My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 247 - I'd Like to Go Home With You (1)

Chapter 247: I’d Like to Go Home With You (1)

Xu Weilai didn’t seem panicked at all. In fact, she even raised her lips slightly in a smile before opening her mouth and enunciated her words clearly, “Come on! Give the audience a good show of the beast that you truly are! I’ll be sure to capture your best angle. My camera skills aren’t too bad. I’ll ensure that your face is recorded clearly for everyone to see!”

Without giving a response, Rong Wang stiffened abruptly as a thought crossed his mind. His expression changed drastically, and his eyes slowly narrowed. When he opened his mouth next, even his tone had changed. “You’re broadcasting this live?”

“Oh! Did I not mention it to you?” Xu Weilai blinked her beautiful round eyes at him innocently as she held the phone up close to his face. Suddenly, she exclaimed, “Wow! This video is now trending! Thank you, big guy! It seems to me that the beastly side of Rong Wang is getting popular…”

Rong Wang quickly regained his senses and stretched his hand out to cover his face. With his other hand, he desperately tried to grab the cell phone from Xu Weilai!

The next second, Xu Weilai delivered a swift and agile kick to him before proceeding to carelessly stomp on his lower body. Rong Wang howled in pain as he fell to his knees on the ground with his hands covering his crotch.

Xu Weilai held her cell phone up and moved the camera in for another close-up shot. Seeing that face distorted in pain gave her a massive surge of satisfaction!

“Do you feel pain as well? The pain you’re feeling right now is nothing compared to the pain experienced by all the girls you harmed! Calling you a beast is an insult to all the beasts out there, you bastard! You’re done for! I hope you enjoy life in jail!”

With that, Xu Weilai lifted her leg high again and kicked the side of Rong Wang’s neck. Rong Wang fell to the ground immediately with his eyes close as he entered a coma.

Xu Weilai put her cell phone away and hurried over to the couch. She looked at Gu Xue, whose face devoid of color as she clutched her torn clothing tightly. When she saw that Gu Xue was trembling uncontrollably, she gentled her voice and asked, “Are you alright?”

Gu Xue moved her eyes stiffly and focused her vision on Xu Weilai before looking past her and at Rong Wang, who was lying sprawled on the ground. When she spoke, it was clear from her voice that she was still shaken. “Is… is he dead? Did…did you kill him?”

“He’s not dead, just unconscious for the time being. This piece of trash has to be dealt with by the court!” After a pause, Xu Weilai asked, “Can you walk? We have to leave quickly!”

Although Gu Xue’s legs still felt like jelly, she had no wish to remain there a moment longer. She nodded her head and firmly replied, “Yes.”

Gu Xue forced herself to her feet as Xu Weilai walked over to the other fan and patted her on her cheek. When she observed that she still had a trace of consciousness remaining, Xu Weilai leaned the girl’s back against her own shoulder and hustled her out of the room.

When the three ladies walked out of the nightclub, Qiao Chu’s car was already waiting at the main entrance. He got out of the car, took the girl from Xu Weilai, and carried her into the backseat of the car. Gu Xue climbed into the car after her.

Xu Weilai opened the door to the passenger seat in front and got in as Qiao Chu sat in the driver seat, started the car, and drove off.

He drove for quite some time before he was sure that they were completely out of danger. Gu Xue finally regained her senses a bit. She looked at Xu Weilai, and her weak voice was tinged with worry as she asked, “During the live broadcast just now, was I… also filmed in it?”

If her humiliation had been broadcasted for the whole world to see, she’d much rather choose to die!

Xu Weilai raised her head and looked at Gu Xue through the reflection of the rearview mirror. It was her first time seeing the proud little princess looking so pitiful and embarrassed. Xu Weilai couldn’t help but pity her.

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