My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 26 - Has She Cause Trouble?

Chapter 26 – Has She Cause Trouble?

After work, Jiang Ruolan wandered the streets like a lonely soul.

Overwhelmed by the memory, she accidentally collided with the person in front of her. Her heels immediately sank in the crevice of the rock. She cried out in alarm as she couldn't control her falling body.

Instinctively, she reached out her hand in an attempt to grab something in the air, but to no avail. The person she hit quickly supported her before she fell to the ground.

"Thank you." Jiang Ruolan pulled her heels out of the cracks and hurriedly apologized to the man. "Sorry, I didn't pay full attention just now."

When she saw the man's face, she stopped talking. Under the dim yellow light, Jiang Ruolan blinked in surprise.

The man looked at her calmly. His tightly pursed lips moved and he said, "I'm fine."

At the same time, he withdrew his hand and walked away quickly.

Jiang Ruolan, on the other hand, looked at the man in shock. Her instincts told her that he was familiar, but she did not remember where she had seen him before.

This person was tanned and wore black clothes, giving a very dominant feeling. She continued to look at the figure who had disappeared with suspicion.

The man looked really familiar. Jiang Ruolan still remembered when she raised her head to look into his eyes, she could detect a feeling of surprise in him. He knows her!


When she entered her house, Jiang Ruolan was shocked by the chaos in the living room. She looked at Jiang Yijun, who was cleaning up the mess on the floor, and asked, "What happened?"

She rushed to her bedroom and saw the door was also completely open. However, her account book and cash in the closet were untouched.

Jiang Ruolan frowned. If was not the job of a thief, then who?

She turned to the silent Jiang Yijun. "What exactly happened?"

"I went to the library this afternoon, and when I came back, it was liked this." He walked towards her while holding a crystal necklace. "I think they were looking for this."

That was something that the Jiang Family always wanted to look for. Jiang Ruolan never knew what was special about this necklace, but her mother had given it to her before she died. She knew she had to keep it safe.

Jiang Ruolan glanced at the necklace, then saw the cold in Jiang Yijun's eyes. "You mean–"

"Jiang Family was in H City, wasn't it?" Jiang Yijun narrowed his eyes, "When I returned, I saw Jiang Bingqing driving her car from the parking lot. How did she find this place?"

Jiang Ruolan mumbled in an aggressive manner but said nothing.

"Did Jiang Bingqing go to your company to find you? Has she gone to cause trouble for you again?!" Seeing her expression, Jiang Yijun narrowed the distance and looked at her with a threatening look. "Did she do something to you?"

"Yijun, I'm no longer Jiang Ruolan from the past. What can she do to me in front of so many people?" Jiang Ruolan joked and took the necklace.

She then looked around at the mess. "We can't stay here anymore. We have to move out as soon as possible."

"We're leaving H City?"

"No, even if we leave here, as long as Jiang Family searches, we will still be unable to escape." As she spoke, Jiang Ruolan gripped the necklace tightly, the limpid light in her eyes slightly fading.

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