My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 497 - Hope That Things Would Continue to Go Well Between Us (1)

Chapter 497: Hope That Things Would Continue to Go Well Between Us (1)

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Xiao Chun’s expression froze for a fleeting moment but she quickly replied nonchalantly, “Isn’t retro popular these days? I’m just finding some oldies to listen to.”

“You’ll never get sick of oldies,” Xu Weilai smiled and her eyes crinkled. “The moment I heard this, it reminds me of how crazy we were when we were students. We were so fearless and dared to do anything.”

Xu Weilai narrowed her eyes and turned up the volume. As she listened to the song, she reminisced, “Do you still remember that you liked a male celebrity back then and insisted on dragging me along to catch him. You said that I was good at taking photos, but in the end, that male celebrity was surrounded by three groups of bodyguards so we didn’t manage to take any. The bodyguards even treated as if we were the paparazzi and wanted to teach us a lesson. They chased us down three streets and we ran until we were almost out of breath!”

At the mention of the past, Xiao Chun’s expression inevitably softened and she, too became immersed in the memories, “Of course I remember. At that time, I accidentally tripped and my knees hurt so badly that I grimaced in pain. I couldn’t run anymore and since the bodyguards behind me were about to catch up, I told you to leave me. After all, it would be better if at least one of us wasn’t caught. But you refused to do so and actually carried me on your back. I was so shocked back then. You were so petite and yet you could actually carry me…”

“Hey, don’t look down on me, ok?” Xu Weilai grumbled and raised her chin proudly. “I’ve always wanted to work in the media industry since I was a child. As you have to rely on your physical strength when you’re covering news, I’ve always been training for it,” she explained.

“Yes, yes, yes. Little Weilai, you’re the best. You’re the greatest!” Xiao Chun praised.

Xu Weilai accepted it without hesitation, but she, too, began to bring up about what Xiao Chun had done for her, “Chunchun, you’ve been very nice to me too. At Gu Yu’s 18th birthday party, you didn’t even know me but when you saw how I was ridiculed by Gu Xue and the others, you stood up for me. Subsequently, you even became my advisor, though your advice is usually lousy. You helped me pursue Gu Yu and created opportunities for us. Without you, I might not have pulled through back then.”

Xiao Chun narrowed her eyes and subconsciously tightened her grip on the steering wheel. She wanted to say something but no words came out of her mouth and eventually, she only managed to smile.

The two of them chatted casually until they arrived at the hot spring resort on the mountain.

After they got out of the car, Xiao Chun tossed the car keys to the valet at the entrance. The hotel porter then carried their luggage and followed after them.

They checked in at the lobby and since it was already lunchtime, they were not in a hurry to head back to the room. Instead, they made their way to the resort’s restaurant.

The waiter led them to a quiet seat by the window. The window was a circular, bamboo window that looked slightly oriental and since the view outside happened to be a long corridor with rockery and aquatic elements, it felt very picturesque.

When they were ordering their food, Xiao Chun habitually ordered a series of dishes that Xu Weilai liked to eat, while Xu Weilai ordered dishes that Xiao Chun liked to eat.

After placing their order, they could not help but exchange a look and beamed.

Even though they had been apart for a few years and never really kept in touch, their feelings for each other seemed to be carved into their bones and would never disappear.

The food was served quickly and while Xu Weilai was still eating, her phone rang.

She took one glance at her phone and when she realised that it was a call from Gu Yu, quickly placed down her chopsticks down and answered, “Gu Yu, you’ve reached Country M?”

Without her realising, Xiao Chun’s grin gradually faded off from her face.

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