My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 515 - Is It Poisoned? (1)

Chapter 515: Is It Poisoned? (1)

Gu Yu stroked her tightly knitted brows and smoothed it out gently before he casually asked, “Did something come to mind?”

Xu Weilai glanced at Gu Yu when she heard his question and felt amazed by how he could read her like an open book. Nothing seemed to escape his eyes.

Without the intention to hide anything from him, she nodded and shared, “Let’s not visit Xiao Chun for now. There’s something I need to verify first.”


Gu Yu agreed readily.

Xu Weilai couldn’t help but ask, “Gu Yu, aren’t you going to ask me what it is?”

Gu Yu moved his hands away from her brows and took her hands in his. He gave her a gentle squeeze and his lips curled up into a smile as he replied casually, “You could do whatever you want.”

After a pause, he added unhurriedly, “I’m here for you if you can’t solve the problem.”

Whatever feelings of disappointment and sadness that had accumulated in her heart because of Xiao Chun was instantly healed by his simple words. Her expression softened as she held his hand and replied, “Thank you, Gu Yu.”

“Thanks for always staying by my side and supporting me,” she thought.

She believed that as long as she had him with her, she would be able to face everything bravely no matter what the outcome was.

Gu Yu raised his other hand and caressed her cheek tenderly before he instructed Assistant Lin, who was seated in the driver’s seat, “Let’s go.”

Earlier on, Assistant Lin was so terrified by Yun Rou that goosebumps had appeared all over his body. Before he could even recover from his shock, he was once again triggered by the lovey-dovey acts between his Big Boss and Young Mistress, and he felt terribly sorry for himself.

“I’m just here to drive you guys around. Why do you have to do this to me? WHY?” he groaned silently.

Instead of returning to the hospital, Xu Weilai instructed Assistant Lin to drive them to the apartment.

She got out of the car upon arriving. She had initially planned to get Gu Yu and Assistant Lin to wait for her downstairs as she merely needed to get something and would return quickly. However, Gu Yu got out of the car with her and Assistant Lin was left to wait in the car alone.

Xu Weilai’s heart felt heavy and she remained silent throughout the entire time that she was in the elevator with Gu Yu. It was hard for Gu Yu to read her mind and she seemed slightly distracted.

The elevator door opened with a ‘ding’.

Gu Yu then wrapped his arms around her waist and led her out. They headed towards their apartment and after Gu Yu opened the door with his key, the couple entered the apartment.

Without even bothering to change out of her shoes, Xu Weilai strode straight into the kitchen and began to rummage around. She then fished out the bird’s nest donkey-hide gelatin cake that Xiao Chun had gifted her.

She had been eating it all the while and had already finished two-thirds of it.

Gu Yu walked over and scanned her face with his jet black eyes before his gaze landed on the bird’s nest donkey-hide gelatin cake. His expression darkened as he asked, “Did Xiao Chun give this to you?”

“Yes,” Xu Weilai replied in a low voice.

She subconsciously picked up a piece of bird’s nest and waved it at Gu Yu as she resumed, “I’ve been on good terms with Chunchun for so many years. She has never done anything to upset or hurt me. This is the only thing I could think of.”

“Ever since that time when I fell ill and had a fever, she began to use my weak constitution as an excuse to buy me these supplements. She would nag at me to eat some every day so as to strengthen my body. If she wanted to harm me, this would be the best opportunity for her to do so. I think…this might be what Yun Rou was referring to.”

“Gu Yu, I want to take this back to the hospital. Could you help me to get this tested? I really hope…to get an answer as soon as possible.”

Gu Yu swept one glance at the bird’s nest donkey-hide gelatin cake gloomily and feelings of hostility began to take roots in his heart. If Xu Weilai was really harmed by Xiao Chun, he wouldn’t take their friendship into account and go easy on her.

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