My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 263 - Just How Much Did She Have to Compromise for Him? (1)

Chapter 263: Just How Much Did She Have to Compromise for Him? (1)

The phone rang at least a dozen times before being cut off on the other end. Gu Yu’s brows rose. Without any hesitation, he dialed the same number again.

This time around, the call was cut off after three rings.

Gu Yu pulled his lips into a thin line. He scoffed in disbelief and his slender fingers dialed the number yet again, making the call for the third time.

Finally, the other side answered. Xu Shuai huffed and puffed into the receiver—his annoyance and resentment were palpable. “Who is this? If you don’t have a good reason for calling me at this hour, I’ll blow your goddamn head off!”

Gu Yu lifted his lips lazily and answered with a monosyllable, “Yeah?”


In a tone that was reeking with faux-courtesy, Gu Yu even asked, “May I ask what reason you think I should give you?”

Soon enough, Gu Yu heard the sound of Xu Shuai falling to the ground over the phone, followed by the rustle of clothes being worn. About a minute later, Xu Shuai finally spoke again, “Ahem! I was sleep talking just now. You don’t need any reason to call me! My phone is yours to call 24 hours a day! Regardless of where or when, as long as you need me, I’ll be there!”


A little nauseated by the reply, Gu Yu was silent for a moment before quietly asking, “You’re telling me that this was your trick to all your relationship conquests?”

Although the topic had been changed abruptly, Xu Shuai was quick enough to keep up, and replied, “Of course! All women love that! But then again, not everyone is as proficient as I! If the woman is good-looking, compliment her by saying she’s beautiful. If she’s not, just say she’s cute! If she has a voluptuous figure, tell her she’s hot! If her figure isn’t good, tell her it’s her personality you like! There’ll be at least one compliment among the pile that they’ll fall for!

Women are the world’s cutest creatures. But they’re also the easiest to pacify!”


Gu Yu stared ahead at the expanse of the dark sky before him. Even the night sky was lacking stars that night. It was the sort of darkness that made a person feel depressed. He pursed his lips before asking, “They feel happy and satisfied hearing these false sweet-nothings?”

“False?” Xu Shuai snorted with disapproval. “Yu, do you think women are really stupid? Each and every one of them is unbelievably smart! They can tell whether or not you’re treating them well, and whether or not you mean what you say, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to hear it anyway!

“When I say she’s pretty, even if she isn’t really that pretty, she’ll still be very happy. To me, if a simple movement of my lips and a single compliment is sufficient to make her happy and get me her heart, why wouldn’t I do it?”

So, even if the compliment was false, she would still be happy?

Gu Yu’s eyes darkened, and his brows slowly knitted together. He was unable to understand it but unable to refute it either.

His entire marriage to Xu Weilai was false to begin with. However, the fact that it provided him with a reason to keep her by his side still gave him a little joy nonetheless!

Gu Yu smiled self-deprecatingly before wiping the expression off his face. He moved the phone to his other hand and placed it on his other ear. Opening his mouth, he went straight to the point, “Step two?”

Xu Shuai was stunned for a moment and took more than half a minute to realize what Gu Yu meant. “Hey, Yu. Didn’t you reject my Three-step Trick to picking up chicks? Why? Are you regretting it now because you just realized how effective they are?”

Xu Shuai’s head began to swell, and he said, “I’m more than willing to impart them to you. You just have to call me Teacher!”

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