My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 436 - Come back Early (2)

Chapter 436: Come back Early (2)

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It was already evening, and the sun was setting. Half of the sun was hidden in the clouds, and the sky was bathed in warm orange light.

Xu Weilai held her phone and walked out of the balcony. She leaned against the railing and looked at the words ‘Gu Yu’ jumping on the phone screen. She took a deep breath and prepared herself mentally before swiping the screen and putting it to her ear to answer the call.

Sure enough, the man’s voice on the other end of the phone was cold and deep. “Where? ”

Xu Weilai unconsciously poked the railing and answered in a low voice, “I’m already in a hotel in B city. ”

Gu Yu suddenly fell silent. Even through the phone, Xu Weilai could feel his strong displeasure. She quickly said, “I promise, I will not let anything happen to me. This mission is not dangerous. I just have to wait. I’m already familiar with this. No problem! ”

Gu Yu still didn’t say anything.

Xu Weilai bit her lower lip and her voice became softer, “Gu Yu, my body is already much better. Simon even praised me. I’ll finish the work as soon as possible and go back earlier, okay? ”

Perhaps her soft words were effective. Gu Yu opened his mouth, but his voice was still cold, “Call me three times a day. ”

” … ”

It wasn’t that Xu Weilai wasn’t willing to call Gu Yu. However, once she started working, it was a job that required her to hide at all times. How could she suddenly call him halfway!

Xu Weilai rolled her dark eyes and started bargaining, “Every day when I return to the hotel, the first thing I’ll do is call you. During other working hours, I have to be careful. If I remember to call you, wouldn’t it be even more dangerous if I accidentally expose myself? ”

“Gu Yu, you also want me to be safe, right? ”

If Gu Yu was in front of her, she would probably hold his arm and act cutely.

The other side of the phone was silent for more than a minute. Gu Yu seemed to be really helpless against her and let out a sigh. “Xu Weilai, don’t let yourself get hurt. If anything happens, call me immediately. ”

Xu Fuji immediately smiled and mimicked his words. “Yes, Mr. Gu! ”

After settling this matter, Xu Weilai couldn’t help but make a joke. “Mr. Gu, will you suddenly come to my side and protect me like last time? ”

The man chuckled. “If you want to… ”

“No, no, no. Mr. Gu, you should focus on your work. This mission isn’t too difficult for me. I’m can do it by myself. ”

“Come back soon. ”

“Okay! ”

Xu Weilai rested in the hotel for the night. The next day, she was well-prepared. She rented a car and drove to Wei’er’s parents’ villa.

The villa was guarded by security guards and there were many cameras. It was not easy to get close and there was no good place to camp. In the end, she picked a big tree that was diagonally facing the entrance of the villa.

After climbing up, she took out her binoculars and looked around. She could just see the courtyard of the villa. She decided to squat here. The first step was to see if there were any children in the villa.

Xu Weilai camped for three days without any results. Seeing that the sky was about to turn dark again, she was about to finish her work and go back to rest for a while. Suddenly, she saw the silhouette of a child flashing past in the courtyard!

Xu Weilai paused and prepared to stay overnight. Maybe the child would show up again.

Now was the time she agreed to call Gu Yu. In order to prevent him from being worried, and she was afraid that he would call while she was taking photos, she sent a message to Gu Yu: [ I’ve safely returned to the hotel. I’m so tired today. I’ll go to bed after taking a shower. ]

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