My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 461 - Miracle for Her (1)

Chapter 461: Miracle for Her (1)

Yun Rou was pouring a glass of water for herself and about to drink. On hearing that, she paused for a moment and silently searched Xiao Chun. For about two seconds, she agreed, “Okay.”

After drinking up the water slowly, she walked into her bedroom, taking the extra room card and handing it to Xiao Chun.

When Xiao Chun reached out to take it, Yun Rou didn’t loose her hand for a moment. Instead, she smiled gently and said in a soft voice, “Chunchun, you are so kind to me. ”

Xiao Chun looked a little stiff, but quickly returned to normal. She also raised her smile, “That’s what I am supposed to do.”

Yun Rou relaxed her grip. Xiao Chun took the room card, holding it in her hand.

“The court is going to start soon. ” Yun Rou sat on the sofa with a sinister smile on her face, which made her beautiful face twist strangely, “Chunchun, Xu Weilai is about to ruin her reputation and go to jail. Yu will be back with me soon.”

Xiao Chun’s gaze fell on Yun Rou’s face with a distant look in her eyes. Soon, she lowered her eyes and said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave now.”

“Okay. ”

Tomorrow was Court Day.

Gu Yu did not return to his apartment that night, instead, he returned to the old residence.

Mr Gu sir. body hasn’t recovered since he was angry at the birthday banquet, what’s more, he was worried about Xu Weilai which made him anxious and felt dizzy, so he could only lie down.

When Gu Yu walked into Mr Gu sir’s bedroom, Auntie Lin was feeding him medicine. When she saw him coming back, she called out, “Young Master.”

Gu Yu nodded slightly and stepped in front of Mr Gu sir. Looking at his pale face, he said with a deepened voice, “Grandpa, how are you? ”

Mr Gu sir. shook his head slowly, “It is quite normal for the elderly, don’t worry.”

It was obvious his white lie to let Gu Yu calm down. After all, he had to worry about Xu Weilai and the company now.

Gu Yu understood what he was thinking, so he didn’t ask more. He pulled out a chair and sat down. “I’ll stay here tonight. ”

“No need. Aren’t you going to court tomorrow? Go back and have a good sleep. Refresh yourself to fight a wonderful victory for Weilai! ”


Gu Yu’s curled his lips, “Grandpa, are you so sure that I’ll win? ”

“Of course! ”

Mr Gu sir. was instantly excited and even sat up straight, “You are my son’s son, my dear grandson. You will never lose! What’s more…”

After a pause, his eyes flashed and fell into his memory. “Once you have someone you want to protect, you’ll try your best to do wonders. ”

“Do you remember? When you were ten years old, in order to protect me, you really created a miracle. And this time, the one you want to protect is the girl you love! ”

“Yes, the girl I love… ” Gu Yu muttered, his voice low and hoarse.

From the beginning to the end, only his grandfather truly understood him, even when he did not see his own heart clearly, he understood everything.

At dawn

Gu Yu got up, washed, and put on his suit slowly and elegantly, buttoned his cuffs, put on his tie and stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. The man in the mirror was as handsome as a deity, as if everything in the world paled beside him.

He went downstairs and had a simple breakfast. When he walked out of the door, assistant Lin was already waiting for him by the car. When Gu Yu walked over, he opened the back seat door for him.

Gu Yu sat in the car. The car quickly drove out toward the court.

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