My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 6 - We're Done!

Chapter 6 – We’re Done!

Jiang Ruolan did not know how the reporters went, and she also did not know when Xian Zihao left. When she finally recovered from her miserable grief, she was the only person living in an elegant hotel suite sitting next by the bed like a fool.

She wanted to leave this place quickly. However, as she was about to pick up her bag and staggered to the side of the door, her sharp eyes glanced at the snow-white bed. She frowned at not being able to remember what happened yesterday.

Just as Jiang Ruolan was about to leave, she suddenly came across a tall figure about to enter the room. When she saw the bastard in front of her, her face became stony. She tried to curse him, but at that moment, Han Xuegang raised his hand aggressively and brutally slapped her face.

Jiang Ruolan covered her face in disbelief, staring at the man who seemed to want to tear her apart. She raised her hand and slapped him back, but Han Xuegang grabbed her hand in the air. "You bastard! You dare to hit me?"

"Jiang Ruolan, you are cruel!" Han Xuegang pointed to her red face. The five-finger mark can be seen on Jiang Ruolan's face. With a stern look in his eyes, he said, "You knew how important today's problem is to me! You dared to betray me! What benefits did Xian Zihao give to you? Are you helping him? Hitting you was a light punishment; right now, I want to kill you!"

Jiang Ruolan was frustrated. Her heart, which had been in pain until her whole body was shattered, could no longer piece together.

She shook off his hand with all her might and staggered a little.

She stared at the shameless man in front of her. "Have you had enough? You are very unpleasant to look at, yet you are still pretending to be a decent person?! What a hypocritical bastard! I feel sick just by looking at your face! You're the one who did that vile and shameless thing! You better find a hole to bury yourself and never get out!"

Han Xuegang's eyes were ice cold and filled with frost. "You woman, didn't you say that you love me? Four years ago, you followed me like a piece of candy. Didn't you love me until you are willing to do something for me? Hm? Then what happened today? Is that how you love me?"

Jiang Ruolan's eyes were bloodshot. "You bastard! Is my love too cheap for you? You can easily send your woman to someone else's bed just to achieve your goal!"

"What's wrong with sacrificing your body for me?" His malicious eyes lit up with a frightening light, and he laughed with contempt.

"Besides, you have been following me for four years, and after graduation, we have been separated from each other for the past two years, and we don't have many chances to get close. Love? So what if you die today for my own sake? Who knows if you have slept with another man during those two years in F City? Why are you pretending to be a virtuous woman?"

Jiang Ruolan looked at Han Xuegang for a long time. Finally, she laughed out of anger. "I was really blind back then! How could I fall in love with a man like you?"

"What is it? Do you regret it now? Were you sad? Did you feel embarrassed? We are on the tenth floor; you can jump and kill yourself! Don't worry, no one will stop you!"

"Killing myself? In your dreams! In the last four years, I was stupid, even though I regret it now, I will not hurt myself and let others be happy about it!" Jiang Ruolan sneered. "That person with the Han surname! We're done!"

Han Xuegang was stunned. The anger on his face immediately shattered as the signs of anxiety gradually appearing in his eyes. "Lan .."

However, at this moment, Jiang Ruolan didn't want to stay in this room anymore. She pushed his body, which was blocking the door, away from her, and walking towards the elevator without looking back.

A tall and handsome figure slowly walked out in a safe passage at the end of the corridor. He put one hand in his pocket and leaned his body against the wall while watching the scene in front of him.

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