My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 453 - I am your lawyer (1)

Chapter 453: I am your lawyer (1)

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Sensing the man’s displeased gaze, Xu Weilai turned to look at him and forced a smile on her face. “Gu Yu, I believe that the police will give me justice! ”

She could not let the public opinion get worse and drag Gu Yu down. Perhaps this was the ultimate aim of this trap so she had to stand up.

She hoped that in the future, she would never be a weak woman who had to stand behind a man and get protected by him.

Then, her gaze fell on the faces of the police officers once again and she said, “Let’s go. ”

Because of her cooperation, the police officers were polite to her.

Xu Weilai was brought to the bureau and she entered the interrogation room. She sat on a chair, and two police officers sat opposite her. They once again confirmed with her everything that had happened between her and Yun Rou in the warehouse.

Her answer didn’t change, not a single word was missing.

The two policemen looked at each other. Then one of the thinner policemen got up and walked out. He held a laptop in his hand. He placed the laptop on the table, opened it, turned the screen to her side, and clicked on a video.

He said, “This is the new evidence that we obtained today. Take a look for yourself and see if it’s true. ”

Xu Weilai looked at the computer screen.

The video started playing. It was a scene of Xu Weilai and Yun Rou in the warehouse. Yun Rou was tied up and accusing Xu Weilai emotionally. However, Xu Weilai’s hands and feet were not tied up. Instead, she was watching Yun Rou coldly from the side.

After the video was played, the thin police officer slammed the table and said, “Yun Rou’s words angered you and you were so angry that you stabbed her to vent your anger, right? ”

“You’d better tell the truth. If you confess, we’ll be lenient. But, if you resist, you’ll be severely punished! ”

Xu Weilai finally understood why when Yun Rou woke up in the warehouse and saw her, she said that she had kidnapped her and even said those words. At that time, she felt that she was deliberately provoking her. As expected…

“I didn’t. ” Xu Weilai’s expression was very calm. Her voice was also very calm. She wasn’t frightened by the thin policeman at all. “I’ve told you that although my hands and feet weren’t tied up at that time, I was injected with a drug that was similar to nerve paralysis. My hands and feet couldn’t move and I couldn’t feel anything. I didn’t hurt Yun Rou! ”

The thin policeman sneered. “But there was no strange substance detected in your body. What you said couldn’t prove your innocence. However, in this kidnapping, Yun Rou was indeed seriously injured and you were safe and sound. The so-called criminal might have been hired by you yourself! ”

A cold smile appeared on Xu Weilai’s lips. “Since you need evidence, please show me the evidence of my collusion with the gangster. Otherwise, don’t jump to conclusions! ”

Very few people could remain calm and clear-headed at this time, let alone a woman.

The policeman knew that this trick wouldn’t work on her, so he didn’t speak for some time

Knock knock knock——

The door was pushed open and someone sent in a document.

The other policeman who hadn’t said anything opened it and quickly browsed through it. Then he pushed the document in front of Xu Weilai. “This is the result of the fingerprint examination. It’s confirmed that there’s only your fingerprint on the knife! ”

Xu Weilai’s eyelashes flickered.

She wasn’t surprised by this result. Since they wanted to create such a misunderstanding, there would naturally only be her fingerprint on the knife. This was the most direct evidence that could convict her!

The police waited for her to finish reading and continued, “As Yun Rou is temporarily unable to give us a statement, we have to wait for her statement before we can make a final conclusion. But since we have this material evidence, we have to detain you for the time being. ”

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