My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 533 - Love Confessions Should Be Done By Men (1)

Chapter 533: Love Confessions Should Be Done By Men (1)

She couldn’t help but laugh at herself. “I’m so brave and fearless, but after so many years, I didn’t even have the guts to say that I like you. I’m so cowardly that even I look down on myself.

“But recently, I’ve experienced a lot of things and thought a lot of things through. I don’t want to hide my feelings anymore. I want to tell you, tell you how much I like you!”

As she spoke, she took a step forward, still heading in the direction of Gu Yu.

Everyone’s gaze followed the direction she was looking at. There stood the tall and slim Gu Yu, as well as the alluring and vivacious Xu Weilai.

Since Xiao Chun was confessing to a man, it definitely wasn’t Xu Weilai. So… it was Gu Yu?

Xiao Chun actually liked Gu Yu? Her god-brother, and also the husband of her best friend? Could things be that juicy and scandalous?

Under everyone’s astonished gazes, she suddenly reached out her hand and pulled Xu Shuai, who was standing next to her, to her side. She raised her eyes and stared straight at him. Her red lips opening slightly, she said, “Xu Shuai, I like you. Are you willing to be my man?”

The sudden turn of events caused everyone to gasp collectively. What sort of bizarre turn of events was this?

Not to mention the others, even Xu Shuai himself was dumbfounded. Wanting to say something, he reflexively opened his mouth. Xiao Chun’s hands suddenly grabbed onto the lapels of his chest. She used almost all of her strength, causing the veins on the back of her hands to bulge.

Her face was close to his. Their faces were so close that it was as if their breathing were mingled. Then, Xu Shuai heard Xiao Chun’s low voice. “This is the present I want this year!”

After saying this quickly, she stood on her tiptoes and pressed her lips against his lips.

Xu Shuai’s mind went blank for a moment. Although this Xiao Chun only did things according to her way, this silly girl was stubborn and obstinate when it came to relationships. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have had eyes for only one man for so many years, even if that man had never given her any hope or response.

Just now, when he suddenly heard that she was going to confess, he felt incredulous. Wasn’t this clearly a scene that would embarrass him? In the end, he inexplicably became the target of Xiao Chun’s confession..

However, he quickly realized Xiao Chun’s intention.

It was indeed quite silly…

Between Yun Rou and Xu Weilai, she chose Xu Weilai, and between Gu Yu and Xu Weilai, she chose Xu Xu Weilai.

She caused this scene to make Xu Weilai feel at ease.

As brothers, they naturally had each other’s backs. Since she made this choice, he would support her. In fact, after so many years, it was time for her to let go.

It was also a good thing that Xu Weilai made her give up this stubborn and hopeless relationship!

Their lips touched as they parted. Waiting for his answer, Xiao Chun stared fixedly at Xu Shuai. Everyone else was also waiting for his answer.

Xiao Chun and Xu Shuai had been bros for many years. They didn’t expect that Xiao Chun had a crush on him for so long. However, everyone knew what sort of man Xu Shuai was. He didn’t like to be tied down by emotions. He was a philandering womanizer, so would he be willing to give up an entire forest for Xiao Chun, a big tree?

Waiting for the answer of the male lead, everyone subconsciously held in their breaths!

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