My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 21

hapter 21: Remember to Lock the Door!

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Mrs. Lin was keeping a close watch as Mr. Gu Sr. and his grandson drank together. She was almost dozing off when Mr. Gu Sr. suddenly barked his command. She jolted up with a start and was instantly awake.

She was worried that she had misheard, and asked, “Master, did I hear correctly that you want me to help the Young Master up to his bedroom?”

Mr. Gu Sr. looked at her with an expression of angry contempt on his face as he replied, “You don’t say! Where else should he go if not back to his room?”


Miss Weilai was sleeping in the Young Master’s room at that very moment!

Before she could utter the rest of her sentence, she was cut off by the Master’s warning look in his eyes. She swallowed nervously and replied, “Yes. I will help the Young Master up to his room now.”

“Hold on!” Mr. Gu Sr. spoke again and motioned with his finger for Mrs. Lin to come closer.

Mrs. Lin leaned her ear over without a second word.

“Remember to lock the door!”

Mrs. Lin was speechless.

Mrs. Lin bent forward and helped her Young Master up. With much difficulty, she finally managed to maneuver him upstairs.

As Mr. Gu Sr. watched the both of them leave, he leaned back on the couch, beaming. He picked up the photograph, and said to the couple in it, “The both of you left early not having accomplished anything major. Tonight, you’d better keep a close eye on your son, you hear me?”

Mrs. Lin helped Gu Yu into the room and laid him on the huge bed before finally releasing a huge breath.

She had watched the Young Master grow up, from a tiny little boy, into the handsome and dashing lad that he was now. She was very proud of him and very happy.

Like the boy’s grandfather, she too hoped to see the Young Master get married, have children, and live the rest of his life happily ever after.


She slowly moved her gaze from the Young Master onto Xu Weilai, who was sleeping on the other side of the bed, and her eyes were filled with apprehension.

Three years ago, he had resolutely insisted on breaking his engagement with Miss Weilai, to the extent that he had a falling out with his grandfather. In the years that followed, he had never mentioned Miss Weilai. It was as if he had completely erased her from his memory. Furthermore, he currently had Miss Su as his companion by his side.

She could clearly tell what the intention of Mr. Gu Sr. was. However, nothing forcibly done was ever going to be agreeable!

Unfortunately, she didn’t dare defy the Master’s command. Mrs. Lin sighed heavily and pulled the covers over Gu Yu’s body. She turned and tiptoed out of the bedroom, locking the door behind her.

It had been a very long time since Xu Weilai had last gotten drunk. It was her drunkenness three years ago that had given her the misplaced courage to kiss Gu Yu, leading to what had transpired that night, and resulting in Gu Yu’s contempt of her. That was how she had become the butt of everyone’s joke.

In the three years that she had been overseas, regardless of what the occasion was, and regardless of what the situation was, she had always insisted on maintaining a clear head. She would never allow herself to get drunk again and make a mistake that couldn’t be salvaged.

However, tonight, for that contract, for Xu Corporation’s only chance of survival, she had no choice but to drink those ten bottles of liquor.

All of a sudden, she felt as if she had kicked something, and seemed to hear a very soft groan.

She looked over instinctively. Her surroundings were dark, and her vision was blurry, and she could only make out a vague outline. It was strange and familiar at the same time.

Who was that?

She couldn’t resist the urge to inch nearer. Those eyes, that nose, that mouth… The pupils in her dark eyes suddenly contracted, and she was stunned.

What was Gu Yu doing here?

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