My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 434 - Yes, Mrs. Gu (2)

Chapter 434: Yes, Mrs. Gu (2)

Gu Yu’s expression didn’t change at all when he heard that. There wasn’t even a hint of emotion in his eyes. He said indifferently, “Is that so? ”

So cold?

Xu Weilai looked at him and slightly emphasized her tone. She continued, “Yes, she was kidnapped. I don’t know what’s going on now. I don’t even know if she’s dead or alive! Aren’t you worried at all? ”

Gu Yu picked up his chopsticks unhurriedly and picked out the thorns from a piece of fish. After putting it in Xu Weilai’s bowl, he said lazily, “other people’s matters have nothing to do with me. ”

Other people’s matters…

Fine, Xu Xu Weilai once again felt that he was very sweet by these few words.

Yun Rou really didn’t have any meaning to Gu Yu anymore. She didn’t need to test him anymore.

Xu Weilai smiled sweetly at Gu Yu. Her eyes curved into crescent moons. She put down her phone, picked up her chopsticks, picked up the fish Gu Yu picked out for her. She put it into her mouth. She wasn’t stingy with her praises, “It’s very delicious! ”

Gu Yu’s lips curled up almost imperceptibly, “If it’s delicious, eat more. ”

Thus, Xu Weilai decided to be bold. She raised his chin and pointed at the fish while directing him, “Gu Yu, I think the fish you picked out is more delicious. Then… I’ll have to trouble you to continue picking the bones. ”

Gu Yu stared at the woman who was playing a little act of pretending to be obedient with his dark eyes. His Adam’s apple moved and he suddenly leaned over and covered her lips with his.

Xu Weilai’s dark eyes widened.

About half a minute later, Gu Yu returned to his original position and said contentedly, “Mrs. Gu, I’ve said it before. I’m a businessman. I don’t make losses. If you order me to do things, you have to pay me accordingly. ”

” … ”

Xu Weilai, whose cheeks were flushed red, glared at him angrily. If you want to be a hoodlum, then be a hoodlum. Why did you have to say it in such a dignified manner!!

Since he had already taken advantage of her, Xu Weilai was naturally unwilling to be outdone. “You’ve already received your payment. Mr. Gu, let’s get to work! ”

Gu Yu smiled and scratched the tip of her nose with his fingertips. His voice was low, husky and enticing. “Yes, Mrs. Gu! ”

After dinner, Gu Yu drove Xu Weilai back to the apartment. Xu Weilai said goodbye to him and was about to get out of the car when she realized that the door was still locked.

Xu Weilai looked at Gu Yu and was puzzled. “Why didn’t you unlock it? ”

Gu Yu put one hand on the steering wheel and turned slightly to look at her. He smiled and said calmly, “Mrs. Gu, please pay the fare. ”

” … ”

As expected, he was a capitalist who would eat people up without sparing a single bone. He had calculated every single cent so accurately. He was simply… shameless!

Gu Yu pointed at his cheek. His handsome face was filled with a matter-of-fact expression. That posture made it seem as if he would not let her out of the car if she did not pay the fare.

Gu Yu’s silent flirting… felt as if it was about to turn into open flirting.

Xu Weilai leaned over and pouted with her red lips as she moved closer to his cheek. However, just as she was about to touch him, the man suddenly turned his face, and her lips landed on his lips.

” … ” She had been tricked again!

Gu Yu curled his lips. Only then did he contentedly unlock the car and let Xu Weilai leave.

Xu Weilai returned to the apartment but her face was still red. Fortunately, Mrs.Lin wasn’t around. She drank a large bottle of water to suppress the heat. She walked to the study room, turned on the computer, and observed the situation of Yun Rou’s kidnapping.

According to the news by the police, Yun Rou was about to be discharged from the hospital when she was injected with an anesthetic needle by a criminal disguised as a doctor. He then took her out of the hospital. Her whereabouts were unknown.

Because the criminal wore a mask and hat to cover his face, there was no way to confirm his identity for the time being. Citizens were urged to call and report him if they saw him.

While she was reading the news, a ‘ding dong’ was heard and a new email notification popped up.

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