My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: In a Drunken Stupor

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“Sor… Sorr… Urghhh…”

Before Xu Weilai could finish her word of apology, her urge to throw up overwhelmed her. She quickly jammed her fist into her mouth and made a move to leave. Unfortunately, her legs lost their strength and gave way under her, leaving her to crumble onto the ground.

The individual she bumped into was stunned for a moment. When he caught a glimpse of Xu Weilai’s face, he asked in surprise, “Little Weilai?”

As he called her, he turned his head towards his assistant behind him for confirmation. “Lin, it’s Little Weilai, isn’t it?”

Lin quickly rushed up and scanned Xu Weilai’s face before nodded his head. “It’s indeed Miss Weilai.”

“When did this child arrive? Why is she so drunk? Come… come here and help her up.”

“Yes, Master.”

Xu Weilai could semi-consciously tell that someone was helping her up and that someone was at her ear calling her name. The voice was very amicable and carried a hint of concern and worry for her. It also sounded very familiar.

She wanted to see who the person was, and tried very hard to open her eyes. But the after-effects of the alcohol were too strong, and she had drunk so much at one go. As the alcohol rushed to her head, she flitted in and out of consciousness. All she could see were shadows. She couldn’t see anything clearly at all.

“Who… who are…” Xu Weilai moved her lips with much difficulty. She forced the words out of her mouth, but all that could be heard was her slurry speech.

Fortunately, the individual leaned in and managed to make out what she was trying to say. He immediately replied, “Little Weilai, I’m Grandpa Gu!”

Xu Weilai no longer possessed the ability to mentally process anything. She felt her surroundings darken right before she passed out.

Mr. Gu Sr. patted her gently on her face and called out her name, but there was no reaction from Xu Weilai. Given how drunk she was, he couldn’t just leave her either. He came to a decision and had Lin prop Xu Weilai up as they left the club together.

Mr. Gu Sr. entered the car, and Lin helped Xu Weilai into the back seat beside his master. Lin got into the driver’s seat and asked respectfully, “Master, should I send Miss Weilai back to the Xu residence, first?”

Mr. Gu Sr. looked at Xu Weilai, who was, at that moment, in a drunken stupor. He hesitated for a moment, and a look suddenly flashed in his eyes. He cleared his throat and said, “No. Drive back to the Gu residence.”

“What? Why?”

“Stop asking questions and drive!”


Gu Residence.

Mr. Gu Sr. sat on the couch in the hall. He took a sip of hot tea that had just been brewed and savored its taste.

The housekeeper, Mrs. Lin, came down from upstairs and reported to him. “Master, I’ve done as you instructed and brought Miss Weilai to Young Master’s room. She threw up just now. I’ve helped her to change her clothes, cleaned her face, and given her some warm milk to drink. She’s now fast asleep.”

“Good. Very good,” Mr. Gu Sr. nodded his head in approval.

However, Mrs. Lin seemed conflicted, “Master, there are so many guest rooms in the house. Why did you insist on having Miss Weilai rest in Young Master’s room? Young Master has never liked having other people enter his room. Furthermore, a broken engagement lies between the Young Master and Miss Weilai… Don’t you think that’s a little inappropriate?”

Before she could finish speaking, Mr. Gu Sr. cut her off. “What do you know? You’re just like your husband, Lin! Both of you know nothing!”

As he spoke, he threw her a look of disdain.

Mrs. Lin had no other option but to keep silent.

Mr. Gu laughed as he sipped his tea, and further instructed, “Now, give your Young Master a call. I don’t care what reason you use, but have him come back immediately!”

Mrs. Lin’s jaw dropped in shock!

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