My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 438 - Why is Gu Yu here? (2)

Chapter 438: Why is Gu Yu here? (2)

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Imperial City, apartment.

Gu Yu finished showering and walked out in his bathrobe. During the three years that Xu Weilai left, he had spent his time alone in this bedroom. At that time, he did not feel lonely or cold.

But now, Xu Weilai had only gone on a business trip for three days. Yet, every minute and every second was extremely difficult for him to endure.

He lost the mood to work and lay down on the bed. He was originally lying on his side, but he kept tossing and turning. No matter how he slept, he didn’t feel comfortable. In the end, his body unconsciously moved to Xu Fuji’s side.

There were still a few strands of her hair on her pillow. It seemed that her breath was still lingering on it.

Even though he thought about her every day, today, his longing for her was extremely intense. But…

Gu Yu picked up his phone and saw the text message she sent a few hours ago. She should be asleep by now. He really wanted to make a phone call. He didn’t have to speak, just listening to her breathing would be enough.

He stared at the phone screen with his dark eyes. He wanted to touch the screen with his fingers. But, in the end, he couldn’t bear to disturb her rest. He forced himself to put down his phone and close his eyes.

After sleeping for some time, Gu Yu was awakened by a sudden strong uneasiness. He lifted his eyes and looked at the clock on the wall. It was past one o’clock in the morning!

Gu Yu got up, took a cigarette and a lighter. He went outside to the balcony and smoked a cigarette. However, he still couldn’t calm down. He felt inexplicably uneasy.

He strode back to his bedroom, picked up his phone, and called Xu Weilai.

He made a few calls in a row, but no one picked up and his call eventually ended. Gu Yu pursed his thin lips. His dark gaze turned sharp. If Xu Weiali was just sleeping soundly, she wouldn’t have slept so deeply. She would have woken up after so many calls!

Gu Yu didn’t call Xu Weilai’s phone anymore. Instead, he called Assistant Lin.

Assistant Lin was woken up from his deep sleep. His voice was a little hoarse and confused. “Mr. Gu? ”

“Come to the apartment immediately. I want to go to city B, ” Gu Yu ordered in a deep voice.

Hearing his tone, Assistant Lin shuddered. His tiredness immediately disappeared. Fortunately, he was used to all kinds of emergency situations over the years. He didn’t ask any more questions and only replied, “Okay, I’ll go there immediately! ”

In the middle of the night, there was no way to take the high-speed train. Thus, Assistant Lin drove all the way by himself.

On the way, Gu Yu called the front desk of the hotel where Xu Weilai was staying. He asked someone to knock on her door, but no one answered. When he finally swiped his card and entered, there was no one inside. She didn’t come back!

He pulled up the surveillance camera at the hotel entrance. She had gone out in the morning and hadn’t come back.

Assistant Lin looked at her big boss’s expression through the rearview mirror. A storm was coming, but there was also deep worry mixed in. He could only pray in his heart that young mistress was safe and sound!

Now, she was Mr. Gu’s life!

After more than three hours, the car stopped directly at the entrance of Wei’er’s parents’ villa.

Wei’er received a message from her manager in the middle of the night saying that Gu Yu was coming to her parents’ villa to look for someone. Coincidentally, she was in B city, so she rushed back and was waiting for him at the entrance.

She saw the man get out of the car. His handsome face was like that of a dark night demon. Wei’er didn’t remember offending this great Buddha but she could only force a smile and greet him, “Mr. Gu… ”

Gu Yu ignored her and walked straight into the villa with his long legs.

Wei’er couldn’t afford to offend him, so she could only follow behind him and carefully ask, “What happened? ”

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