My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 822

Chapter 822: He Wanted to See Her (2)

Xu Weilai’s mother rubbed her hands together with a fawning smile. “Yu, since you’re here, why not come in and rest for a bit and have breakfast? You must have spent the night in the car, it must be very uncomfortable for you. Leave after you feel better.”

She studied Gu Yu’s expression. “You came to see Weilai, am I right? I’ll call her and ask her to come back. You two can have a good chat over breakfast.”

She had already thought it over. Since Gu Yu came looking for Xu Weilai and waited for her in the car for the entire night, there were still chances for them to get back together. She would never let this opportunity slip.

Xu Weilai’s father realised a little later on what she was trying to do. He quickly regained his senses and echoed his wife’s invitation, “Yes, since you don’t come by often, do come in and have a seat.”

Gu Yu wanted to refuse, but stopped when Xu Weilai’s mother offered to summon Xu Weilai home.

He did not have her number, neither did he know where he could find her. He did not even know whether she would pick up his call.

His thin lips opened, “Sorry to bother you.”

Gu Yu was brought to Xu Weilai’s room. The maid even brought him a set of toiletries and towels. He then freshened up in the bathroom.

Although Xu Weilai no longer stayed here after she got married, the room was still well-maintained. The maids might have cleaned it up often, since there was no trace of dust in the room.

He inspected Xu Weilai’s room. A row of dolls lined the edge of the bed, pink stickers decorated the wall, and adorable decoration pieces adorned the table in the room. It was a typical teenage girl’s room.

A picture frame sitting on the table caught his eyes when he took a better look at the table. In the picture frame was a picture of him and Xu Weilai.

He walked over and picked it up.

He remembered this picture, taken when they first enrolled at the university, when he and Xu Shuai met Xiao Chun and Xu Weilai at the university. Xiao Chun wanted to take a picture of him, Xu Weilai and Xu Shuai. But, Xu Shuai got out of the frame when Xiao Chun pressed the shutter, leaving him and Xu Weilai in the picture.

This was their first picture together, and the only picture of them.

If she still kept this picture of them, she would still have feelings for him then.

Corner of his lips curled up in a faint smile of hope. It was a joy beyond his expectations. He could even feel his heartbeat quickened.

He put down the picture frame and walked around the room. Besides the desk was a pink book shelf filled with some book. He randomly picked one out, which felt rather heavy in his hand. He realised it was a dictionary.

He flipped through it casually. It was just an ordinary dictionary. He wanted to put it back in when accidentally knocked over some of the small decoration pieces. With the dictionary placed back on to the shelf, he crouched down to pick up the decoration pieces when he glimpsed a small safe beneath among them.

Gu Yu’s hand unknowingly reached out to the safe and his fingers mechanically entered a series of numbers that surfaced in his mind, a series of number he had no recollection of.

The lock sprang open with a click.

Gu Yu stared at the lock in disbelief. The series of numbers in his head was indeed the password, passwords he never thought he would know. He pried into the unlocked safe box.

There was nothing valuable in it. There was no money or jewelry, just a book with a white cover.

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