My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 449 - Taking back What Belongs to Me (1)

Chapter 449: Taking back What Belongs to Me (1)

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Gu Yu didn’t say anything. The dark light in his eyes was even gloomier than the night sky.

This matter was indeed troublesome. Even though Gu Yu didn’t reveal any emotions, Xu Shuai felt that he probably hadn’t thought of any breakthrough for the time being.

He furrowed his brows and thought for a while before coming up with an idea. “Why don’t you pretend to agree to Yun Rou’s conditions first so that you can stabilize her and stall for time?”

Gu Yu finally glanced at him. That chilly gaze immediately made Xu Shuai shiver.

Alright, Gu Yu would never pretend to coax a woman unless that woman was Xu Weilai. Other women… probably had no chance!

Gu Yu’s phone suddenly rang. He took out his phone and saw that it was from Assistant Lin. He pressed the answer button. “Hello. ”

Assistant Lin’s voice was very anxious. He didn’t have time to say anything else and went straight to the point. “Mr.Gu, something bad has happened to the young mistress! ”

Gu Yu didn’t say anything else. He hung up immediately and strode towards the hospital entrance.

Xu Shuai naturally heard Assistant Lin’s words, but his reaction wasn’t as fast as Gu Yu’s. He was slow for a few seconds before he hurriedly lifted his feet and followed.

After they left, a woman came to Yun Rou’s ward with flowers in her arms.

When she walked in, Yun Rou was sitting on the head of the bed, holding her phone with one hand. She was in the middle of a call. When she saw who it was, she hurriedly hung up and said, “Chun Chun, you’re here. ”

Xiao Chun went forward and placed the flowers on the bedside table. Her gaze fell on her weak and pale face as she said indifferently, “Are you okay? ”

She had rushed over the moment she saw the news in the evening.

Yun Rou’s lips twitched weakly. She raised her injured left hand with difficulty and presented it to Xiao Chun. She suppressed her crumbling emotions and said, “My hand was destroyed by Xu Weilai. Tell me, can I still recover? ”

Xiao Chun stared at that hand for a long while. She pursed her lips and said, “Brother Yu will find the best doctor to treat you! ”

“Ha… no matter how good the treatment is, it won’t be able to make my hand recover. I have completely lost my stage! Xu Weilai not only took away my Yu, but she also won’t even let go of my career!”

Yun Rou’s voice gradually became fierce. “Chun Chun, I can’t lose everything. This time, I want to take back everything that belongs to me! ”

Xiao Chun’s gaze was still fixed on the injured hand, and she didn’t say anything else.

The news of Yun Rou’s hand being crippled was leaked by someone, and the netizens’ anger soared to the highest point.

Yun Rou’s fans spontaneously organized a crusading group to find out where Xu Weilai was staying and brought the reporters to cause trouble.

Xu Weilai was awakened by a knock on the door. She thought that Gu Yu, who went out, had returned. Without thinking, she opened the door and a group of people rushed in. They surrounded her layer by layer, mocking, and cursing at her. The reporters’ cameras were almost on her face.

Assistant Lin was resting in the room next door. Before he closed his eyes, he heard a sound and opened the door. Seeing that Xu Weilai was surrounded, he hurriedly called Gu Yu, then rushed over to protect Xu Weilai.

However, there were only two of them, and there were too many people on the other side. They were constantly being pushed around, and some of them were overly emotional. A person shouted, “Xu Weilai, you destroyed my idol’s hand, I’ll destroy yours too!” He grabbed the vase on the coffee table, he ruthlessly smashed it on Xu Weilai’s arm!

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