so many years, this sect has been very stable and united under your management. It’s prosperous and rich. You have contributed a lot! I’ve decided to select you as the number one person who has made outstanding contributions to our sect for a thousand years. At the same time, I’ll also reward you!”

“Really?” Huang Shiliu’s face was full of joy!

“Of course it’s true! But, you have to persevere. If you go out and play now, when someone manages the sect better than you, the number one person who has made outstanding contributions for a thousand years will be someone else.”

This was Lu Ping’s ultimate goal. He just didn’t want to let Huang Shiliu go out!

After so many years, regardless of what was going on with this child, the internal affairs of the sect were really quite stable.

Moreover, after more than a hundred years, Huang Shiliu also received great recognition.

Her popularity within the sect was also very high.

Everyone liked her very much.

Even though sometimes she would do some troublesome things.

Huang Shiliu’s mouth flattened. She looked at Lu Ping and said, “Yu tricked me! You want me to continue watching the house! I don’t want to! You and sister play outside every day, and you just leave me here, and you still have the cheek to not let me go out?”

Lu Ping smiled awkwardly. He had been seen through.

However, Lu Ping still planned to coax his beloved sister-in-law.

“Shiliu, you see, for the sect to develop so well all these years, it must be because of you. Now, everyone in the sect likes and admires you. Once you leave, everyone will definitely be anxious, right? So you should stay here for a while. I promise you, as long as I find a good place, I will definitely let you out!” Lu Ping patted his chest and promised.

However, it was hard to tell whether this promise was true or not.

Huang Shiliu gritted her teeth and said, “Then I want a salary! After so many years, I only work and never get paid. This is not acceptable!”

“Okay, okay, okay! Don’t worry, I will definitely give you a salary!” Lu Ping agreed immediately.

“I want a numinous treasure!” Huang Shiliu pouted and said sadly, “Look at you, you gave them one each, I have nothing!”

The little girl was being unreasonable!

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