My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 426 - She Was Merely Taken Advantage Of (2)

Chapter 426: She Was Merely Taken Advantage Of (2)

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It was rare of Xu Weilai to muster up her courage, ignore her feelings of embarrassment and forget about her fears to take the initiative in their relationship. After being teased despite her efforts, she became enraged over her embarrassment again. “I’m not in a hurry at all!” she hissed through gritted teeth.

When Gu Yu saw how furious she was, he leaned over and lifted her petite, chiselled chin to plant a pacifying kiss on her lips. “Rest early,” he whispered.

Unable to resist his tenderness, Xu Weilai’s feelings of rage faded off despite herself and she did not continue to dwell on the topic. Instead, she remarked lazily, “What about you? Aren’t you going to bed? You’ve had a long day too.”

An unidentified emotion flashed across Gu Yu’s eyes and he tucked her loose hair behind her ear before he replied casually, “I still have some matters to attend to. You can head to bed first. Don’t wait up for me.”

“Not again!” Xu Weilai grumbled in her heart, but wasn’t displeased. Rather, her heart went out to him. Grabbing hold of Gu Yu’s hand, she suggested, “Can’t you attend to it tomorrow? You always instruct me to rest so now, it’s my turn to nag at you.”

She then tossed the blankets aside and patted the bed. “You’re not allowed to work now. It’s time to rest! Let’s head to bed,” she insisted strongly.

They stared at each other in silence for some time and eventually, Gu Yu laughed helplessly before climbing into bed and lying down.

He wrapped his long arms around Xu Weilai and drew her into an embrace before he said in a raspy voice, “Goodnight.”

Xu Weilai snuggled against his chest and quickly found herself a comfortable position. “Goodnight,” she replied sweetly and closed her eyes.

Gu Yu only opened his eyes when Xu Weilai had fallen into a deep slumber. After gently shifting her aside and getting out of bed, he tucked her in under the blankets and slipped out of the bedroom.

He then entered the study and walked over to his desk. After pulling open the drawer, he took out a document that read ‘Physical Recovery Report’.

This was the latest report generated by Xu Weilai’s physiotherapist, Simon. He would write the report regularly based on her state of physical recovery and instruct someone to deliver it to Gu Yu.

According to the report, Xu Weilai’s physiological functions were gradually recovering under Simon’s care. However, there was still a long way to go before she could return to her original state and Gu Yu does not dare to risk anything before she recovers.

Gu Yu chucked the report into the shredder and destroyed it after reading. He then fished out his cigarette and lighter and went out onto the balcony. He stared at the distant horizon with his black pupils as he lit up his cigarette and the expression in his eyes looked even darker than the night sky.

The next day, Assistant Lin knocked on the door of the Gu Corporation’s CEO’s office. When he received permission to enter, walked in and placed more than ten pieces of newspapers on Gu Yu’s desk for him to review.

None of the reporters dared to go against the Gu Corporation since they have been warned yesterday and everyone published the headlines according to what they have been instructed.

After Gu Yu swept a lazy glance at the papers and nodded leisurely, Assistant Lin then continued, “The marketing account that posted about the billion-dollar agreement on Weibo has been deactivated. The creator confessed that he was paid to upload the content and does not know anything else. The reporters managed to barge into the house yesterday because a housekeeper had left the door open on purpose. That housekeeper, too, confessed that he had been paid to do so.”

“At first, I thought that these might have something to do with Yun Rou, but based their confession, your aunt, Rong Fanghua, was the one behind this. It seems like Yun Rou was merely manipulated into creating a ruckus at the banquet.”

Gu Yu’s lips twitched but remained silent.

All of a sudden, his phone rang. After taking one glance at it, he picked up the call.

“Yu, it’s me. I’m sick and I’m in the hospital now. Can you come and visit me?”

“Sure,” Gu Yu replied.

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