My Online Girlfriend Is The Nine Heaven Divine Phoenix

Chapter 287 - Can You Help Me Beat up My Father-in-Law? (2)   

Chapter 287: Can You Help Me Beat up My Father-in-Law? (2)


She pouted and smiled coyly, “Hubby, did you miss me?”

Lu Ping quickly nodded. Of course he did. As he spoke, he kissed her.

“Ewww! You’re kissing her in public!” Huang Shiliu appeared out of nowhere.

She pointed at the two and shouted excitedly.

This child hadn’t gone far and had hid her aura nearby.

In fact, Feng Zeming also knew, but his barrier was enough to make Huang Shiliu unable to hear their conversation clearly, so he didn’t care.

Lu Ping and Huang Xiaoqi separated. Huang Xiaoqi rolled her eyes and said, “What are you hiding at the side for?”

Huang Shiliu pouted and said, “I was afraid that he would bully my brother-in-law, so I thought about what he was going to do. In the end, this guy set up a barrier, so I couldn’t hear what he said.”

Huang Xiaoqi waved her hand and said, “At least you have the heart to take care of your brother-in-law.”

At this time, Lu Ping asked curiously, “Is what he said true?”

“Of course!” Huang Xiaoqi didn’t hide it and said, “It’s indeed as he said. The cultivation of the Phoenix clan is generally higher, especially the royal clan with pure bloodlines.”

She kissed Lu Ping and said with a smile, “The main thing is that in the future, my husband will definitely be above everyone else. You have the main character’s exclusive artifact, right?”

As she spoke, Huang Xiaoqi blinked her eyes.

She was pretty and cute.

Her eyes were filled with love.

Lu Ping looked in the direction where Feng Zeming had gone and said, “That person didn’t say anything wrong either.”

Huang Xiaoqi rolled her eyes.

“Who does he think he is? What right does he have to say those things in such a strange manner?”

Actually, Lu Ping was also a little angry.

Of course, he also understood the meaning behind Feng Zeming’s words.

But what Feng Zeming said was the truth, and it was actually not that hard to accept.

But if Huang Xiaoqi wanted to chase him away, then she would just chase him away.

Lu Ping rubbed his chin. He thought of a question. “Then if he goes back, won’t he sue me for being a troublemaker?”

Hearing this, Huang Xiaoqi was also stunned.

Yes, this was almost inevitable.

But in the next moment, Huang Xiaoqi laughed.

“So be it. What else can he do? Also, that guy has been roped in by you to become an honorary elder of the sect. What can my father do to you?”

That guy? Who was she talking about?

Lu Ping immediately thought of it.

It was probably Kong Ming! Huang Xiaoqi, had never seen the other two before.

Was he that awesome?

“Sis, are you talking about the guy in the mask? Who is he?” Huang Shiliu was curious.

Last time when Kong Xuan wore a mask to watch the assessment, Lu Ping had introduced him as an honorary elder.

Therefore, Huang Shiliu still had an impression of him.

“His name is Kong Xuan. That guy is one of the strongest people in the universe. Other than the saints, no one is his match,” Huang Xiaoqi said bluntly.

“Huh?” Lu Ping’s mouth was wide open.

So Kong Ming was Kong Xuan also known as the Peacock King!

So that’s how it is!

Lu Ping finally understood.

However, Lu Ping was puzzled. This guy was really strange. Since he was so powerful, why did he push Kong Jing onto him?

Huang Shiliu didn’t know what he was thinking. Instead, she smiled and said, “With his support, there will definitely be no problem.”

Lu Ping said nothing.

“That guy is in the Scripture Pavilion?” After the last time, Kong Xuan had asked Lu Ping to give him the authority of the Scripture Pavilion. Lu Ping had agreed, so now Kong Xuan could freely enter and exit the Scripture Pavilion.

Huang Xiaoqi nodded and smiled, “That’s right. Do you want to go and see him? I’ll accompany you.”

Lu Ping smiled and said, “Of course. But I’d better go by myself. You guys wait for me at the sect building.”

After saying that, Lu Ping flew towards the Scripture Pavilion.

Looking at Lu Ping’s back, Huang Xiaoqi smiled.

Although it cost eight million contribution points, the enlightenment had a huge impact on her.

Even her cultivation that had stagnated for many years was showing signs of loosening!

One had to know that with her cultivation, every step forward was extremely difficult!

This made her even more certain of how terrifying the system was.

“How can I enter again?”

Huang Xiaoqi fell into deep thought.

To Huang Xiaoqi, the only drawback of enlightenment this time was that the time she had was too short!

On the eighth floor of the Scripture Pavilion, Kong Xuan sat cross-legged.

Lu Ping walked up and smiled. “Mr. Kong, what are you doing?”

Kong Xuan opened her eyes and asked, “Is something the matter?”

“I have some questions. Please answer them, Peacock King.” The smile on Lu Ping’s face disappeared.

Kong Xuan was not surprised to hear Lu Ping address him this way.

Huang Xiaoqi knew him and Kong Xuan did not plan on hiding his identity.

“You want to ask why I’m helping you, right?” Kong Xuan smiled.

Lu Ping nodded.

Kong Xuan did not hold back either, he said in a deep voice, “The heavenly secrets in you are unclear, and so is the karma. I thought you were the chess piece of a saint. As for me, I want to take in a disciple, but I don’t want those two b*stards from the Western sect to know about it. So, I thought of using you to take Kong Jing as a disciple. When the world is in great danger, it might be useful!”

Well, Lu Ping wasn’t surprised. Kong Xuan wasn’t happy with the Western sect.

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