My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 428 - Since You Made Her Unhappy, You Have to Leave (2)

Chapter 428: Since You Made Her Unhappy, You Have to Leave (2)

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Yun Rou’s eyes flickered for a moment before she forced herself to remain calm.

Before she went for the banquet, she had already destroyed all the evidence against her. Thus, even if she failed and Gu Yu were to pursue the matter, he would not be able to trace it back to her.

She was confident that she had covered up her tracks perfectly and everything would be fine as long as Gu Yu does not see through her lies.

After Yun Rou ran through her plans in her mind, she stared into Gu Yu’s jet black pupils and stopped herself from feeling any sense of guilt. When she spoke, her voice no longer trembled and was only filled with sadness, “Yu, you know how I am. I have my pride and there’s no need for me to resort to those lowly acts. However, I have also received my punishment last night. I confessed to you in public, but you rejected me and trampled on both my pride and dignity.”

Yun Rou smiled bitterly and subconsciously as she took a step closer to Gu Yu and resumed, “Yu, I don’t blame you at all even if you treat me like this. I know that you’re still angry with me for leaving back then. But no matter what you do, don’t ever joke about asking me to leave. I came back for the sake of making it up to you.”

Gu Yu stared at her coldly with his jet black eyes and asked, “So you don’t intend to leave within three days?”

Yun Rou was secretly happy for she knew Gu Yu too well. He may sound harsh but he was actually soft at heart. As long as she softened her stance, his heart would soften as well.

She nodded repeatedly and replied, “Yu, I want to stay…”

However, Gu Yu cut her off coolly once again and declared, “Then you shall leave tomorrow!”

Yun Rou stared at his handsome but expressionless face in disbelief. She thought that she had successfully persuaded Gu Yu, but it turned out otherwise. “So he wouldn’t even give me three days anymore and I’m only left with one day?” Yun Rou thought and trembled so violently that she almost lost her balance.

Gu Yu’s eyes were as cold as ice when he looked down at her condescendingly and his lips curled up into a sneer. When he spoke, his tone of voice was frosty and his biting words were all aimed at Yun Rou. “Yun Rou, it doesn’t matter whether you own up to this incident or not. Since you made Xu Weilai unhappy, you’ll have to leave.”

Yesterday, when Gu Yu was in the study, he had accidentally stumbled upon Xu Weilai’s pen recorder and heard some of its recordings. This was also the reason why he had come to see Yun Rou today.

The biggest mistake she had made was to cross his limits.

“I’ll give you leeway on account of the fact that my mother had promised your mother that she would take good care of you before she passed away. Leave the Capital and never come back again. Otherwise, be prepared to bear the consequences of trying to remain here.”

Yun Rou’s face instantly turned deathly pale.

“I have to leave just because Xu Weilai is unhappy?” she thought.

“Yu… ” she called out. She seemed unable to come to terms with this reason, for her voice sounded faint and surreal. “How could you chase me away because of Xu Weilai? Have you truly fallen for her? No, that’s impossible. I’m the one whom you love!”

Suddenly, another thought crossed her mind and she quickly added on, “Yu, are you deliberately making use of Xu Weilai to spite me because of the fact that I was married? Don’t worry, Yu. You’re the only one I love. Although I was married to my ex-husband, it was a marriage of convenience where we each get what we want. I only agreed to the marriage so that I could return to your side as soon as possible. Nothing has happened between me and him. I… I’m still a virgin. I’ve never had dated other men for I wanted to preserve it for you.”

There was no change in Gu Yu’s expression and he was not the least interested in what she had to say. He simply took out his phone and called Assistant Lin. “Assistant Lin, drive the car to the entrance. I’m coming out now,” he said. After that, without even looking at Yun Rou, he brushed past her with the intention to leave.

All of a sudden, Yun Rou broke down and roared, “Gu Yu, I don’t believe that you have never loved me. You said that the ring was my own wishful thinking, but when I was leaving back then, you asked me to stay, didn’t you?”

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