My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 513 - Just a Reminder (1)

Chapter 513: Just a Reminder (1)

Gu Yu was pouring Xu Weilai a glass of water by the side when he caught a glimpse of her frown from the corner of his eye. He instantly paused what he was doing, but after a moment, continued to fill the cup with water before he picked up her medication.

He then walked over to her bedside and after she ended her call, handed the pill and water to her. “Take this,” he said calmly.

Xu Weilai’s eyes were written with disbelief and she was so stupefied that she did not move or react to his words.

However, Gu Yu did not say anything else and merely reached over to pick up the pill. He then placed it close to her mouth and ordered, “Open your mouth.”

Xu Weilai subconsciously obeyed and opened her mouth. After Gu Yu popped the pill inside, handed her the glass of water and instructed concisely, “Drink some water.”

She obediently took a sip of water and swallowed the pill.

Gu Yu then placed the glass of water down on the bedside table before he looked down at her tiny face and asked, “Is there any progress with the case?”

Xu Weilai finally snapped out of her daze when she heard this and looked up at him. When her clear eyes met his, replied rather hoarsely, “The murderer came to turn herself in and brought along the knife that she used to stab me. The assailant is…Chunchun.”

From the beginning until now, Xiao Chun never showed up or answered her call. It was as if she had disappeared into thin air. But now, she actually appeared to surrender herself.

“She’s not the one who did it, but she’s shouldering all the blame and claiming that she was the one who wanted to kill me?” Xu Weilai thought incredulously and for a moment, felt extremely depressed.

Gu Yu nodded and does not appear to be surprised. Without saying anything, he merely stroked Xu Weilai’s hair gently with his large palms to comfort her.

“Gu Yu…” Xu Weilai called out and frowned. She could not conceal the look of disappointment on her face as she remarked, “Attempted murder is a serious crime and Chunchun definitely knows the consequences well. Why would she shoulder all the blame for Yun Rou? It’s as good as ruining herself!”

“Moreover, we’ve been friends for many years. Doesn’t she care about this at all? She’ll be helping Yun Rou if she admits to the crime. What sort of relationship do they have that would drive her to be so reckless?”

Xu Weilai became quite agitated as she spoke and, afraid that she would strain her wound again, Gu Yu pulled her into his arms gently. Patting her back with his large palms to calm her down, he suggested, “Instead of being upset and conflicted, why don’t we confront her about this? I’ll talk to the doctor tomorrow morning so that we could head down to the police station, alright?”

Gu Yu could always read her mind and tell what she was most concerned about before he helped to solve her problem.

There were certainly many things about Xiao Chun that baffled Xu Weilai and if she doesn’t clarify them, she wouldn’t be able to bear with it and would feel ill at ease.

Moreover, she felt that Xiao Chun owed her an explanation as well.

They had been best friends for many years and were as close as siblings. Xu Weilai wondered if she was really just putting on an act and was actually harming her secretly all along.

Xu Weilai couldn’t sleep for the whole night. Her heart palpitated and she was so wrought with anxiety that she practically counted the hours until dawn.

After washing up, Gu Yu instructed someone to bring in her breakfast. While she doesn’t have much of an appetite, but since Gu Yu was feeding her the porridge, she obediently finished it all.

Assistant Lin bought her some new clothes. After changing out, Gu Yu and Xu Weilai left the hospital hand in hand and got into a car.

The car brought them to the entrance of a police station but just when Xu Weilai was about to get out, her phone rang. When she took one glance at her screen, realised that it was actually a call from Yun Rou.

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