My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 443 - I believe in you (1)

Chapter 443: I believe in you (1)

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Yun Rou’s mournful cry of pain shocked everyone. When they looked over, one of her hands had been pierced by a small knife. Blood dripped down. It was a shocking sight.

Yun Rou was in so much pain that her beautiful facial features became distorted. Her face had lost all color, and her entire body was trembling. Her eyes were filled with pain as she waited for Xu Weilai to accuse her, “Xu Weilai, everything I said is the truth. You actually want to break my hand. How am I supposed to play the piano in the future… ”

Xu Weilai stared blankly at the knife in her hand.

Her hunch wasn’t wrong, but she didn’t expect Yun Rou to be so vicious. She was willing to sacrifice one of her hands to drag her into hell!

Yun Rou, she must have gone crazy!?

The blood in Xu Weilai’s body couldn’t help but freeze. Her body quickly lost its temperature. It was so cold that her teeth were chattering.

Before anyone could react, a figure rushed up at lightning speed.

The next second, Xu Weilai felt her body being embraced by a slightly cold but familiar pair of arms. Feeling her cold body, he tightened his arms and whispered into her ear, “Xu Weilai, don’t be afraid. ”

Xu Weilai slowly raised her head and looked at the man in a daze. Her eyes met his dark eyes. They were as dark and deep as ever.

Her lips were extremely dry, and her throat was slightly sore due to lack of water. However, she still tried her best to open her mouth. No matter how difficult it was, she had to tell him immediately, “Gu Yu, I didn’t do it. I didn’t stab her with a knife. I didn’t… ”

Before she could finish, the man’s deep voice was heard, “No need to say anything. I believe you. ”

I believe you…

Xu Fuji’s eyelashes trembled violently and tears welled up uncontrollably in her eyes.

Gu Yu, who had never believed her before, chose to believe her between Yun Rou and her this time.

Was it true? Did he really believe her?

Gu Yu seemed to have read her mind. He touched the tears at the corner of her eyes with the tip of his finger. There was a dull pain in his heart. How much pain had his distrust of her caused such that she was so afraid… She was so afraid that the moment she saw him, she wanted to open her mouth to explain?

In the past, Gu Yu was really a bastard. No, he was really a bastard.

“Xu Weilai, I believe in you, I believe in you! ” He opened his mouth and added two more sentences in a row as he gave her his assurance.

Xu Weilai heard him and smiled weakly at him. Only then did she relax her body and lean into his embrace, allowing him to block the police officers and reporters who were charging at her.

The scene was very chaotic. The reporters rushed forward like they were injected with stimulants. The cameras were aimed at Yun Rou’s weak and miserable state as they frantically filmed her, afraid that they would miss even the slightest bit of exciting footage.

One or two of the police officers went to take care of the injured Yun Rou. The rest had no choice but to maintain order. They pulled out the police tape and separated the reporters.

However, how could the reporters give up on such a scene? They took advantage of all sorts of loopholes to film Yun Rou. After filming Yun Rou, they wanted to film Xu Weilai. However, Xu Weilai was curled up in Gu Yu’s embrace. Xu Shuai also stood there to block them with a cold expression. They were still very intimidating.

However, what they recorded today was enough.

Gu Corporation’s CEO, Gu Yu’s new wife, was jealous of her old love, Yun Rou. She even resorted to kidnap her and intentionally hurt her. This news was enough to shock the public!

The ambulance arrived five minutes later. Yun Rou was carried into the ambulance. An ambulance staff asked, “Which one of you is following? ”

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