My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 754 - Eternal Happiness I

Chapter 754 – Eternal Happiness I

"They are just some fence-sitters who jump off to the side when they see who wins. They are afraid that they might accidentally get on the wrong team. As expected, most of them are Chinese merchants. They really do have the demeanor of a Chinese." Xian Guiying shook her head.

Qin Gengxin smiled as well. "Be glad that you didn't have to see their faces. Otherwise, with your current state of pregnancy, you might really vomit."

"Alright, it's good that you're fine. I see that you are very tired and have not had good food for a few days now. I will tell Dalisay and Darna to prepare food." Xian Guiying smiled and pushed him. "Take a quick shower and sleep."

Qin Gengxin didn't have time to take a shower or change some clothes these days, so he went straight back to his bedroom to take a shower.

Xian Guiying explained the situation to Dalisay and Darna before returning to the bedroom. As she entered the bedroom, she heard the sound of water splashing in the bathroom. In the blink of an eye, she saw the figure of Qin Gengxin reflected on the glass door of the bathroom.

Qin Gengxin walked out of the bathroom with a bathrobe. The bathrobe was tied loosely, revealing his chest that was still wet. He looked very sexy and charming, so she said, "Change your clothes and go to sleep."

Xian Guiying had just turned around when Qin Gengxin suddenly hugged her from behind. He hugged her tightly and buried his face under her neck, inhaling her scent. He kissed her neck and said in a deep voice, "You must be worried about me, right?"

"At first, I was indeed very worried, but later on, I calmed down because I believed in your strength, so my worry gradually turned into a quiet wait. No matter what, I still need to take care of my body for the sake of the baby, so I ate well and slept soundly." Xian Guiying turned her head to look at him while laughing. "Oh yeah, I heard that there was an ambulance at the Qin's entrance yesterday? Who was it?"

Qin Gengxin paused, sighed, then continued to lean on her neck and said, "Bai Nuying broke into the company, and brought some evidence regarding Mrs. Bai's partnership with the underworld sides in the last few years. It's not Qin Corporation who was in contact with the underworld, but Bai Group. Mrs. Bai's purpose was for me to take the blame for her, but she didn't expect that Bai Nuying would force her into a corner."

Xian Guiying looked at him in disbelief. "How is that possible? Bai Nuying would not be stupid, that's her mother!"

"Bai Nuying said that she really missed her mother's company. When she was young, her mother would accompany her every day, play with her, read books with her, and send her to school. But ever since the Bai Group grew and Mrs. Bai's ambitions grew as well, she had no mother in her life. Instead, her mother becomes a woman who no longer cares for her daughter, and only thinks about how to make her company bigger, how to merge more small companies, how to defeat her enemies, and even plot to marry her daughter to someone else to expand her connections. Bai Nuying would rather have the Bai Group destroyed to find that gentle mother who loved herself so much instead of pushing her own daughter into a pit of fire."

Xian Guiying went silent as she leaned against Qin Gengxin's chest. "Mrs. Bai must be furious."

"She was so angry that she fainted on the spot and was taken away by an ambulance." Qin Gengxin kissed Xian Guiying's neck again. "Guiying…"


"Did you say something to her? Otherwise, why would she suddenly undergo such a huge change?"

"I didn't say anything. I just stood from my own point of view and said a few words to her. She wasn't a child, and she was in her twenties. Everyone thought she was Mrs. Bai's precious daughter, but the patient expression on her face when she was slapped by her mother under the small apartment building that day, I think everyone grew up with more or less unknown pain. She wasn't a child, she would grow up, and she would understand it herself. She must have figured it out by herself now."

Qin Gengxin hugged her even more tightly. When Xian Guiying turned around to look at him, he covered her lips with his and pressed her body against the wall outside the bathroom.

• • • •

Xian Guiying had been pregnant for three months. Qin Gengxin really kept his promise, and each time, he would accompany her during the maternal examination. The first time he saw a small human-like object reflected on a computer screen, he was so excited that he didn't sleep all night.

In the fourth month of her pregnancy, Qin Corporation has officially returned to its tracks, and now that Bai Group has been sealed, Xian Guiying had no idea what happened to Mrs. Bai and Bai Nuying. Qin Gengxin hadn't told her, nor had she asked about it. After all, it was someone else's business, it had nothing to do with them.

When Xian Guiying was five months pregnant, they went to the hospital to do an ultrasound again. Qin Gengxin stood at the side, staring blankly at the little thing on the screen. He could see his child's face and limbs.

Xian Guiying smiled as she said that he was already a father to a daughter, and only now did he know the joy of being a father for the first time. In the future, he shouldn't only love this little baby and not Qin Wenqian.

Qin Gengxin smiled as he said that she was overthinking things. Qin Wenqian was his big baby, and he would always love her.

Because of the matter with Qin Corporation, Qin Gengxin's desired marriage was postponed until now. Seeing that, even though Xian Guiying was six months pregnant, she didn't have a big belly, Qin Gengxin called his friend to come to their house to measure the size of her wedding dress.

Xian Guiying was speechless. They were already an old couple, so why did she still need to struggle with this? Qin Gengxin said that he must make up for everything that he owed her and those years he hurt her.

He wanted her to wear the wedding dress they had designed together, to be his most beautiful bride. There will be no more grievances, no more complaints, no more of his lateness and deliberate indifference.

Xian Guiying was seven months pregnant. Because of her pregnancy, Qin Gengxin had no plans to let her travel back to China to get married, so he arranged a wedding in Boston, with the presence of everyone in the Xian Family and Qin Family. Qin Gengxin's grandmother's face looked much better than before.

On the night before their wedding, the Old Woman held Xian Guiying's hand, looked at her deeply, and told her many things. In short, it was an apology and countless blessings.

The wedding would be held in a new hotel under Qin Corporation. Qin Wenqian was originally arranged to be a flower girl, but because Xian Chiahao and Xian An Na came, they wanted to play together with her, and they didn't let her be a flower girl.

The kids would play in the next hotel room during the wedding, and while the host was talking, Qin Wenqian ran out happily, directly rushed into the hall, and hugged the host's leg.

With a smile, the host bent down and picked up the child and whispered something into her ear. Qin Wenqian giggled and nodded, then picked up the microphone handed to her.

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